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In the midst of big chain stores and the mad chase for success in the conventional sense, it is so nice to have independent shops thrive. I have always admired BooksActually in Singapore and watching this documentary made me even more inspired and gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

a true story told brilliantly with a whole load of honesty.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/55786310″>BooksActually : The Documentary</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/booksactually”>booksactually</a&gt; on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

the only part i beg to differ was the last bit, i feel that the beauty of booksactually is that it isn’t a chain store and that it is a unique experience that isn’t replicated. it forces people to make the effort to go to that one place.

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