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same name sake.

this was one funny email…

"Hey Shu Ning!
Thanks a lot!!

– Shu Ning (haha so weird so weird..)"

because i sent her the 3D photos of her works. and well. this made me laugh. random!

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my ’till later’ from the last post came a little late. sorry. but here’s a brief description of my two days which felt like one continuous one:

– marketing paper at 5pm yesterday. 2 qns were ok, the other two was quite difficult. my friend joked that at least her being there helped pull the bell-curve down for me. okay…

– after marketing met the class for late dinner at can A. we were the last to leave and the stalls were close to erm…. closing.

– after dinner, back to s3.1 to hang up our 3D sculpture ready for presentation the next day and do our sculpture write-up.

(i add images so you are still reading. :P)

– sleep.

– woke up early to an exciting email! i can’t wait to share but i will only do this after tmr when i hear what happens.

– 9.30am: 3D final presentation. it went ok i suppose. everyone’s works were amazing as always!

– after 3D: off to shopping with lydia at fancy papers and bras basah for 2D materials. it was pouring so we ended up with a little high-tea (really TEA for me. ahahaha) at Food for Thought. amazing quaint atmosphere with friendly staff.

(my hot lemon tea. 😀 together with their free postcard which has a sheep that muses "Say Bleahhhh to Bad Food". hahahah!)

– 6pm: we were back in s3.1 to start work on 2D. finished out linocutting.

– 7+pm: dinner with lydia, faizah, shuning, emily, jiayin and nic at the quad.

– after dinner: back to 2D. cracked our tired brains for rhymes. we were taking quite some time. started to get cranky with whine…. but we eventually pulled through and managed to do some test prints for our linocuts. they turned out greater then i expected! hopefully this ‘skill’ of ours isn’t just some beginner’s luck and it is actually us getting better!

– came back to a half-empty hostel room. with a note on my desk. huihuan moved out today! oh dear. this is making me rather sad. so strange to be staring at her side of the room which is all cleaned out! 😦

(this blog post is for all those ‘sick of studying’, those who finished exams with nothing better to do, those rushing out final art projects for tues submission and those waiting for their hair to dry before bed. i hope i didn’t bore you. )

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marketing paper at 5pm. why couldn’t it be earlier so i wont have this dread building up inside of me??

till later! (’cause as long as the paper is not here yet, i am obliged to study for it or guilt forms.)

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Jason Mraz | Clockwatching

good soothing music to study to. ahahaha!

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broken record.

"marketing. 3D. 2D. " tha mantra that plays over and over in my head.

look what i found on etsy!

how very pretty. by http://www.etsy.com/shop/eikcam

(Lydia: baby blue EGGS!! :D)

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Finally enjoyed my one day of weekend… studying marketing.

So anyway. Last week was one busy week with 4D and WAH now safely sent to the door.

In the midst of all that madness, I chanced upon the New York Times annual ‘Great Performers’ series. Every year, the New York Times magazine photograph actors and actresses who gave wonderful performances in films that year. And because we are all curious people who love to follow the lives of those who bring out intense characters onto the silver screen… these series of photographs are quite interesting. Some manipulated to reflect the particular films too..

(Reese Witherspoon|Walk the Line)

(Joseph Gordon-Levitt|Mysterious Skin)

(Kate Winslet|The Reader, Revolutionary Road)

(Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana|Avatar)

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3D for almost the entire day. sick of paper mache. it looks pri/sec school project-like. this is not good.

and one more night in hostel. we were all aiming to complete work today. but by dinner, it became clear that it just wasn’t practical since we realised we all had to be back in school tmr anyway. so yes, another night. people running out of clothes. peoples’s hopes of going home tonight- dashed.

hopefully tomorrow’s work would improve the look. hmm.

love the video. it is a bit of phantom of the opera’s masquerade, a bit of venice, theatrical lighting and all. pretty!

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