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1st sale on etsy!

I was so excited when i got that email.
i ran in and out of the study room telling my parents in drips and dabs the details of the sale.
my first international sale! 🙂
to London, UK!
i’m happy.

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yesterday, went with Shima to NTU to have a little look see around.

erm… it was a scam in the way that HARDLY anything was about the Nanyang scholarship. but i guess they didnt exactly promise that it would be about that.
it turned out to be more like an open-house minus the big mess. plus there was free lunch. haha.

had a tour around the campus and at the art school and talks…

i was very surprised to meet Yao Ying again (she was my pri school classmate. i think pri 3 and 4? or was it pri 2 and 3?). it was like a short pause of recognition and then we both went "HI!" and we remembered each other’s names. i liked that. meeting old friends again. hmm.

and of course i did not expect to see huihuan there, when i really should have guessed since she is interested in ADM too. 🙂

i had quite a nice time ‘reuniting’ with my friends more than the school tours. but it was fun. but far.

i came back all tired and exhausted, maybe since it was quite s ‘social’ kind of event and i have been staying at home too much. i don’t know.

speaking of ‘reuniting’ and ‘social events’, Chinese New Year is just a week away…

just to remind myself: i want to get that "Banksy" book from Kino when they next have a 20 percent off. i still have that $10 voucher from jane 🙂

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i’m nineteen!

I just have to blog since it is not everyday that you turn another year older!

Yes, I am now 19 years old! (:


Yesterday was fulfilling. I confirmed my participation in MAAD on Feb. so I guess now my online business is up another level. It would soon have a physical store front on the first weekend of Feb. (mark that on your calendars people!). it is all in bid to publicise the online store to the erm, public of course.

And on top of confirming that, I finally got my rubber stamp for the shop. Ahh. What great birthday presents. (:

Oh and I finally figured out how to add album artwork to my ipod.

While searching for images, this is what I found out…

Some singers with birthdays in Jan!

7th Jan: Five for fighting’s John Ondrasik,
17th Jan: Aqualung’s Matt Hales,
19th Jan: Corrinne May,
20th Jan: Take That’s Gary Barlow,
27th Jan: Take That’s Mark Owen,
28th Jan: Hady Mirza

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As promised,
here are the poofy badges i made so far.
go to flickr for dimensions.
i suddenly got so much inspiration for making more badges and t-shirt designs. the t-shirts are just for myself at the moment. will consider making them for sale if i am successful! 🙂 oh my! i just realised how looking through my old sketchbooks helps!

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thus far,

well… Sunday was fun. i went to jane’s house for her birthday celebration with her classmates and yokteng.
heh. we played Singapore monopoly and it was the first time i ever saw anyone go bankrupt in the game. (and it was 3 person who went broke here! and yes, including me.) maybe yokteng is cut out to be a business woman or something. the funny thing was that i kept paying taxes and cpf despite not working now. hmm..
then there was that mind-puzzling game that sounds very much like ‘rubik’s cube’ but was nothing like it, more like majong (or so yokteng says). but for all that thinking, it was amazingly fun! and then we played the poker-card version of that game, which i didn’t catch the name of. it was a much simpler version and every bit as fun. 🙂
Dinner was great! consisted of that ‘Jin zhen tou’ curry in bread (i found it a bit scary that the curry WRAPPED IN PLASTIC was baked in the bread but oh well.) and sushi from Giant. and jelly from Mr Mango and Jiao Zhi! 🙂 yum! i overate. all because of the very nice ice-cream cake which i couldn’t resist! haha.
and so that was Jane’s birthday. mine is coming really soon.
Yesterday, went for the once a month Art Outreach training session with Yoshie at suntec. met two art teachers who are also volunteers in the programme. we went through different paintings from art fundamentals and i just kept thinking, ‘Oh Dear, i dun know whether i can do this in front of a class.’ One of the teachers say it is the same with them when they get new syllabus. hmm… but after going through the notes again, i think i would still like to try. maybe not immediately but i want to try.
other than art outreach, i may be setting up a store for MAAD feb. which i am so glad for. it makes me feel all busy again. PRODUCTION LINE>
my mum has came up with a new way to sew badges so i am doing a lot of cute smaller designs for that, look out for the new poofy-button badges coming your way from the shop!

