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Happy Chinese New Year!

i was supposed to blog about everyday in school but i decide not to for last thurs.

shall blog about Chinese New Year instead! (that’s was on my mind throughout the school week anyway….) and in the midst of all these CNY frenzies, i am having a leaking tap for a nose. it just goes drip. drip. drip. poor nose of mine.

CNY Quirks #1: went to NTUC fairprice yesterday morning (it was a friday.) to buy oranges. and all i can say is… I have never seen NTUC so packed ever. really shocking. i had to queue to have my vegetables weighed and priced. imagine that. and it was a snake-y queue too! oh my, oh my. and the amount of unwanted Leek leaves on the floor was quite atrocious. how could people just throw all that on the floor?! (on a sidenote: i don’t like the smell of Leek but we buy it every year anyway and keep that lone piece of leek for the entire year, it has become quite a tradition.)

CNY Quirks #2: everyone seem to be in a kind of frenzied buying be it for clothes or for food or for anything! and we all join in the frenzy even though we are not crazy about CNY and we do not cook big elaborate meals either. why? because everywhere will be closed on CNY. it seems just the case for survival to buy all your necessities to last that few days when everywhere would seem like a dead-town.

CNY Quirks #3: was hoping for that CNY atmosphere at markets which are supposed to opened very late into the night but it didn’t happen at the market i went to. all the shops were closing at 9pm! sad. sad. sad. the orchids this year also seem to be so life-less unlike previous years. why is that the case??? most florists seem torn between selling ‘valentine’s day’ flowers and ‘Chinese New Year’ flowers and plants.

you have gotta love the crazy things we do during Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! πŸ˜€

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museum trip!

lets see. what did i do today…

-went to the 8Q at Singapore Art Museum for our museum trip for 4D. steve and i met faizah, liyana, shu ning, lydia and yibo at JP before heading to cityhall and then being derailed to Macs for breakfast since there was still time… well, we still made it on time! πŸ˜€

At 8Q, we got to see the Classic Contemporary which showcased the works of Southeast Asian artists, many of whom i have studied extensively before in Art history. oh my! The title ‘Classic Contemporary’ seem to be an oxymoron in some sense but it does indeed describe these works; made some years back, these works are still very relevant in reflecting today’ society. (kinda shows that nothing much has changed right! hahahah!)

we were supposed to form groups of 3 and picked 2 works to talk about later. lydia, ridwan and i chose Matthew Ngui’s "Self Portrait: Interrogation Of An Image" and Salleh Japar’s "Mechanised Learning". but besides those works i got to see Tang Da Wu’s "Tiger’s Whip", Montien Boonma’s works (i wish to see "temple of the mind" ! too bad..), Vincent Leow’s "Money Suit"… it was interesting to look at contemporary art as always.

i loved the work "Living Fossils" by Vuong Van Thao . it is such a visual display. maybe because i am just attracted to old buildings and houses and the resin makes it look like candied treats! makes me feel happy looking at it. heh!

(image taken by Jeremy)

after the museum, we walked to PS for lunch. and a little shopping (or gushing…) at daiso, made with love and spotlight. all the crafty shops. and the reason lydia, faizah, liyana and I were there?? steve… hahaha!

on the way back, the four of us just fell asleep on the train which saw us almost missing our stops! lunch-time and nap-time comes as a package- yes. πŸ˜›

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Decked out in red.

i managed to sleep early last night! heh. and then this morning we met at Chinese Gardens for Foundation Drawing.

i really do not remember ever coming to Chinese Gardens. it is frankly, not very interesting. plus it was a hot, hot, hot day. we found the shade and began drawing the pagoda in pastels which turned out better than my water-colour picture after that. we saw komodo dragons, HUGE fishes and the sun-basking turtles by the pond. sitting by that chinese balcony place just makes me feel like i am in a Chinese Gu Zhuang film. HAHAHA! it was really serene though. nice. πŸ˜€

after that we went to JP for lunch and then back to school in time for the Jiayin’s group WAH presentation. we got back our WAH marks too. not my best but it is still great so i am contented. πŸ˜€ we went to the library’s viewing room for installation documentaries after tutorial. it wasn’t all that exciting. oh well.

