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went to the arts house to watch "Handmade Nation" ‘s screening in Singapore organised by Pauseability. Finally! there is a screening in Singapore and it was really inspiring. i found myself going all "wow!" "woah!" and other words of exclamation at the amazing things these people created. but a lot of the times i found myself going "YES! i feel the same way too! " or "Yes, i had to do that too." or "i understand what you mean." how exciting. it made me wish i was in America talking to these people and being able to visit those lovely handmade stores and craft fairs! 😀

that’s one show off my list. the next would be "1000 journals" by Someguy. (maybe i should send some sublime messages about a screening to the Moses in charge of Pauseability! Just Joking! thanks for bringing a Handmade Nation screening to Singapore!)

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another celebratory post! we, as in MOMSHOO got featured in "Young Parents" magazine June issue!

ok, i probably mentioned this before but the magazine is now on sale! and i got my hands on one! 😀

beautiful feature of brooches and badges including badges by little odd forest, little drom store, papermarket, pling, pluck and so many other shops which i admire and love! i feel honoured and really quite excited about it all!
(Posted the magazine pages on Momshoo’s facebook page so join http://www.facebook.com/momshoo to see it! i don’t want to post it in too many places for fear i get sued or something. ahahaha!)

and here is another place you should go this weekend:
Vivocity! to see the Mobile Sewing Company in action for the Singapore Arts Fest! here’s a sneak peek at what you would expect to see…

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went to the Lasalle’10 show last night for the opening of the graduating batch’s exhibition. too much to see and really too crowded so we only managed to sneak a peek at the fashion merchandising/textiles gallery and stop by the Fine Arts gallery.

but did i say it was crowded? I meant really crowded! i think i wasn’t used to seeing such a crowd as i always imagine exploring a gallery of artworks in a leisurely pace with this serene contemplative air. not here. not that night. the works by the fine art students were very varied and i only wished i had charged my camera the night before… it was running low so i was so delighted to be given a copy of the show’s catalog (this thick book of close to 880 pages) by Mrs Heng. i was a bit disappointed to realise that while all the students’ works were in the catalog, many of the works in there were not the graduating works. why, why, why?? i wish they were. But all the same, Congrats and Thank you for inviting us to your Graduation show and for the catalog, Auntie! 😀

anyway because i cannot contain my excitement and i have no one else to tell here at home now… I did super well for my sem 2 of year 1! (ok, ‘super well’ by my standards!) but yes, i am very happy now and would like to celebrate! ahahaha! (and being a BIG busybody… i want to know what my friends got too… meaning…meet up soon!)

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watched shrek with jane yesterday!

free movie tickets and a feel-good movie. ahhh… it was not bad! maybe because i did not really fancy the plot summary, or maybe it was due to the so-so reviews, but i did not have high expectations of it! naturally, it turned out better than expected! 😀 i think it wasn’t the plot which was good but really the animation work. the tiny details in the show which will make you laugh. i loved the new Fat puss who couldn’t roll over or the part where donkey tries to push the line by licking the stack of waffles. who wouldn’t laugh at that? ahaha! cute. (there is somethings animation can do… it can be really exaggerated and it won’t make you cringe.)

i feel like doing a series of badges on shrek now…

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from bowling last last tues. 😀 (courtesy of faizah.)

and i finally visited The Helix.

(we have been setting up our own little cinema at home with dvds borrowed from library@esplanade. 😀 so far… "enchanted", "the secret life of bees", "oceans thirteen" and "sleepless in seattle". you have to watch oceans 13 with sub-titles btw. that way nothing gets lost in all that mumbling and trying to act cool. good show!)

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oh wow. Zuji.com has been included in my most frequently visited sites screen on my safari.

shows something doesn’t it?

i have been checking and checking for flights to melbourne but they all seem fully booked and those that aren’t are incredibly budget-bursting. looks like this trip would never happen. it is going the way of the rest of melbourne trips we have been planning since O levels ended. yes. that is Sec 4. it has been 3 years since and every holiday the trying to plan for it has become a sort of routine… right, jane? ahh. i keep thinking if not for H1N1 we would have gone already!!

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i chanced upon the Plush You blog again yesterday. i can’t believe i haven’t visited it in such a long time! I must have got tired of the long droughts between posts. (and the fact that i have more and more friends’ blogs to follow now) but this site used to be my top-of-the-list blogs to visit everyday! 😀

i miss it. makes me feel all inspired again. 😀

here. i would share some awesome-ness:

-by Muju:

(oh ho! so amazingly intricate isn’t it???)

-by Happy Doodle Land:

(poofy badges! the things i go "So CUTE~!" or "I Want." at.)

-by Peppywanders:


– by pirilamporiscado:

(this is turning into a brooches’ showcase… )

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and our discussions finally began! how exciting.

faizah, liyana and lydia came over today to discuss MAAD.
well… you do not need lomo cameras if you’ve got photoshop!

i was so surprised by what photoshop ‘actions’ can do to a photo….


lomo effect 1:

lomo effect 2:

hahah. wonders of photoshop and the things people create. talking about creations… we are going to call our label "Four-Legged Octopus" it is a mouthful. but it has a certain FLOw to it (FLO incidentally is the initials of the brand.) the name popped up when faizah was doodling a octopus and she only managed to squeeze in four legs to which lydia exclaimed that "it only has four legs!". the birth of a name. how quirky. in the league of ‘blackbird, fly’ or ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ i would think. (another random name we contemplated on: running cow, sitting bull!)

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in pictures.


Went to Friends to stock in. Stella loved the packaging for the new animal silhouette badges! I do too! 😀

Met my parents for dinner before heading to the art museum for free admission day! Hahaha! Met mr lee there too! 😀 He told me that Ming Wong’s exhibition was quite good. After seeing it. I agree. It was interesting how he made use of the genre of cinema to different effects. Besides introducing us to the last cinema billboard artists, he re-filmed old classics with playful intentions. From the over-dramatic “Four Malay Stories” (a re-interpretation of P. Ramlee’s shows) to “In Love for the Mood” which showed a rehearsal of a rehearsal… it was all very intriguing. But best of all was “Life of Imitation” (also the name of the exhibition itself) which played with the issue of racial identity through the use of two separate screens seen together via a mirror.

After Ming Wong’s exhibition, we hopped over to 8Q where we were met by Walter, a huge balloon rabbit by Dawn Ng. the exhibition “Art Garden” was amazingly fun and interactive. I was especially enthralled by “Funky Forest” by Emily Gombeille and Theodore Watson. A work that Michael would approve! Hahaha!

off to Ikea to get myself a new table and workspace since i will be working at home now that i have moved out from hall.

ikea has parking lots for everything. families, and their trolleys!

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will be going down to Friends at Haji Lane to stock in today. new earrings! 😀

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