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Oh think twice.

Every time I walk along the underpass towards the MRT station near my home I am encountered by some homeless sleeping on benches in the void decks. With their unkempt look, they strike a little fear in me as I walk pass, especially when I am alone. Sometimes they just sit around and stare blankly at people walking by, or they would meet your eyes for a split second… it makes me fear that they would suddenly get up and start harassing me for food/cash. But they never do.

Occasionally, I see them on the buses too as they are not difficult to spot. Occupying a few seats at a time with bagfuls of all their life’s possessions, emitting unpleasant smells and usually asleep… a bus ride from one terminal to the other end is probably the cheapest comfortable accommodation for them. I feel bad there is nothing I can do for these people and even if I want to, I feel a resistance to help due their appearance. The most I can do is drop in a few coins to street peddlers in exchange for tissue packs or in cans of buskers whose music goes largely unnoticed in the din of the busy Singapore life.


Which reminds me of a old song I love by Phil Collins…

The song used to make me think of the story “Little Match Girl” as a child but now as I listen to it again it reminds me of all the buskers, homeless and other have-nots that are living in our midst. think twice, and show them a little kindness.

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Ahh so this is where ‘inspiration’ comes from.

Such a lyrical, poetic concept told in a simple narrative that is actually easy to understand. (i.e. not at all cheem. :))



I like how it manages explain how inspiration comes about so simply. As a creative, I realise that a lot of what I create (design, products, art) is really inspired from observations, events, thoughts that occurred in the past. The short film left me pondering; yes, indeed, it is when some unrelated thoughts from the past meets the needs of the present that magic (aka inspiration) is born.


Thanks WongFu Productions for another lovely short, that is as much an exploration on the theme of ‘Inspiration’ as it is in itself an ‘Inspiration’ for me to write this short post. Read the Director’s note here by Wes, to read his own Inspiration for the short.

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I was just listening to the soundtrack for the musical, Beauty World, one of the first original Singapore musicals! and wow, I am impressed by it all over again!


I first watched the musical when it was staged for television as part of president’s star charity in… 1998. wow. that was long ago! but I still remember it fondly with all the big local stars pulled in to make the mega production. It is better than all the stunts that stars have to do nowadays at such charity shows in my opinion. I re-watched the recording we made of it on VCR on repeat till our VCR player made way for a VCD player. some things just doesn’t stay the same for long huh.


anyhow. I was thus very excited for the stage production in 2008 by Wild Rice! and yes, it was good with new songs thrown in too. It depicts that sleazy nightclub scene of Singapore back in the day (probably not the most ‘politically-correct’ eh?) with some quite cheesy songs but I enjoyed it! maybe because beyond just being a Singaporean musical, it reminded me of my childhood of watching that VCR recording again and again and again… haha!

Such local acts (I can think of Army Daze also by Michael Chiang and If There Are Seasons by Kuo Pao Kun) should be promoted more as it brings out a lot of our local culture (and IS part of local culture).


“funny how friends are made from strangers” – Beauty World

so true isn’t it? did you ever meet someone and realise that you might have cross paths with them some time earlier in life? How is it that you only become friends when it is time to formally meet (be it as classmates or colleagues)? 

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