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I walked today to the post office at Toa Payoh Central to post a package to Australia.

you know what was our dream when we started Momshoo?

we dreamt that there will come a day when we would be visiting the post office every morning to post packages AKA momshoo orders out to every part of the world. i think it is still our dream so hopefully people who love handmade across the globe will help us fulfill that wonderful dream. 😀

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I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit at iluma arts market yesterday!

for one my running nose which had been my evil companion for the past few days magically disappeared when i reached.

next, we also got to choose our tables and my mum picked our table to be safe from the sun and near the doors. which means we get wafts of air con whenever the doors open! and we were near all the MAAD folks again. 😀

sales were not as bad as expected, maybe because i expected it to be really bad. but we did fine!

thanks for all your support at iluma!

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the STARSwar.

The STARS war is a really funny process that gets everyone on their computer to the right screen way before the magic moment of 1.30pm. the process of choosing our core modules this afternoon got us all flexing our fingers and watching the clock like a hog. amidst all that we opened a class msn convo to get everyone hyped up about what is to come in 10 mins, no, 9 mins, no… 1 min!

that was hilarious. and of course it isn’t possible to have everyone getting our first choices. we did a swop later in agreement via the msn convo. strange that we hardly have time to choose what we want and yet we still find time to type "NOOOO!!!" and other similar words in the mass conversation. if it wasn’t so stressful, i would have been on the floor laughing already. but this is no laughing matter. it decides our classes for next sem and being ‘anti-social’ people we want to stick together like glue.

Till the next sem’s STARS war and maybe we would have mastered the art of clicking.

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we tried our hands at baking muffins for MAAD’s bake-a-treat on saturday. ok, they were supposed to be muffins but b the time we were done with them we decide that maybe we should call it "back to Earth" so as not to raise any expectations there. 😛 our first batch did not look appetizing and well they didn’t taste very wonderful either. looks like we have to stick to sewing. the good thing however is they started looking better and we started getting used to the taste of egg-less (we used applesauce as an egg substitute), butter-less (extra virgin olive oil instead) er.. ‘chunks’ of healthy-ness. my mum was so happy to be able to eat ‘muffins’ again. 😀

not the best taste but healthy yea?

we ended up not submitting them for the ‘competition’ since we didn’t know we were supposed to register plus it seemed that no one else submitted anything. hmm. a flop perhaps? MAAD’s 4th birthday wasn’t as bustling as i hoped it would be but i did ok. there was also this lady who looked sneaky and stayed for MAAD on saturday from start to end. she made us a bit scared with her constant patrolling and grim frown. but i managed to break that frown into a smile when i finally pluck up the guts to say a very soft ‘hi.’ not so scary anymore huh? but we came up with many fictional stories for why she was there… oh our wild imaginations!

And when we were not speculating we were pretending to be all-so-busy and watching people magically transform into posing chickens. MAAD-ness, indeed.

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went to the exhibition opening of "Tiong Bahru Sketches: Outside in" yesterday with yilin.

oh, crowded crowded. thankfully we reached slightly earlier than the big crowd despite my bad sense of direction. no. i think it is the many tiny roads there that got us walking in circles. sorry yilin!

but back to the exhibition… a small gallery in the heart of the old estates of Tiong Bahru with their debut exhibition featuring four artists and their sketches of Tiong Bahru itself. it was lovely. once again it made me feel like picking up watercolours. shall try soon! Thanks for the wonderful exhibition, White Canvas Gallery and four urban sketchers: Tia Boon Sim, Paul Wang, Don Low and Miel! 😀

(details for those interested to take a look. )

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