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the few of us went back to school today thinking we would meet peter there to check our tool trolley and return the keys. but hey, hey! guess what? Peter never came. and we did wait for quite a long time. but yes, our trolley had everything so it should be fine. 😀 (also met Karen doing her own printing for her own work. cool. teachers and students have ready access to the school’s equipment and studio space.)

so after waiting for some time, our stomachs decided we shouldn’t wait anymore (and he wont probably show up anyway.). off to JP and the newly opened "Wendy’s" i liked the fish burger but not the too-salty fries. i have yet to try their baked potatoes. anyway. funny thing was we were sitting side-by-side in one long row since the table was against the wall. you know one of those high-chair concepts. i bet it was funny to see 9 people sitting in a row if you happened to walk past the fast food joint. because… the wall the table was against wasn’t a concrete wall but really a glass window so we looked like the shop’s display! what good publicity. had a little fun being models/mannequins for a meal. haha!

on a sidenote: i am planning a G4 stall at MAAD in July if it works out. i still have yet to speak to shannon since my email bounced right back to my inbox. but yes, we are planning to start meeting this tues to get somethings moving instead of just being all talk and no action like we always do.

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For Good.

it has been a week of holiday and i have met up with… G4. (and my cousin) i should really start making arrangements to meet up with people from outside G4.

melbourne in june/july? i can’t decide!

i had been wanting for a long time to post this song but i always wanted to wait till yr one ended since it is such a nice song to describe friendships. From Wicked, the Musical:

(and guess what? these are the only two youtube singers that i actually follow. and they collaborated in this song which is one of my favourites! how cool is that?!)

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hah! today’s straits times is a special 3D edition complete with the funny blue/red specs! 😀 interesting.

anyway. had a g4 class outing yesterday. (yes! an ‘outing’, the word makes emily feel young. :P). but not so many people turned up. it was just 7 of us and melvin who escaped to find eston after lunch so they did not join us for bowling after that. 😛 and there was lydia who seemed to be MIA since exams ended that we all thought she went overseas or something. but no. she just didn’t get the sms, etc. etc. And there was mars who was the one who sent the sms blast to everyone in G4 but could not come herself due to being sick. get well soon mars!

and so as much fun as i had yesterday… it is till not enough! more G4 people next time please!

and guess what: everyone seem to be bored at home with nothing to do since school ended. with lots of tv shows names flying across the table showing the entertainment we are all tuning into now that yr 1 ended.

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the Menagerie.

something interesting found on the web this (i mean last) week:
Gryphon Tea Company as recommended by Lydia as we did our 2D project.
it is a Singaporean company and has a fun interactive website. i did not know there is as much to learn about tea as coffee (i read ‘How Starbucks saved my life" and found out about the many varieties in coffee! :D) so this is the tea version of it. with a tea butler service to test out which tea suits you best! go try at

and… i have finally come up with a new range of Momshoo badges this week! Presenting to you…

animal silhouette badges fresh from the noisy animal farm! 😀

(i have also set up a facebook page for Momshoo but i am still adding photos to it. Still, anyone who likes Momshoo creations, do join the page first 😀
here–> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Momshoo/116764085025143 )

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we had another talk on choosing electives at ADM today. this makes me all excited about going into year two! yes it does only that the faculty advised strictly… Do Not Overload. ok. good warning. but there seems to be too many interesting modules from other majors that i want to take! ahh!!

anyway, we got free food (faizah’s eyes light up.) after the session and we took a little bit too much dessert. must always remember not to pick desserts when you are hungry. but there were so many delicious looking treats all in deceivingly bite-sized pieces!

after lunch went with liyana and mars to meet lydia (someone overslept.) for a movie in town. ended up watching IP Man 2 since it had a decent timing and most of us had watched the first show anyway. good mindless show with satisfying chinese martial arts action! hahaha! after which we roamed about a bit in cathay into shops like forest n trees selling all things cute. at wood would, we got attracted to all the cute notebooks, dream journals, one-line-a-day journals, list books and we ended with getting liyana a advanced birthday gift for tmr!

Happy Birthday Liyana! here is one useful gift for you! 😀

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it was an awesome musical! one of the few musicals which does not depend on the fancy sets or fancy costumes. (the dancers were wearing almost bare minimum!) but so good. so good! i seemed to have understood it so much better this time round as compared to when i watched it on dvd. i did not catch the plot then. but i do now! maybe it was all the close-up shots or unclear diction which lost the plot for me in the film? or maybe was too young then and couldn’t look past the ‘sleaze’ to the real show. whatever it is… the musical proved to clear things up a lot better for me! 😀
oh i love the dances. my father keeps repeating their awesome ‘controlled dance moves’ and how they are all so muscular that he is sure they carry weights to dance that way. i agree.
then there is the great script with the best comic timing/ punch lines. like "he just ran into my knife….. 10 times." or "so i fired two warning shots….. into his head". oh that part was so funny! and the puppet scene of course which had perfect synchronisation.

plus the well portrayed characterisations. Roxie was well played to be the excitable chorus girl who just learnt about fame and Velma the (i have seen-it-all before) girl who has known fame and wishes desperately to hold onto to it. and of course who doesn’t like Amos Hart, aka Mr Cellophane. (even the music conductor played a part in the show! ahahah!)

