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I have been wanting to read up more on Tim Noble and Sue Webster after seeing their work at the British Museum.
i realised it isn’t easy finding images of their works. anyhow, i managed to read an interview of the two artists at http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1285/is_9_30/ai_64993842
"Miss Understood and Mr. Meanor"
noble + webster by nicolettesara.
"Real Life is Rubbish"
"Dirty White Trash (with gulls)"

Sue Webster: "Just because you can’t afford bronze or other materials is no excuse for not making art. There’s good material everywhere."
I love their works made up of rubbish.

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yesterday i was at Buit Merah library and i happen to see the children books laid out on the table at the entrance….
I ended up borrowing "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll
because i found that the story was rather fuzzy in my head
it turns out to be very interesting (i wonder whether i felt the same way when i was a child reading/watching the Disney-version. maybe not, when you are a child, your imaginations are as wild and outrageous as the story that it doesn’t seem so intriguing?)
" ‘and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?’ "
i have gone back to books i read when i was a lot younger, currently besides Alice in Wonderland, i am also reading the Chinese version of "The Little Prince" 
how delightful. all imaginative and exciting. why do children books have that element of imaginative quality (read: out of this world) which the adult fictions lack?
I am considering trying to illustrate some of the paragraphs.
"The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well."

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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Today, i went with my parents to volunteer inthe giving out of tin cans to students for flagday

The organisation is O’Joy and the students we handed out the cans to were from Beatty Sec.

I was quite surprised actually.

maybe i was expecting the horde of students to be as unruly as the last time i tried to do the handing out of tins?

But they were surprisingly patient, street smart and respectful of one another. Plus some came even earlier than us! what a change.

they would come in their little groups and there we would notice an obvious ‘leader’ of the pack. haha.

Plus (as always) there were a few interesting students. two actually came back with their tins plus a cage with an injured bird (which i supposed they rescued during their shift) and there was a really talkative boy who kept complaining (and being absolutely honest at the same time) who could have generated more of that talk to asking for donations. but he was ‘shy’ just as so many others were. But there were other students who did amazing jobs! well done all! 🙂

Collecting back was more messy but we did it! 🙂 thanks to all the students!

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Today, I went back to Empress Road market, the first time since they opened again after all the renovation works.

It is so much more spacious and yet, I still saw all the people I once saw so often. As we glanced past each stall, I kept picturing each of the stall-holders in their old place and the layout of the old market. It was like home-coming! Haha.

Then, went to the exhibition at Fost Gallery along Kim Yam Road.
“Woman on Woman: Lace”. It was quite a show despite it being small.

Actually I quite like it small, it was quite cosy and quiet. The downside was of course the limited number of works they could house.

However, the selection of works was great! All women artists drawing on common female themes. I loved the abstract depiction of flowers in summer by Marisa Keller, the contemplation air of Namiko Chan Takahashi’s painting of Asian women and of course my personal favourite, the works of Kc Poh and Beth Tan.

Artists Kc Poh and Beth Tan worked together to piece together works of many women silhouettes in different poses. They used the techniques of paper cutting, watercolour washes, and pricking to stitch together intricate works of art. I think such are my kind of work. I have yet to try out intricate paper cutting (since the time of snowflake paper cuttings…) (:

i liked how the two artists explored some traditionally women-associated ‘craft’ like stitching and intricate works to present amazingly contemporary works. it’s something i like to explore too. some images.


"Flax Field II" by Marisa Keller

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Went down to the dri ving centre with jane yesterday.
and i really did not think registering would take that long! there was briefing after briefing and we were ushered from one area to the next…
It was all quite overwhelming. and info-overload.
oh well. my test date for the highway code is fixed. so looks like it is back to mugging. haha.

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my momshoo collage! 🙂

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1st sale on etsy!

I was so excited when i got that email.
i ran in and out of the study room telling my parents in drips and dabs the details of the sale.
my first international sale! 🙂
to London, UK!
i’m happy.

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yesterday, went with Shima to NTU to have a little look see around.

erm… it was a scam in the way that HARDLY anything was about the Nanyang scholarship. but i guess they didnt exactly promise that it would be about that.
it turned out to be more like an open-house minus the big mess. plus there was free lunch. haha.

had a tour around the campus and at the art school and talks…

i was very surprised to meet Yao Ying again (she was my pri school classmate. i think pri 3 and 4? or was it pri 2 and 3?). it was like a short pause of recognition and then we both went "HI!" and we remembered each other’s names. i liked that. meeting old friends again. hmm.

and of course i did not expect to see huihuan there, when i really should have guessed since she is interested in ADM too. 🙂

i had quite a nice time ‘reuniting’ with my friends more than the school tours. but it was fun. but far.

i came back all tired and exhausted, maybe since it was quite s ‘social’ kind of event and i have been staying at home too much. i don’t know.

speaking of ‘reuniting’ and ‘social events’, Chinese New Year is just a week away…

just to remind myself: i want to get that "Banksy" book from Kino when they next have a 20 percent off. i still have that $10 voucher from jane 🙂

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i’m nineteen!

I just have to blog since it is not everyday that you turn another year older!

Yes, I am now 19 years old! (:


Yesterday was fulfilling. I confirmed my participation in MAAD on Feb. so I guess now my online business is up another level. It would soon have a physical store front on the first weekend of Feb. (mark that on your calendars people!). it is all in bid to publicise the online store to the erm, public of course.

And on top of confirming that, I finally got my rubber stamp for the shop. Ahh. What great birthday presents. (:

Oh and I finally figured out how to add album artwork to my ipod.

While searching for images, this is what I found out…

Some singers with birthdays in Jan!

7th Jan: Five for fighting’s John Ondrasik,
17th Jan: Aqualung’s Matt Hales,
19th Jan: Corrinne May,
20th Jan: Take That’s Gary Barlow,
27th Jan: Take That’s Mark Owen,
28th Jan: Hady Mirza

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