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it has been 4 days since i have gone back to school and i feel that i have been so out of the schooling loop.

these days has been non-stop getting back of results, and going through of papers. it must be because of the sufficient enough of sleep i had been getting since the start of the holidays, i feel that i am able to stay focused and awake during my lessons.

Today is however, my best day so far and i have been kept quite happy. firstly, i must established the reason why i have been feeling the heat. it is due to coursework and that i felt that i was stuck (huihuan told me this was probably what they meant by "artist block"!! haha) and unable to move on despite the tight schedule.

So, yesterday, i went to find my inspiration and i quite gladly found it in the National Library, 8th floor, the arts reference section. i came back really contented yet tired from that sudden overload of character designs. it was really interesting though. 🙂 and i must really thank my parents for spending the evening there with me just so i could get the inspiration to clear that "blockage". The result: i managed to design one of my characters and start the small mock-up of it. and… Ms chan said that it was a good start. :))) and that has made me a happy person today, not the emo(which quite ironically is one of my character’s personality…) feeling i felt the days before.

spent my free period before art talking with huijun and yilin and we discussed and shared our coursework details. i think it really helps to get second (and in our case, third too) opinions on your coursework even if it was from your friends and not your tutor. every advice helps and when you are so fixated on your own project, you tend not to be able to take a step back and view your ideas from the viewers point of view. that is when your friends come in. to tell you how they feel about what you will be presenting and whether they feel it represents the same thing to them as you would like them to think. This step is crucial yet so many of us fail to see it and it was only today that i realised how much good this little chit-chats can do.

Huijun and yilin also attempted to help me design a character, to really wild results. haha. it was fun. 🙂

i still wish that i could dream up characters so i don’t have to rack my brains though! Shima says that i will have to spend my every waking hour thinking of coursework and also i need to fear it in order to dream of it. that’s not quite happening now though, i am enjoying it now!

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tmr is the start. and as my biology teacher would say "full steam ahead". what if i run out of steam? fuel prices are increasing leh! XD
its scary but it is true. my deadline (they actually called it a "DEAD" line, very apt for its meaning.) for coursework is in august. that means less than 2 months left! and i haven’t even started the final, i m scared. i am very scared.

whatever it is, i will be looking forward to 3 weeks in great britain at the end of it and i have a present from jane (she got it in japan) arriving soon… 🙂 talking about japan, i watched japan hour on CNA today… it looks good! especially the food. haha.

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i m getting a teeny bit restless at home already so i guess going back to school will be a good thing. it’s not that i don’t want to go back to school, coz i really don’t mind… but it is that i know i haven’t done enough (work) to go back to school and face more work…

hmm… coursework wise especially.

i recently finished reading "But is it art?" by Cynthia Freeland. very good book and it is well-written. helps to give insight and a good introduction to art theory. which i really neede. It introduces a lot fo different perspectives on art and the other thigs that is related to it like beauty, money, status, reproductions, etc. and these perspectives are from art philosophers both in the past and in the present. i enjoyed it. 🙂

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today is friday,

(i was going to carry on typing about how this is the third week of hols and complain a whole lot about how there isn’t enough time… when i looked at my calendar and realised that it isn’t JUST a friday. it is friday the 13th.)

anyway… i went to SAM (that is the art museum located in Singapore for those who aren’t in the loop.) today, alone. The exhibition was "Seeing.Feeling.Being: Alberto Giacometti" it was generally a nice ambience besides the fact that the layout of ALL the exhibitions brought to SAM are always the same. you walk in, first you see a write up on this particular wall, then more on the wall over there and there is this corridor leading to a much smaller gallery space before you see the same black curtains which leads you to a documentary being screened in the same room which you remember watching other artists-documentaries in! they should consider re-arranging things a little for different exhibitions to make it more interesting. but i guess it is also due to the restricted layout of the museum.

