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I have been packing a whole lot recently in preparation for the biggest move ever.

I will be moving out from my current place of residence soon to another place, it is really sad seeing how I have been living my 18 years and almost 5 months here.


Anyway, as I m packing my things collected over the years into boxes, I find things that have been on my tabletop (in view) for the longest time. ‘I got that friendship bracelet from val’, ‘that (tattered) box was from rachel’, ‘oh! I remembered ailin gave me that’ and ‘claire painted that rock for me’…

I realized that almost everything I actually kept (despite much of their poor conditions) were from other people! It is amazing that I can remember and place the exact situations in which I received these gifts of love from.


Some of the things I uncovered:

A painted ceramic mushroom- a rejected ‘pot’ from meisiew’s coursework and reshaped into a mushroom by mr lim kok boon.

A tiny wooden piece- from my first successful attempt at  sawing from guides’ axemanship

A bookmark- from my primary two teacher mr lim chee min

Two painted rocks to look like mice- one by me and the other by val


And so the list goes on…

I sound like Indiana Jones! And even though these tiny items are nowhere as old and of importance to anyone as the items dug out by archeologists…they are every bit a treasure to me and they tell stories of my past just as artifacts would tell of history.


i find myself drained at the end of each day of packing, maybe it is all the recalling of memories that seem to flow back to me so easily…

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in all my CT-is-over-frenzy, i spent the whole nigth watching television.
i watched showdown and it was so hilarious especially with the dj commentary. classic. i think the games look so fun and dirty hahah. they really thought of everything. amazing. wish camps could have games like that.
then i spent two hours watching american idol finale. very good and very funny at times. especially the part where the love guru came out. omg. so good… david cook looked skeptical then suddenly the love guru pops out and put a big lump of shaving cream on him in his attempt to help him shave. the funniest part was when david cook tried to move away and the cream was falling… falling… and david archuleta caught it. that was just as funny as the video of jack black, robert downey jr. and ben stiller. what comedians. it was so good. now i know why they are comedians. jack black seemed to be enjoying himself (during the times when he wasn’t adjusting his falling pants…), ben stiller looked so unsure (as though all he was thinking was "ok… just dance, act confident….") & minding his own business while robert downey jr actually looked quite professional that’s until he disappeared of course. haha.
DSCF5935 copy
DSCF5889 copy
i did these birds in coloured pencil during my short breaks in-between studying. it was fun!

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i am home today in one of the most happiest and relieved of moods.
it is finally O-V-E-R!
and that can refer to two things…
number 1) my Common Test period. i am so so so happy! woohoo! i finished with my 3hr long paper for sova this morning and a 1hour long bio skill a spa. my hand is quite injuried now though from that over writing… i quote shan: "i am not going to write anything for at least a week. if i have to record anything down, i will type it out!" hilarious. then i had my h3 art paper yesterday which was my first ever h3-art exam and hence we all din know quite what to expect. i walked into AR11 to the faces of my fellow aepians and we all went CRAZY. like names of artists bouncing across the walls and ceilings and what not. haha. in the struggle to keep all the information in, we walked up to AR31. the papers were given out. we all stare at it. the two short questions on a whole piece of paper. i look at huijun beside me and we all started laughing. not just the two of us… the whole class giggled. ms chan asked if that was a happy laugh and we went… omg. i managed to come up with a script which looked suspiciously like a GP essay though. *pats on the back. i think the funniest time to be in AR11 is just before an exam. it is really funny.
number 2) as we handed up our exam scripts for sova today, jianhao told us that david cook won american idol!!! i am so happy for him. i can’t wait for his CD. not that david archuleta isn’t good because he really is a prodigy and at my age! that is amazing. but i think david cook has a nice stage presence and his voice just grows on you. Yay-ness.
now for the sad news… i am not having my art camp tomorrow like planned due to shut-down friday. apparently shut down friday means no one should be in school on friday and we are not allowed to be shut in the school. and just when i was looking forward to the movies, strategic games, prepboard doing (we still have to do this though…), eating and just chatting non-stop with the aepians.
hmmpf. oh well~ at least 2 good things happened.

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i have… a few more papers to go unlike SO many of jc2 nj-cians….
h3 art is in 2 and a half hours time which i am NOT prepared for and i have no clue about how is it going to be like. i worry.
and i am sick of telling people this… YES~ art has theory too= studying. it is not just drawing.
was smsing with val yesterday and i realise that she is the other person who has as many papers as me left. 3 more to go.
we are considering doing the bare minimum for art (opps.) that is not studying for sova and relying on the olevels-overstudied artists like piyadasa, boonma, singapore pioneer artists…. haha. if i m lucky and if my brain can take it, i would be able to squeeze in a few more artists tonight but with american idol finals, i am not counting on it! David! haha.
shall go to KM to cramp in some information on art and its status, patronage of art, mass media and art…. yada yada
wish me luck! (and if possible, brain space and memory sticks since many of you are not in dire need of it currently.)
go celebrate and gloat. see if i care.
(my friends are right though… i HAD to pay for having such a nice spreadout timetable for my papers.)

