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Jane shared this on Facebook and i just found it so clever! haha. it didn’t take me long to get it but seeing the comments it did baffle quite few people. Like Jane, i first got it due to the one on the top right, maybe you should start from that one. 🙂


An advertisement for Lego designed by German advertising agency Jung von Matt

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Joe Hisaishi

I finally got down to listening to Joe Hisaishi who Jane always rave about. really, it was more re-listening as i realised i have heard many of his compositions before due to watching so many Hayao Miyazaki’s animations.


here, some instrumental music:

“One Summer’s day” from spirited away.


“Merry go Round of Life” from howl’s moving castle


“Okuribito” from Departures.


amazing how different moods can be captured without words. the spirited away theme really gives off that feeling of a dreamscape. 🙂

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I recently purchased Evah Fan’s ‘Pry on Murmurs’ on Etsy

(get a copy here.)


and realised that she used her collection of security envelope patterns for scanning and using as the spreads in the zine. so i begam wondering… what are security envelopes?

If you receive bank statements and bills and such in the post, you will notice that they come in envelopes that are printed with blue patterns on the inside… these are the security envelope patterns! they are printed to keep the confidential contents from prying eyes (i am beginning to realise Evah Fan’s title for her zine.) so that the contents can’t be deciphered by holding the envelope up to the light. ingenious! i wonder when was it invented?


And there are many who collect these security envelope patterns! see designer Joseph King’s Flickr collection here. I didn’t know these patterns could get so fancy and have recognisable motifs too!

and he even made them into badges:


there is really design everywhere right? so look into the envelope the next time your bill comes in the mail!

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Some time back i read an article in Time magazine about introverts and how it is not something to be ashamed about. it is quite a different perspective on the stereotype we have about introversion.


Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: the Power of Introverts” gave a Ted talk about the issue:

I dunno how else to add on that, just wanted to share the article and talk.


oh and I am more of an introvert than extrovert, just so you know.

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Busy busy busy

oh! it has been so busy for me despite having a recess week last week. really, i had so much i planned to do (to catch-up on school work) during that week but at the end of it, i really didn’t managed to do much! 😦

why was i so busy?? well, i had field trips on Monday and Tuesday which was really fun but it takes up time and the rest of the day is wasted… then i had internship interviews. i went for 3 in total in recess week alone. and all on different days! the thing about interviews, i wake up in the morning, and i have the interview at the back of my head the entire morning and after it is done and over with, i think about how it went the rest of the day, the silly things i said, the questions i could have answered better, what i forgot to say… it is just this thing that occupies my thoughts the entire day and i can’t concentrate on serious work. (ok, that’s my excuse.) erps. but well. i think i am no longer so nervous at interviews after the 1st one. haha!

and so my one week of ‘break’ flew by, i am back in school and the deadlines are coming fast and quick…


a little respite? Big bang theory!

“history of everything” by the Bare-Naked Ladies. (they are really guys though!)

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