tomorrow is our art museum trip. and i heard lecture is cancelled so we do not have to rush back! yays!

my drawing of Clarke Quay at Night for Foundation Drawing Homework

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rockpool candy.

there is the realisation that this week will probably be a fun week seeing we have two field trips out, and this morning’s 2D lesson started at 12 and ended at 1. that is amazing. liyana was suggesting a movie but i couldn’t go since there is still marketing tutorial in the afternoon.

anyway. ‘big highlight’ of the day was when we submitted our portfolios for viscomm selection which would eventually seal our fates. (ok, correction: will eventually lead us to our majors) right. there after they went for their movie and i went for marketing. i actually seem to absorb more in today’s lesson. that is a good thing. πŸ˜€

researching stuff for 3D concept. and i came across this interesting blog of this lady who loves working with yarn and creating artistic interventions in nature…

(leaf stencils->this is probably not good for the plant but it is pretty!)

and there is yarn sculptures:


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when everyone is fretting over portfolio submission i am blogging. hmm.
(and yes, you heard right. i need to compile and submit another portfolio as viscom is too oversubscribed. too much for them to take anyway.)

so yes, i have everyone who applied cursing and swearing and putting in a lot of hard work. steve is even making a proper folder for his works. or is everybody and i am the only one not doing something fancy and extra to get my name on the VC-list? maybe i should be more concerned about it?
I think everything here has tried to challenged and questioned us time and time again what is it we really want. and how much do you want it- you’ve got to work hard for it. and maybe it is training us for the real world which works the same way.

this post seems to sound quite depressing. aye, cheer up everyone, CNY holidays are coming real soon!

by BadBird on Etsy

(i wanted to post a picture that i did myself but i just realised that my camera cable does not fit my father’s camera. no original images for this week. sorry!)

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death of a cam.

yesterday was another thurs. meaning that i should have been very happy since it marks the end of another school week.
but i wasn’t entirely happy. my camera was spoilt. yea. apparently it couldn’t take the glare of laser light effects at concerts which perplexes me. well…

– 3D- the class which requires in-studio work and never doles out hw, gave me extra work to add on to my growing weekend to-do-list.

– marketing lecture was very empty, seems like people are starting to skip them.

bye,bye camera. thank you for serving me well… 😦

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i had a relatively relaxed day today. firstly there was 4D where Michael shared many installation works with us. it is exciting to know that you have seen some of the works as the experience being there is very different from looking at photos or videos. makes me feel all geared up for museum hopping- which we are going to be doing next wed! πŸ˜€ happy! and after that we got in our groups to create our own installations. lovely stuff. every group has a different idea so it was nice to see the variety.

then there was also that baby doll which liyana’s group brought that just kept ‘crying’. oh it was hilarious how interactive the doll is made you have to sing/clap/diaper change/rock/… to make it stop crying. we were watching jerome failed attempts at ‘being a father’. hahahaha! but liz is right, the doll is the kind of doll that can look pretty scary.

WAH lecture on more baroque art followed. and then marketing discussion and korean food for dinner with jia yin and lydia! yummy!

I was watching this video and it is nicely filmed and edited. simple concept.

Fifty People, One Question | Short Film

everyone has a different answer, it is personal. yet you also hear some of the common answers like ‘world peace’ or ‘to be a millionaire’… it is nice to listen to other people’s answer and wonder each and everybody’s personal story. πŸ˜€

I do not know what i would say maybe i will be inclined to say something like that "i have no work to rush." but someone answered:

"i wish i had begun the day off with a wish. maybe i’ll wish forο»Ώ that tomorrow"

that is lovely. start each day with a small goal?

Before the end of the day what would you wish to happen?

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