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I always enjoy a visit to Ikea not just for its home furnishing goods… In fact, a main highlight at Ikea for me is in its food and restaurant. They may call it a restaurant but step inside and the atmosphere is anything but restaurant-like! You won’t find cutlery laid out on the tables or cloth napkins (much less have a waiter lay one on your lap as he pulls out your chair for you), in fact you won’t even find waiters here. Everything is self-service and casual. Yes, it is more in line with a family restaurant.

it is curious that everyone comes to Ikea knowing exactly what they would order. Afterall it is usually when one craves for a certain Ikea food that would push them to make the trip.

As I sit to enjoy my meal, I notice all around are people eating with their hands – from the french fries to their famous chicken wings. There is no tastier way to eat chicken wings than with your hands. This place promotes messy eating, almost sloppy, but no one’s complaining. Families with children sit alongside businessmen in suits licking their fingers. I love it. I love that no one cares about image in this place, it is successful in its casual atmosphere of making everyone feel right at home. a place where no one judges if you eat with your hands, and you can make as much a mess as you like, just as you would do in the comforts of home!

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