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i love plush and i love quaint villages so here is a series by Eanie Meany:

the patchwork of fabrics is amazing in this piece! <3!

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It has been officially a week in my new home. i think everything is in place now… even brownie is getting all comfortable and lazy again. heh.
one thing new, this place seems to be ALWAYS warm. (except for the day of rain…other then that… ALWAYS) i don’t like it warm but i guess i gotta get use to it.

anyways, watched "Angels and Demons" on Monday and it was quite good. i was getting all overly excited upon seeing all those famous artworks which appeared somewhere in my Art History and of course also getting ll overly excited whenever i saw places (Vatican City, St Peters Square, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona) i have been to on screen ("I was there!"). Ok, but besides all that the chase was good and the music just kept you forever on your toes. haha. the twist was also played out well, except i already knew the plot and the mastermind that it didn’t surprise. but, oh wells.

And an update on Momshoo… we are now selling at a Concept Story in Haji Lane! yes, another avenue to advertise and sell. i am happy!

Oh and I will be going to Melbourne with Jane to see Elaine in July. I can’t wait! hoho. exciting.

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I feel disorientated now in my new home.
everything is not in the right place plus there are still boxes around..
it will take time to get used to. hmpf.
anyways. watched American Idol Finale on thurs and it was such a treat with all those big stars. heh. The results was shocking, yes, but i wasn’t rooting for anyone so it really did not matter who won. oh and the best performance of the night? David Cook with ‘Permanent" definitely. it was emotional, and he as always connected with the audience. 🙂 some of the duets were good, some wasn’t. i think Kris and Keith Urban was nice, Allison and Cyndi Lauper was good, and of course Danny and Lionel Richie was very good (mainly due to the chemistry, Lionel Richie was so friendly and was really all out to share his song with Danny, i think that was what made the duet so enjoyable to watch). And then there was Adam and KISS. which i did not like due to the genre of music. and of course the Golden Idol Awards were so fun to watch! hahaha.

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i have been browsing flickr and etsy (and moping that there are no sales…) as always.
These are so cute…
(they are called lumps)
"Everybody’s had a Lump in their life at one point without even knowing it. Ever had a lump in your bed? A lumpy soup? Fallen and gotten a lump on your head? Where do you think those came from! They were little Lumps, wiggling their way into the tiniest places and getting comfortable."

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i just packed six boxes of books and i am now tired. the books don’t seem to diminish on the shelves though… sigh.

long way to go. i think i shall go sew and continue later. :))

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i need to learn how to write whimsical stories for my plush and characters.
I love this one by Everyeskimo:
and here is it’s story:
A foundling. A lost child looking for a home. In this world they come in all shapes, sizes, kinds and colors. They are full of ideas, imagination. Little imps who foster all kinds of hopes and dreams.

No. 241 is a particularly young foundling. And he loves blowing bubbles. If you have any milk, watch out! He keeps a straw handy for milk bubbles. The pretty white orbs just make him collapse in a fit of giggles.

He’s a sturdy fellow, that’s for sure. A whole 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide, he’s completely hand-stitched from recycled, vintage and wool felts. (A little bit of everything for good hybrid vigor.) He’s stuffed with a combination of organic jasmine rice and new fluff for a nice heft and squish. And of course, he’s one-of-a-kind!

(absolutely cute. and while i am at honing my writing skills, my photos need to look more attractive too! )

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time to relocate again…
yepps. I will be busy these few days with all teh packing and dusting and cleaning as I will be moving to Toa Payoh on Friday. 🙂
Hopefully this means more convenient public transport (i will finally be near a MRT station!) except to teh driving school… sighs. oh wells, something gotta give.

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