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own the night.

Lady Antebellum is out with their new album soon! if these two songs are anything to go by, it will be great and i am excited. 🙂


and here

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I am really enjoying the short animations (they have to be short because for every one second on screen, it is a lot more work behind it!) we get to watch in stop-motion animation class… here’s some for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

Andrew Bird’s Anonanimal:

(i love sea anemones, so this was cute for me.)


DOT: world’s smallest animation by Sumo Science

(do watch the Making Of. for this one to see how teeny the girl is!)


Norman Mclaren’s A Chairy Tale (done in 1957!)

(you have to watch this one with the sound on, it makes a whole lot of difference!)

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It has been a truly busy week with school starting and the Popin opening of the craft rug exhibition, craft sessions and the first ever MAAD pajamas! oh and everything was really exciting and fun too!

too much happened and i am really lazy to blog about what happened. maybe i will in due time or maybe i will forget to after some time. meanwhile, something else exciting happened. I have been telling myself ever since i discovered “spoonflower” a online site which prints your own customised fabric that i would join their weekly competition someday. and i said at the start of my holidays, “Yes, that is something i would do this holiday.” but when last week of holiday rolled by and i still haven’t fulfilled that… i panicked. so i rushed out a design by spending the morning of the due date designing the Shark-themed fabric.

one week later (aka this week), i forgot about it (because school can do funny things to your head.) and was pleasantly surprised to find an email in my inbox telling me my fabric is in the top 10 that week! woohoo! that also means, it is now avaliable for sale on that site, so if any of you are interested in paying for expensive shark infested waters fabric designed by me, please proceed here: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/696049.

they did a test print of it too and here is the design on fabric!

many thanks Spoonflower! (and the lovely community there who were all so encouraging! :))

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just a few posts back i was writing about the phrase “i don’t friend you anymore”. turns out, little drom store just published a book with that title (without the word ‘anymore’ but really, the meaning is still the same.

it talks about simple childhood games (no extra board set required. remember ‘chopsticks’ or ‘pepsi cola’ or ‘chi kou pak’?) from the 80s and 90s… all of which i remember playing before when i was in primary school. and to think these are ‘vintage’ nostalgic games… am i that old already?!

(strategy at its best)

(this one was really painful but somehow we still played it!)

i remembered when the games started to get really complex with the introduction of new games such as ‘hai dai ah hai dai’, ‘black sheep baa baa, white sheep baa baa’, then there was one which involved some angel, man and other strange combination but worked a little like scissors paper stones with two hands instead of one. how to concentrate? i gave up learning them at some point.

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suddenly it is a race against time to do all the things we said we would do during the holiday break.

no joke, within is short week i have gone on a museum trip, exhibition opening and craft session, library outings, meet-ups with friends, stock-ins, order-fulfilling and not to mention those unfulfilled meet-ups to go rock-climbing and exhibit hopping and soon to happen musical show. will post up things i have been up to when i get back from a mini house-warming today. till then, make the most of this last one week!

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