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still in the midst of CTs. it is proving to be a FREEZING experience. both literally and metaphorically. there is no warmth from the teachers seen in the papers and in the environment too. it is chilling. i need to wear gloves to do my papers soon.
on a lighter note, the two davids have made it to the finals (of American idol)!
So… that means David is going to be the next American idol…!
i found the picture below really funny…

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this week was spent studying for chemistry.
it seems that every chemistry lesson i realise that i have forgotten a lot of my past year syllabus. but i will catch up!
and in the midst of the week i had a sorethroat and was sucking on strepsils when i realised something… strepsils=2,4 dichlorobenzyl alcohol which is an organic compound!
however, at the end of thurs, i felt really relaxed. we went to 72/13 theatreworks for a look-see of the art space they had, sat (or stood) in for one of their performance workshops (in a room with incredibly high ceiling.) and lounged on their GINORMOUS beanbags while listening to Mr lee talk about theatrework and its role in the art scene in Singapore. it is really an international company based in Singapore seeing how they get in all these artistes/artists to experiment and create art. the workshop we saw reminded me of Ilagalio with all the movement (a bit like dance, a bit like yoga) artistry. very interesting. and the place is interesting too as it used to be a rice storehouse of sorts even the stairs had a ramp by the side for rice sacks to slide down to the bottom level.
of course the draw was the huge beanbags and we just couldn’t resist. it was comfy!
2008_05080696 chris took this picture because she said the beanbag looked like an orange hill…
2008_05080701 chris looking out of the window at 72/13
after the whole thing we took a stroll to the bus-stop (a really long walk…), hit Meidi-ya for a pit-stop (the fruits there looked so good and the apples were so big that it just reminded me of Ringo-chan by Maribrand) and stopped for a while to watch the G-max reverse bungy and then continued to the bus-stop. I feel that the whole part about having out of school lessons really helps to relax one.
oh and oac sold glitter House tattoos on track and field meet.
aerius is now third!

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today i bumped into my primary 2 form teacher, Mr Lim Chee Min
i don’t remember what i learnt exactly in Pri 2, or who was in my group (i was in blue group) or all the spelling words we had then, but i remembered my teacher’s face when i saw him at the hawker centre today. it was just so familiar! 🙂
the nice thing was not just that i remembered him and everything about primary two started flooding back but also the fact that he still remembers me. and my name. now THAT is amazing. apparently i am his first batch of students when he became a teacher and he is still in physical education… ah~ when pe was still about hoola hoops, cones and shashes when we played games. haha. it was fun.
i remember the first day of pri 2 when he said "turn to the person behind, beside, in front of you and ask for his or her name" as he stepped into the class. it took me forvever to remember the four names of my friends but we as students found the activity so novel that we just obeyed and for that few minutes all we had were the four names floating in our heads.
I also remember the last day of pri 2 where we gathered in our groups on the school stage to take photos with mr lim as a final momento. i probably still have that picture somewhere and it will surface again when i move (house) at the end of this month.
and so that was in brief all that happened in primary 2.
i met him again in pri 4 or 5 when he only taught my class pe.
and then again in sec 1 or 2 when i went back to nyps for teacher’s day.
and somewhere in sec 3 i remember meeting him outside just as i did today.
Everytime, i never fail to recognise that face! 🙂

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paper craft.

i stayed up yesterday night to watch these 3 amazingly patient people who showed me that paper can be used in a whole new way. yes, we are talking about the paper that everyone has access to, but apparently do not make full use of this access.

Keisuke, brian chan and paul chan are the three people who does really intricate work with paper that it is astonding. the paper automata by Keisuke, origami by brian chan and the paper sculptures by paul chan just showed all the things paper could do. i never knew people could be so patient to spend so long on every piece of art.

600pix2 (origami by brian chan) 

‘i realised that i have no patience to do paper crafts.

still, doing plush toys are still fun:

 DSCF5816    DSCF5801 

xiao long bao! i have this sudden impulse to draw tim sum.

DSCF5825 Mushroom!

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i need it to rain soon.
i think i spend most of these few days (soon going to amount to a week…) complaining about the unbelievable heat. (to think i actually complained about rain a few weeks ago as it got me walking constantly in wet shoes!) even the wind is blowing HOT air. i marvel at my rabbits amazing abilities to stay cool even with that very thick-looking coat of fur (maybe that is why they are shedding now?!). the trick? to lie on the cold floor with maximum skin/fur contact. i tried it yesterday, and i fell asleep on the floor. it is a good way to cool down, take it from the rabbits! 🙂
anyway… "that-which-must-not-be-named" (Says Sheryl.) is coming real soon. it is scary and well… just scary. i shall call it the Coming Trouble.
and i just spent time browsing this lovely blog: http://plushyou.blogspot.com/
it shows a lot of plush art, my current favourite means of art. and it makes it a whole lot easier for me to find inspiration for my coursework
talking about art, we spent the free period yesterday playing connect-4, mastermind and reversi. art club is going to join strategic games very soon
oh, today is college day!

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