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my lovely Sep Hols.

this sep hols has been a big break from all the studying at school.
yes… that’s means i havent been on task with promo-studying.
but, you know what? i enjoyed my sep hols very much.
all the family bonding time at vivo, clarke quay, national library (at the 11th floor, no less!)…
looking for nice fabrics at salvation army,
making all my soft toys… it was a joy.

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 having never been there until yesterday (dont laugh please…), it was quite an experience. 🙂
i love the sculptures there… unfortunately unable to capture every one (i.e. the beautiful red rocket near the carpark entrance) with my camera but those that i have are uploaded. 🙂
a random (but very delightful) picture…

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had to go back to school for biology SPA today…. met my classmates in the canteen, the table we were sitting at was like a supply cabinet, with benny asking everyone if we needed string, we all did… haha. and ek ping with her free labels. 🙂 it is through these little actions where we know how caring we are for each other as a class. 😀

then, the SPA was ok… no bubbles at least! headed for lunch with sheryl, zhiying and pris at coro, cosy corner because pris wanted her jap food. then sheryl said she wanted ice cream and everyone was in agreement (greedy us…). so i brought them to guthrie house, venezia. yum. it was a nice atmosphere. had a hard time choosing my ice cream flavour, as always, finally took tiramisu. yum yum! maybe it was the whole atmoshphere there, it just made us feel really relaxed and happy with our ice-cream. i m glad we went. oh and met hongling there too!! *big hug* yay. i think nygh girls know all the best places to eat in the area! 🙂

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*grins happily due to a new book bought!*

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