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rested and happy!

I’m back!

(and my course registration for core modules next semester is done. yes, they do make you worry about school even during your long school break.)

I will be lazing about for a while before spamming everywhere with photos of Zurich, Lucerne, Salzburg, Munich, Wurzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bacharach, St Goar, Heidelberg and Frankfurt. the trains became our best friends except for that one time.

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I will be going away till 23rd of June and be back just in time for the clicking frenzy.

till then! 🙂

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Year 2 recap

ok, here comes the proper post about year 2 in University.

(but first: comfortable sitting position, check. music through headphones, check. fan blowing and curtains drawn to keep out the heat, check!) i suggest you do the same if you are planning to read this whole post.

foundation year was very different. well, for one, we were grouped in classes and moved around in fixed classes (which I found very nice since my JC life was spent all-over the place, switching classes in between every period) in foundation year and i got comfortable being always around familiar faces. then came year 2 where we had to go through the stressful ‘STARS wars’. it was a game of fastest finger first as we had to click click click click click… to get into the classes we wanted to be in. the first sem, we met up to plan exactly which classes to take so we will always be with the same people. the only exception for me was my art in the age of colonialism elective class which was me. alone. in a group i didn’t know till then. it didn’t turn out so bad and sem 1 passed pretty much the same (with me being around my friends from year 1). the major difference was the curriculum… it became more design-based, less fine-arts which I was so used to in secondary school through to fdn year. everything went back to the brief we were given and to our intended target audience and objective of our designs.

(and now i break the monotony with some of my sem 1 assignments)

<Trail Blazer Ed Fella retrospective show poster>

<my creative manifesto memento>

Then came sem 2. Despite being really lucky in sem 1 where I got all the classes I wanted, sem 2 I wasn’t so lucky. So I ended in classes without the security of being with people I know. And a 5-day week. No, the 5-day week wasn’t fun, as expected… but the classes without people I know did turn out much better than I expected. New people, in design class also means fresh perspectives, and well, I wasn’t left completely without people I know, just with people I never really had a chance to talk to, because being around friends you know so well, you tend to stick together and not open up to others. New assignments with even nearer deadlines, it was a mad rush every weekend but it was very fulfilling. I written a post once about my graphic design class already so I shall not repeat myself. But there was the other elective class; photo-imaging. Black and white photography and darkroom techniques. Nothing I will really do again and just being with people who are just there to relax and enjoy. Photography class was never something I stressed about, just there to have fun! 🙂

(and now I ran out of things to write so I will just do another ‘showcase’ of some assignments this semester)

<Fading Traditions Wayang Fest poster>

<1 of 3 Social Campaign Mobile Phone Etiquette posters>


<Typographic Grids Tabloid Publication The Urban Issue group project>


<2 of 9 photos from Within Walking Distance photoimaging final series>

I have learnt a lot this semester and looking back, it has been fun! And I still like to be all anti-social and with my friends but I guess now if my finger isn’t fast enough I won’t be as panicky anymore, things may not turn out as bad as I expect!

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