Other museums overseas like Tate Modern in London or Pompidou in Paris are able to do it, i don’t see why not Singapore? talking about Paris, i really felt like i was in Paris in the museum browsing. the documentary was in french and the docent talking to 3 ladies behind me about the artist’s works was also speaking french. whats more the artist, Alberto Giacometti lived in France. and many of his drawings are scenes of the typical streets and neighbourhoods in Paris. Ahh~ oui, i miss Paris…


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stitched up food

Hand-sewn strawberries anyone?
my fruit and vegetables basket!
i have been spending my time sewing these for part of my prep for coursework and the result has been wonderful! i think the vegetables actually look quite real! plus it was a whole lot of fun to do too! :))

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yesterday i spent 4 hours at Mindcafe, Boat Quay with carolyn, claire and ailin playing all those silly games (both card and board)…
we had so much fun and most of all, we laughed so hard. we awkwardly walked in and sat down not knowing how the whole thing went on…(imagine saying "We want to play" instead of "we want to eat" at a normal restuarant!)
then, din know which games to pick only that it should be something all of us havent tried before. the people there helped us pick out games and taught us how to play them! the one time i felt that the service charge was probably too little seeing the amount of time the lady had to spend with us!
But you know what? it was all so fun. i think it depends on the group of friends you are with too, i mean playing the game "true colours" would have probably got us stepping on people’s toes but with ailin, carolyn and claire, we knew each other so well and were able to laugh at each other and ourselves without getting hurt. haha. it was really funny coz we just ended up skipping all the questions since we deemed them to be "not applicable". and we helped each other along in strategetic games like "Labriynth" when we were meant to sabotage each other! oh my, that game was complex. i think the expression game was one of the funniest! it had us all in stitches! and the very first game about vampires was probably my favourite (oh no! RATS!) . the card games like sleeping queen and slamwich had such cute cards! i like the turtle king!
and i realised that there were so many games!!! even uglydolls. (we din play that though coz the way we had to say "ugly, ugly!" sounded really doubtful.) and there was f.r.i.e.n.d.s trival too (i should play that with pris and shan one day… ahahah)
we ended up at subway @ central when carolyn left. SLAMWICH!
2008_06060740 clarke quay 🙂

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well… guess what! i am have now officially moved to High Oak.
the internet is up and i am so happy! woohoo!
yesterday was a mess but not as bad as i thought it would be and now most of my things have been unpacked so it is looking up. my rabbits still can’t get along though and brownie has been really restless due to the sudden change in environment. but other then that i am surviving!
DSCF5985 moving…
went for my psychometric test in the morning… it was strange but i quite liked the test about the patterns and shapes. and the personality test of course. and… while verifying my details i had to run back to my table to get my IC course i couldn’t remember my NEW address! what a laugh. it was quite funny when abby asked why i had to take my ic along and i said "i can’t remember my address!" but still i managed to get home without getting lost! i realised that shima and linfang (and yuxuan and lusandra) took the same buses so yay! i think i will get more exercise now that i will be walking up 3 storeys everyday! (plus all the exercise i have been getting with all that packing, unpacking, moving and carrying heavy boxes!) hoho.
and i will end with this picture:
i took this photo of this leaf-less tree in farrer court in the morning of my move. i had been awed by the tree everytime i walked at the path coz firstly, usually leaf-less trees like these in the estate would have been cleared the very next day yet this one was still here for a long time. secondly, there were always lots of birds, about a hundred?, flying about this tree giving life to the tree despite being quite dead without its leaves (think: photosynthesis). lastly, i have a strange fascination with tree branches.
i should add at this point that the afternoon of my move when i came to collect the rabbits, i saw a tree stump in its place and the banches being taken away in a truck. it was chopped down. as though it was waiting for my move before it would really be gone.
i never will get my picture of the tree with all the birds but it is ok, this last shot i got was a even more meaningful image.

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not going with the oacians to stong has made me a little sad.

i wished i went but i know that there is a much bigger thing i have to attend to….

meanwhile, it is dust, dust and more dust. i can’t believe the amount of dust my house collects, it is as though i turn my back on a spot and the next time i turn back… there it is again. DUST. my nose has gotten accustomed to it (not a good thing.) that it is no longer as sensitive. Packing has been hectic, it is like go, go, go! woah. i did not know i had so much things. i have packed almost everything now, except this computer of course. 🙂 in the midst of packing, i have been typing my h3 art essay which is about 20 percent of my CT grade for h3. i think i m working fairly hard?

and of course there was retail therapy which was a good breather to just wander and not have a purpose unlike all the packing! haha. oh and Indiana Jones 4: the kingdom of the crystal skull. not as good as the third movie, last cruscade. that was the best! i especially hated all the supernatural part of outerspace aliens in the forth show. and that ugly UFO. And i still suffered withdrawal symptoms from American Idol on wed and thurs night. i can’t believe so much has happened since it ended (and CTs too.) i miss david and david.

i will be moving to a whole new place tomorrow, i hope everything goes well… and i should be visiting buddy soon.

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