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yesterday was a blast.
except for bio pract which saw my eyes getting all tired and boggled. staring through the microscope and attempting to calibrate it is no joke! i hope i dont have to ever do it again… but too bad for me there is always such a thing as bio SPA>
joined the s13-ners in the canteen for a last minute postcard making session. managed to finish my postcard! quite proud of it actually. haha. then spent the rest of our free period doodling on a piece of paper. we (sze,ailin, hong hu and i) were drawing the pig…year of the pig you see and i continued to draw the following zodiac characters and many other dumb doodles.
at aep sova learnt about ancient art forms and egyptian art…. i recognise the works!!! from the louvre. yay.
and the field trip to esplanade! very tiny bus!!! i havent sat in such a tiny bus in such a long time. nygh always provided huge buses. got to esplanade with sze shooting us walking into the durian and later imagine long hao, hong hu, sze and i walking a stopping, walking and stopping to take photos of out reflections… we lagged behind but managed to catch up. i love the big chinese paper cuttings! so intricate, must have taken a long time! and went to the jendela to view the works about disabilities… the poems were very deep and sad. not that i can actually understand everything… i m not a lit student.
ended our trip at the tunnel and went with sze, long hao, hong hu, jean and lynette to eat dinner at marina sq. we ate at yoshinoya.. we went scotting for a water bottle for long hao after that in bid to save money. ended in a mini heeren with long hao looking more at t-shirts rather than water bottles. but dont have his size. we found a shop which sold t-shirts which looked very big but it looked seriously tight on him…we were all laughing so hard when he emerged of the dressing room. i hope the t-shirt isn’t stretched.
then i left with sze for city hall…din know that city link mall was such a long stretch! was tempted to beat the crowd by using the stairs…must be all the stairs at njc, they dont scare me anymore. next week is results week. i hope it is ok. *crossfingers*

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