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Teacher’s day~

well, first about yesterday… i had the worst luck. first i had stomach ache in the middle of a social studies exam paper…and then as though the day could not get worse… while gluing the panels together they were blown by the wind and they broke into a thousand pieces. sniff.
terrible. I was seriously trumatised… coz i was only out of the room for less than a minute when i heard a loud crash! my gosh. i still can hear the crash just thinking about it. so 4 panels were broken… needed to redo. spent the next 2hours or more rolling out slabs with mr lim to do the panels… sigh. looks like i still have a long way to go. again. will go back to sch tmr to finish the clay part so can fire and start colouring. the worst part! then walked to busstop with juan yi in the rain… horrid day.
thank goodness today was looking much better. had quite a few laughs. yepps. TO ALL THE TEACHERS>>>HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY! 🙂 anywayz… my greedy class was so excited about the party that we actually started at 7.30am.. right after the pleadge taking… so funny. we were like piling more n more food on ms chua’s plate and all. lol. then went around with jane and elaine to give cards out… to mrs tan, ms (sandra) teng, mrs chitra (pretty!)and ms foo! yepps. ms foo’s tee-shirt was like patches of black coz she said ms teng washed it for her and put in the dryer when she was not supposed to… and she sms ms foo to say "sorry i killed your tee-shirt." so funny. no wonder ms teng’s t-shirt had black patches too….:P then gave the guiders presents with batchmates… ms ong’s reaction when she saw the t-shirt was priceless (the shirt was a shadow of a dog and had attached….a dog tag! :P) but she said it was something she would wear anyway. 🙂 then was giving ms (gloria) teng her present and when claire saw how she was dressed she was like *jaw drop*. lol.then when giving mrs chan her present… yi bing went to call her and she was in hong zhi… so when she came out with yi bing it was like everyone was shocked then anna stood shocked for the longest time… just waiting for something to happen when she was the one with the present! she went like "who is she" cause she thought she was a nanyang girl….so funny…. but i got to say i was shocked too. lol. then during celebration ms chua got a "most caring teacher award" yay! she deserves it! 🙂 and mdm mak had to talk about our class(ms chua’s form class) starting to eat the earilest and all… so funny.  after that got to watch ms (gloria) teng dance… no wonder she is dressed that way… then surprise,surprise we got to watch the local delight auntie and uncle dance cha-cha and rock n’ roll! they are quite good. did not expect it! *grins

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waiting and waiting

I m so sick of waiting… i feel that i spent the whole of today waiting! its like… waited 1 hr or so before prelims bio pract… then after i finished the practical… i finished earlier only took less then an hour as compared to the 1 and half hrs we were given. then go to LT to be quarratined from 11.30- 1pm… b coz of the shift 3 ppl. yepps. played pictionary with mer, jas, jaslin, and jo. they were coming up with all the funny things la! like mer gave us "head lights" and got "spirited away" etc. so funny. oh btw bio pract was okie… i guess. afterall i always do badly for bio pract (the last one got 17/30)  so makes no big diff. Tifen was talking about how she was doing all the funny things like putting iodine on the sample W31 to see where the vascular bundles are, etc. so funny. wished i had seen her. then after 1pm, went for a half an hour lunch in canteen, then went early to library for eng oral… but had to wait anyway. i waited like from 2pm to 4.10 before i reached me… cause i am the 2nd last. en qi was the last. we did all the crazy things in the media viewing room i think to get rid of stress? maybe… yu zhen was goin ard telling everyone how much en qi look like the korean guy,rain, on her ic and all…samantha was like writing with her left hand…well, basically all the crazy stuff lar,then i suddenly realised got to go for oral next… sigh. the passage was quite ok. the picture i had a bit of stubbling. and the coversation i talked about the incident in thailand… which got the tchrs very interested… i suppose the tchrs are very nice. but i think i was talking like a bullet train during conversation… sigh. *cross fingers and hope for the best* yepps. a whole day of waiting and the anxiety building up and all. sigh. stomach feels knotted. 😛

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Today was x-country cum national day celebrations… was helping out as a scorer! we were supposed to be the ppl who take down all the names of top 20 runners, add the scores for individual scorers and tally who is the champion class… was doing sec 4 one.
anyway paired up with anna… who brought her i-weekly… so funny lar coz litang took to read first then edna and then ms yeo and the other teacher. so farni!!! then came the work… runners came in and all… and we were like doing well at first until whole crowds started swarming ard us and we thot 20 onwards dun need to take down so we missed about 3 ppl… strangely 2 of the 3 are shanru and allison from my class!!! anyway, we later checked the record and managed to find out who they are. and then…. the rest quite smooth going.then end of job… and we watched the race. and flagbearers. sad to say sjab this yr looked very free, not that i want anything to go wrong but… they were cheering for their friends so hard that they failed to see this girl who was very sick and she was so near to them!!! if we managed to spot one girl like that i wonder how many other casualties went unnoticed. terrible. then came announcing of results and lucky draw… din get anything… though i must add yok teng got first prize. haha. anna, yibing, rachel, junice, charis, litang, edna and a few others were goin like last year but still din get lucky draw prize… we thot adeline got it but she changed her register no. sad huh?
anywyaz, out of this topic… i need to get a bio TYS. but it is out of print as may in was saying it did some illegal printing or smth like that. so sad… i need it!

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