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They always say if you want a fuss-free pet, keep a goldfish. But from my own past experience, keeping fishes is not a walk in the park either. There is still the hassle of changing water, making sure the PH of the water is right, remembering to feed them (and not over-feeding)… well so we came up the knitted versions of goldfish and guppies. The perfect maintenance-free pet.


To set up, just tape the string attached to your fish to the lid of your selected jar, throw in some pebbles and tah-dah! Your own fish-in-a-jar! Suspended in air, they look like they are floating with no water required.


The pebbles and jar are not included with the fish, which allows for your unique touch and personalization for styling your aquarium. I always love seeing how customers do up their knitted aquariums, here are some examples:


beautiful styling by Kenny

fingersmith letterpress

the studio-fish of The Fingersmith Letterpress


instagram user, @yuutakamiyama even took his new pet whale to the beach!

Sunshine and love

A collab jar painting workshop with Sunshine&Love. Fishy tales!

projects by Jane

As styled by Projects by Jane, read how her process!

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