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Yesterday was quite busy considering the fact that I have been feeling free the days before that.

I had the art outreach tour ‘Art in Transit’ in the morning around the North-East Line which was very interesting! I learnt more abut all these public art in the MRT stations which I have really hardly noticed before (but of course I hardly take the NEL). I was quite surprised by the turn out which was many more people than I had expected. And of all ages, family, race, etc. very diverse yet it made it all the more very interesting! Our guide Mae was expressive and enthusiastic in explaining the fun bits of the artworks, relating many of her oh-so-interesting life experiences to us!

What I realized about art outreach is how all the volunteers are so friendly and passionate about their cause and they talk to me as though there is no age gap. Like a friend and very welcoming! I was quite surprise to find that I was able to find a common topic to talk about with these volunteers. And they are sincere, I overhead Mae saying that she may forget points too, so much like all of us when we are starting something new and she doesn’t bother to hide it!

Even the people on the tour were friendly, exchanging our past art-experiences and such. When it came to Tan Swie Hian’s work, the story of the swordfish and Redhill came about and for those who did not know the story, everyone else who knew were happy to retell it. Wow.

The works at NEL were all site-specific so it told the history and heritage of the area in which the station was situated too. I especially liked Teo Eng Seng’s ‘The Commuters’ as it talked of us being a commuter, mirroring our experience when journeying on a train. How as we are commuting, we think about different things, there are times when we are lost in thought (blank panels) and there are times when we register the other commuters around us but only for a split moment (it is a blur of people in the panels with only certain elements sticking out of the panel… maybe we only notice that lady’s cute skirt or that man’s briefcase….).

After the tour, went to Clarke Quay to meet ailin, carolyn and claire. I was very early at Clarke Quay so i decided to sit down and draw on-site, something i haven’t done out of school before. it was fun, especially when no one knows you so it really doesn’t matter how good your drawing turns out to be! i was thinking of London again and being on the south bank… but really i think Singapore River is so much more spruced up compared to River Thames. it was fun! i enjoyed myself so much. (at the same time eavesdropping on the noisy bunch of school girls who were supposed to be doing their flag-day. ) 

Then ate at central with ailin and then carrot. following which we met claire at Minds cafe. we were hoping it would be quiet like the last time but it was a saturday and it was quite packed. and worse still… NOISY. i couldn’t quite hear myself speak. argh. still. it was fun (it is always fun with them) and despite the noise cloud we were enveloped in, we managed to exchange stories and their work experiences, blah, blah, blah. we could talk forever, if only it wasn’t so noisy. played fun games too!

i liked this one for its counters:


it’s called ‘Fish Eat Fish’. like the real world!

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the agenda.

i spent yesterday planning my new character (derived from the cow i made with claire’s request), cutting out another big cow, adding another entry to my sketch-blog (coz i finally got my hands moving on a bunny sketch :)), emailing some people about my flickr site…thinking about what else i can do to publicise the shop.

that’s in the morning, then in the afternoon, went to suntec for a short meet-up with Art Outreach. i was quite curious about how it was going to turn out but it went quite nicely. like a nice chit-chat with someone you know. talked about my shop and kinda opened up more opportunities (if i get an email soon.) so i m glad.

anyway, we ended quite fast and i was left with a lot of time before i met my mother for dinner. i went to NLB. and looked through the Banksy book. ahh. i love that book, strange how different people represent their art. 🙂

then today morning, i went for the 20%-off-everything Spotlight sale. it was really crowded and the lines to queue for cutting of cloth were really long. made me realise that there are really many crafters around. and i may be competing with so many people if everyone of them were doing plush toys. just when i thought i was doing something unusual. haha!

i laughing quite hard at elaine’s encounter in her email as well as how carrot wrote about her current jobless situation (which is something many many many people are facing now…besides students of course)

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