"my exit music please!"

(view of esplanade theatre)

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1) my little room

despite having complained time and time again that it is hot and stuffy in there (we are the last room and share a heat-absorbing wall with the exterior of the block), it was nice to have a place to go back to in between lessons without traveling too far! i have grown a little attached to that tiny space knowing exactly where i keep everything.

2) my roommate

hui huan! this means you! (i never really got to reply the little note you left me because i was still in shock that you moved out so fast almost without a word.) I had lots of fun staying with you even though i know we are probably not the kind of roommates who go crazy with each other in our room. hahaha! but it was a different kind of fun, a more quiet, understanding, knowing each other is there, sharing food… a nice calming, feel-like-home kind of fun. i enjoyed it. and i would miss the breakfasts at can 11! (we actually devised a cunning method of keeping our toasts warm. it is called "sharing".)

3) the distance from school

ok, i mentioned about how convenient it is to go to school from hall… but relative to the other halls, hall 10 was far from the academic buildings. this meant walking and walking. but it got quite pleasant once i got used to it and found short-cuts around. and anyway, it meant a really quiet environment, perfect for resting.

4) greeting the cleaning lady

the cleaning auntie always speak to me in Malay thinking i understand. it is however the smallest smile/gesture we exchange that says a thousand silent words…

5) the not so good food
ahaha! we did not have our own canteen so we got a selection of can 9 or can 11 food, both of which equally near to my room. not fantastic food but it offered a quick way to dinner.

here’s a funny photo of the chinese veg rice stall in can 11. guess where the person putting up the sign was standing?!

6) dinners

this might seem a little out of place since it rarely took place in the canteens near my hall. (except for the few times in can 9) But. But. due to staying in hall it meant dinners in NTU. and i had dinner almost every night with lydia, jiayin and yibo, sometimes liyana and faizah. i will definitely miss those dinners. not the food (coz i like home-cooked food) but more the company where we talk over dinner about everything under the sun! Hall People Unite! 😀

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(I predict the next few posts would involve me talking about how i will miss G4 so much…)

yesterday was 2D final submission day… i wrote this little reflection on the train back from school (with possibly someone staring over my shoulder since i didn’t bother to cover my writing and i looked like the ‘suspicious characters’ the MRT announcements always talk about with my big bag of laundry.) so anyway… this is what i wrote:

"Packing my things last night just demonstrated to me how much i achieved this first year in ADM. It seems so much longer than i can remember. It is a strange time-wrap feeling i have that makes this past 1 year seem long and short at the same time . Long because i have achieved so much . Short because it is over so fast. Long because i feel that my classmates and i have been friends for a long time and we go way back. Short because 1 year with them doesn’t seem long enough.
After the presentation of our 2D works, all of which i enjoyed thoroughly. (esp due to the little ‘mistakes made as we presented… jiayin’s "I SNORE at the careless choice of words…", yibo and ling miin’s confusion over one chinese word and great translation, the funny story that accompanied melvin’s and eston’s photo, illi bursting into a song… lydia’s response to melvin’s reading "i think I will read it…") we all put in a lot of hard work. oh and there was pizza on karen! 😀

even long after lesson ended, we just lingered on just in pure hope that we were extending time spent together. the funny scrabble game, Liz’s banana cake (and the funny jerome incident), all the cameras poised and ready to take the exact same shot (save for the slight displacements), and karen joking ‘it was nice torturing(teaching) you all.’ "

i think that summed up yesterday quite well? i didn’t know i wrote in such details. hahaha! this morning, went back to hall to move out completely. i have officially moved out. i think despite not being active in hall activities at all, i will really miss the place. that tiny hot room. 😀

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I havent got the time to post an inspiration last week (which I said I would do every week).

But yes, I did find something interesting last week. Was browsing through my cousin’s tumblr (is this getting really popular?) and I found this pretty image with cute font and a nice quote.

it is so cutesy but I like it. And there is more! at http://www.thenotebookdoodles.com The girl does her own font. It is all her handwriting! Plus there are nice photos. I got inspired and decided to appropriate her style because I had a really nice quote to share as found by Emily when we were researching for WAH exam. So instead of typing it out…

sorry if the words I wrote aren’t very clear. I have been staying in the hostel for a week now and there isn’t a scanner here so I used my camera. 😛 (the photo was taken in Sydney, Manly beach. i miss that place. :D)

i should be packing my things to move out of hall soon. procrastination!

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ohoho! we are done with our book! as of 3.30pm today. 😀

i am so excited to share it but i shall try to contain my excitement and wait till 11am tomorrow during 2D lesson.

it took a lot of trial and error, there are tiny details that i wished were better but it is amazing overall! to me. ehehe. we did book-binding for the first time ever. sat in the computer room watching 4 youtube videos (it was broken in 4 parts) on how to create a hardcover book. we din do too badly so special thanks to that lady on youtube for being so slow with her instructions (though we had to replay some parts a few times due to our sheer kaisu-ness). 😀

found a picture that tells a thousand words for a crash course on book binding. this was re-drawn.

till tomorrow. (when we get to reveal our book together with all the awesome books everyone else is creating. i got a sneak peek at a few! :D)

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