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the results.

I m so so shocked and pleasantly surprised that I can only, finally calm down and typed it all down! Ok… so the morning started gloomy, I got up in the morning thinking “today is the day”. And dragged my tired body to school… where I was very very very happy to see so many of my classmates! (ok…not all but still… quite a few. I m happy). We managed to survive through maths lesson. And then chemistry. And maths lecture. Maybe it was just me but the teachers seem to be all gloating over the fact that we have to get our results today. Got loads of well wishes and good lucks from yi bing, my mortal (tricia) in nygh, Adeline (ogl), lynn (ogl)…etc. the class was dead throughout the day and we moped together after their econs lecture. Talked about doing mass dance and all. Lol. And sze was talking about her school’s aep results (which leaked out…). I was already growing very nervous. Then left for nygh with ailin, Claire, doris and xue en. Got more good lucks from s13. Thank you! We’re all in this together… (sings.) At nygh, the whole place was so relaxed and not at all like nj (in the canteen at least) was hugging all the gluttons and 414’06 and 201’04. I missed them so so much. We were all talking about our respective jcs and hardly about the coming results… but still worried of coz. Even the local delight uncle and auntie (at nygh) asked me if I was worried. Of coz I was!!! Then came the time to move to the hall.. watched our corporate video…very very nice. Because got the guides mah. Haha. And then the usual ppt of all the percentage passes and distinctions for the various subjects, L1R5 percentage, etc. then the announcing of who got 6A1s… (to go on stage and take group photo). Yuzhen got 6A1s… our class went crazy basically cheering for her. Then the 7A1s… Elaine!!! We were screaming our lungs out for her…despite her absence due to being in Australia. (jane later sms-ed her about the 7A1s) and later…jaslin and sarah… we cheered like mad. Next…8A1s… 1st slide. 2nd slide. Last slide. Last name. OMG! I saw my class. I then saw my name. SHOCK! My classmates were cheering so loudly… I rushed all the way up with short glances at my smiling teachers… lol. Though I could not hear it…(coz I was just in shock.) the gluttons were cheering too! Thank you! ☺ I m so happy!!!! Met mei ying, doris, xue en and juan yi on stage. Haha. It was only after the photo that I finally realised that getting 8A1s meant that only 2 subjects din get A1…. One which I already know and the other… well… wait and see. My classmates already started getting back their results by time the photo was taken. But it’s not all good news for all of them… felt in no place to console them either. Sigh. We all got chased out of the hall due to the badminton competition. So stayed outside the hall to calm everyone (and my still rapidly beating heart.) down. All the guides who saw me were like congrats(plus the unavoidable asking of whether I plan to go to HC) ! Thank you! And thank you to those who sms me ‘congrats’ too! (mei siew, suat, val, hong hu…) and hugged my teachers (mrs chitra, ms chua and ma teo), thank you! Yang lao shi was also happy with my Chinese results… despite it being not so fantastic. Thanks. And thank you for the encouraging sms, mr lim! Thank you to all the teachers who taught me! I love you for your understanding and your patience. Thank you. Anyway… in case anyone have not heard… I m still not planning to go hwa chong.. stop asking! Thank you. ☺ NJ OEI!

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now i am miserable and sick at home. woke up in the middle of the night with a bad sore throat and this led on to a fever in the midst of school (due to the low immune system). i hate new year goodies! sigh. my throat is still hurting but not as bad as before but the main illness now is my fever which was 38.3 degrees when doctor yap checked. scarily high.
i got a mc from physical exercise and a excuse from tmr’s school. i wonder whether i will still end up going to school. it isnt so bad to miss school tmr as i only have GP and bio tutorial. but still. will decide how i feel tmr.
but the whoel of today had been a drag, with pe in the morning, we did not do much as the bell rang before i could complete my inclined pull-ups and i had quite a laugh (sorry…) at the guys in my pe class kicking air while attempting pull ups.. quite hilarious. i know i shouldn’t laugh coz i wont be able to do it too but still… it is really funny. sorry.
then had to endure chem lesson, maths lecture and maths tutorial which seemed to drag on forever due to my being ill. surprisingly though, i was still able to think logically and able to complete my maths (binomial) to get the right answers during lecture. *grins*
then headed for lunch and stoning session with ailin (she was feeling unwell too due to her very vigorous pe. up and down slopes) and just sat at the canteen table the rest of the time while listening to all the activity revolve around me (sze, hong hu preparing for their run, ma rui and qin rui doing chem, vania playing a tetris like game, lauren attempting to pour mocha on yaoliang, jeffrey commenting that there is height difference when leaning on long hao and andrew, yao liang urging the whole class to skip school on fri… what else? oh and the mini discussion with jianhao and lynette of our aep video:someone following someone) a lot of activity going on around me while i attempt to nap with a strepsil in my mouth. it wasnt long before shen chen realised that i was unresponsive and lonely so joined vania,cheng jia and her in their chat (about what i dun rmbr.) i m sorry i m so un-cheerful and un-engergetic today… i really feel sick. feel better now though after my long awaited nap. and after taking my medicine. 🙂

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product design.

I never knew how important is product design until now! was moving the study table (with a additional sliding table and shelf attached) to the room with my parents in one piece. it got stuck at the doorway *sweats* so we dismantled the shelf fromt eh table. still refused to budge. next step…find how to dismantle the sliding part from the table. we took forever to see the two tiny screws holding a disc (preventing the sliding piece from falling out) in place. and even more time (and brain juice) to realise how to access the screws. we had to swivel the whole sliding part the other way and the disc would be plainly in view (not even connected to the sliding part but to the table!) i am very impressed (still is) with the design of the study table. a lot of thought must have gone thru the designing of the table and where to place all the screws and how to hide it. it is simply amazing. kudos to the designer!

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yesterday was a blast.
except for bio pract which saw my eyes getting all tired and boggled. staring through the microscope and attempting to calibrate it is no joke! i hope i dont have to ever do it again… but too bad for me there is always such a thing as bio SPA>
joined the s13-ners in the canteen for a last minute postcard making session. managed to finish my postcard! quite proud of it actually. haha. then spent the rest of our free period doodling on a piece of paper. we (sze,ailin, hong hu and i) were drawing the pig…year of the pig you see and i continued to draw the following zodiac characters and many other dumb doodles.
at aep sova learnt about ancient art forms and egyptian art…. i recognise the works!!! from the louvre. yay.
and the field trip to esplanade! very tiny bus!!! i havent sat in such a tiny bus in such a long time. nygh always provided huge buses. got to esplanade with sze shooting us walking into the durian and later imagine long hao, hong hu, sze and i walking a stopping, walking and stopping to take photos of out reflections… we lagged behind but managed to catch up. i love the big chinese paper cuttings! so intricate, must have taken a long time! and went to the jendela to view the works about disabilities… the poems were very deep and sad. not that i can actually understand everything… i m not a lit student.
ended our trip at the tunnel and went with sze, long hao, hong hu, jean and lynette to eat dinner at marina sq. we ate at yoshinoya.. we went scotting for a water bottle for long hao after that in bid to save money. ended in a mini heeren with long hao looking more at t-shirts rather than water bottles. but dont have his size. we found a shop which sold t-shirts which looked very big but it looked seriously tight on him…we were all laughing so hard when he emerged of the dressing room. i hope the t-shirt isn’t stretched.
then i left with sze for city hall…din know that city link mall was such a long stretch! was tempted to beat the crowd by using the stairs…must be all the stairs at njc, they dont scare me anymore. next week is results week. i hope it is ok. *crossfingers*

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