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and our discussions finally began! how exciting.

faizah, liyana and lydia came over today to discuss MAAD.
well… you do not need lomo cameras if you’ve got photoshop!

i was so surprised by what photoshop ‘actions’ can do to a photo….


lomo effect 1:

lomo effect 2:

hahah. wonders of photoshop and the things people create. talking about creations… we are going to call our label "Four-Legged Octopus" it is a mouthful. but it has a certain FLOw to it (FLO incidentally is the initials of the brand.) the name popped up when faizah was doodling a octopus and she only managed to squeeze in four legs to which lydia exclaimed that "it only has four legs!". the birth of a name. how quirky. in the league of ‘blackbird, fly’ or ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ i would think. (another random name we contemplated on: running cow, sitting bull!)

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in pictures.


Went to Friends to stock in. Stella loved the packaging for the new animal silhouette badges! I do too! 😀

Met my parents for dinner before heading to the art museum for free admission day! Hahaha! Met mr lee there too! 😀 He told me that Ming Wong’s exhibition was quite good. After seeing it. I agree. It was interesting how he made use of the genre of cinema to different effects. Besides introducing us to the last cinema billboard artists, he re-filmed old classics with playful intentions. From the over-dramatic “Four Malay Stories” (a re-interpretation of P. Ramlee’s shows) to “In Love for the Mood” which showed a rehearsal of a rehearsal… it was all very intriguing. But best of all was “Life of Imitation” (also the name of the exhibition itself) which played with the issue of racial identity through the use of two separate screens seen together via a mirror.

After Ming Wong’s exhibition, we hopped over to 8Q where we were met by Walter, a huge balloon rabbit by Dawn Ng. the exhibition “Art Garden” was amazingly fun and interactive. I was especially enthralled by “Funky Forest” by Emily Gombeille and Theodore Watson. A work that Michael would approve! Hahaha!

off to Ikea to get myself a new table and workspace since i will be working at home now that i have moved out from hall.

ikea has parking lots for everything. families, and their trolleys!

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will be going down to Friends at Haji Lane to stock in today. new earrings! 😀

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the few of us went back to school today thinking we would meet peter there to check our tool trolley and return the keys. but hey, hey! guess what? Peter never came. and we did wait for quite a long time. but yes, our trolley had everything so it should be fine. 😀 (also met Karen doing her own printing for her own work. cool. teachers and students have ready access to the school’s equipment and studio space.)

so after waiting for some time, our stomachs decided we shouldn’t wait anymore (and he wont probably show up anyway.). off to JP and the newly opened "Wendy’s" i liked the fish burger but not the too-salty fries. i have yet to try their baked potatoes. anyway. funny thing was we were sitting side-by-side in one long row since the table was against the wall. you know one of those high-chair concepts. i bet it was funny to see 9 people sitting in a row if you happened to walk past the fast food joint. because… the wall the table was against wasn’t a concrete wall but really a glass window so we looked like the shop’s display! what good publicity. had a little fun being models/mannequins for a meal. haha!

on a sidenote: i am planning a G4 stall at MAAD in July if it works out. i still have yet to speak to shannon since my email bounced right back to my inbox. but yes, we are planning to start meeting this tues to get somethings moving instead of just being all talk and no action like we always do.

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For Good.

it has been a week of holiday and i have met up with… G4. (and my cousin) i should really start making arrangements to meet up with people from outside G4.

melbourne in june/july? i can’t decide!

i had been wanting for a long time to post this song but i always wanted to wait till yr one ended since it is such a nice song to describe friendships. From Wicked, the Musical:

(and guess what? these are the only two youtube singers that i actually follow. and they collaborated in this song which is one of my favourites! how cool is that?!)

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hah! today’s straits times is a special 3D edition complete with the funny blue/red specs! 😀 interesting.

anyway. had a g4 class outing yesterday. (yes! an ‘outing’, the word makes emily feel young. :P). but not so many people turned up. it was just 7 of us and melvin who escaped to find eston after lunch so they did not join us for bowling after that. 😛 and there was lydia who seemed to be MIA since exams ended that we all thought she went overseas or something. but no. she just didn’t get the sms, etc. etc. And there was mars who was the one who sent the sms blast to everyone in G4 but could not come herself due to being sick. get well soon mars!

and so as much fun as i had yesterday… it is till not enough! more G4 people next time please!

and guess what: everyone seem to be bored at home with nothing to do since school ended. with lots of tv shows names flying across the table showing the entertainment we are all tuning into now that yr 1 ended.

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the Menagerie.

something interesting found on the web this (i mean last) week:
Gryphon Tea Company as recommended by Lydia as we did our 2D project.
it is a Singaporean company and has a fun interactive website. i did not know there is as much to learn about tea as coffee (i read ‘How Starbucks saved my life" and found out about the many varieties in coffee! :D) so this is the tea version of it. with a tea butler service to test out which tea suits you best! go try at

and… i have finally come up with a new range of Momshoo badges this week! Presenting to you…

animal silhouette badges fresh from the noisy animal farm! 😀

(i have also set up a facebook page for Momshoo but i am still adding photos to it. Still, anyone who likes Momshoo creations, do join the page first 😀
here–> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Momshoo/116764085025143 )

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