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chemistry promo

“Why did I take chemistry?”

That was the only statement in my mind after the paper.

I kinda wailed it out to everybody who could lend a listening ear, only… no one was listening, everyone was wailing their own thoughts about the paper… and strangely… all the thoughts were all transpositions of each other.


It isn’t even funny. (the lame joke of ‘Phua Chu Kang’ on the question paper looked back and laughed mockingly at us.)


My mind was drifting off as I approached the last page…

‘How much do I need to get an S for this paper?’


A summary of some of the responses we got. (though it may not be accurate as I wasn’t listening much due to my own wailing… it is something… like that)


Pris: “I don’t even care anymore. I don’t think I even did enough to pass”

Zhi Ying: “this is going to be interesting. I wonder how our class will do”

Me: “why did I take chemistry?”

Su-Ann: “exactally.”

Hong hu: “ahh…” *buries face in jacket

Shu Wei: “I don’t want to retain. The class is sure to break up.”

Teena : “3 Us already…”

Shan shan: “ I was at question 11 when there was 10 mins left!!”

Andrew: “See, I told you not to study.”

Abigail: “I am going to be retained”

Sheryl: “there wasn’t any time!!”

And ailin… who looked so calm, I am always amazed at how calm she is…we wound up talking about some of the questions… how her energy cycle was as slanted as mine….


Went for lunch with Priscilla and Sheryl where we spent about 1/3 of the time talking about chemistry paper (this is pretty amazing…) and the rest of the time talking about goals in life and all sorts of random stuff.

Like the Hong Kong drama says… “My goal in life is to find my goal in life.”

(It sounds more profound and funny in Chinese.)


Denial (that it is so difficult and I cant do it despite studying) – halfway through the paper

Bargaining (maybe if I just wrote some equation, I will get some method marks?)

Anger (the chemistry teachers are cruel. there wasn’t even enough time!) – after the paper

Acceptance (the fact that it is over and nothing can change) – after lunch with Sheryl and Priscilla, thank you.


What an experience.


And yes, the difficult paper is the perfect excuse to take time off to relax.

For a while at least.

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stripes galore

finally completed my latest soft toy with open mouth! 🙂 

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erps… cinema 4 d yesterday mde me so sick that i did not even want to touch the computer for the whole night!
i don’t blame it on the programme though… more  the computer i was using which kept hanging!!
our poor instructor, sorry mr yong!
i cant model houses.
i managed to do my snowman as inspired by vivo though! 🙂
nice, elongated snowman…
not much was left of my class yesterday as many people skipped school and even those who made an effort to come skipped their lessons! well, i guess it is the last day of school afterall..
our bio teacher was surprisingly not angry, maybe she expected it?
maths lecture was a nice change with mr lum taking us (finally!)…
and chem tutorial was a good refresher.
so my usually favourite period (aep) on fridays turned out to be the most taxing…
hopefully the project will come along smoothly after the promos! 🙂 

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headache for a whole day has not been a pleasant experience…
but i actually managed to pull through all my lessons, thanks to free periods from gc and pw lecture…
the lessons were not so taxing too, with every teacher going through revision and consolidations.
cinema 4d has not been kind (the wheel of death!), especially with a tutor who can be described in a single word: ‘sian’. haha
val and i just sat there being amused over his attitude to his job. surely he has heard about the right job fit before? 
go monster.com. 😛
we are learning how to build a snowman scene now…
when i manage to build my snowman, i will elongate it so long that it looks like the sculpture at vivo. 🙂
on a side track… i am currently loving a certain M1 advertisment about a curry house in "Mumbai lah… India"

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GP Promo.

it hasn’t been easy but at least it is one promo exam striked off the list (something which priscilla was delighted to edit on her exam schedule :P) 
then, survived 3 hours plus of chemistry make-up lesson. yay! so proud of myself.
and… i don’t want to change chem class!! i hope everything stays the same. 😀

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take a break!!!

another week of school is over and promos are edging nearer…
i survived the first week back in school! it was productive, all my free periods were anyway.
i found it harder and harder to concentrate during lessons… by half the day i would get bored and tired from paying attention!
its tiring. studying is. espcially when everywhere you look you see people studying.
they have all done A LOT of work during their holiday…
they are still mugging at every possible time… 
they seem to need no rest…
they will all do very well for the promos?
its hard to know when to stop and take a break but we all need it, if not we are no different from studying machines.

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circle of friends?!

i hate chain mails… notice they all end the same way, like… ‘if you are a true friend, you will forward this mail and get it back…’
erps. much as some of the emails may be interesting to read… but it can get irritating when you find the same mail in your inbox all the time!
a real friend will not need a email forwarded back to know that he or she is a real friend to you.

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my lovely Sep Hols.

this sep hols has been a big break from all the studying at school.
yes… that’s means i havent been on task with promo-studying.
but, you know what? i enjoyed my sep hols very much.
all the family bonding time at vivo, clarke quay, national library (at the 11th floor, no less!)…
looking for nice fabrics at salvation army,
making all my soft toys… it was a joy.

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 having never been there until yesterday (dont laugh please…), it was quite an experience. 🙂
i love the sculptures there… unfortunately unable to capture every one (i.e. the beautiful red rocket near the carpark entrance) with my camera but those that i have are uploaded. 🙂
a random (but very delightful) picture…

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had to go back to school for biology SPA today…. met my classmates in the canteen, the table we were sitting at was like a supply cabinet, with benny asking everyone if we needed string, we all did… haha. and ek ping with her free labels. 🙂 it is through these little actions where we know how caring we are for each other as a class. 😀

then, the SPA was ok… no bubbles at least! headed for lunch with sheryl, zhiying and pris at coro, cosy corner because pris wanted her jap food. then sheryl said she wanted ice cream and everyone was in agreement (greedy us…). so i brought them to guthrie house, venezia. yum. it was a nice atmosphere. had a hard time choosing my ice cream flavour, as always, finally took tiramisu. yum yum! maybe it was the whole atmoshphere there, it just made us feel really relaxed and happy with our ice-cream. i m glad we went. oh and met hongling there too!! *big hug* yay. i think nygh girls know all the best places to eat in the area! 🙂

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