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kaikai and kiki-

we watched another Takashi Murakami animation for aep h3 today.
it is about Kaikai and Kiki, these two very cute characters.
aren’t they cute?
sometimes when i see such good animations like these i wished i could do a similar animation. but after being in front of a computer for so long, i know i cannot stand it! i really admire such animators’ patience.
i just recently got a dvd of pixar shorts which came with the director’s commentaries. very interesting. and i realise that there are so many elements which have to come together to make a good animated piece. However, many people don’t appreciate how much work actually goes into the them as they haven’t tried doing it themselves. It is a lot, a lot of painstaking work.

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2 days and 1 night.

finally the sleepy-ness dispels for me to blog.


road run: was surprisingly easy and satisfying. i was surprised by how much energy more legs and body had to run despite having done the full thing just recently on tuesday and strenuous PT on wednesday. amazing. Pris (who was going on the whole morning about how she doesn’t run fast and complaining about shan running road run trial in just 19 minutes) ran ahead of the two of us (shan and i). i am happy for Pris but HELLO! didn’t you just tell me a few minutes ago that you DON’T run fast? that you would probably lag behind? wow. anyway, linfang amazed me at the speed she was going at which finally got her to be the fastest girl in S07. well done! i was quite pleasantly surprised too that Aerius managed to get third place in road run! (but of coz the fact that second place was just a mere 2 points more made me wish just 2 more aerius house people ran in slightly faster!)


our electronic road-run tags. it beeps when we go thru the gantry. i feel like a car and prisoner at the same time!


2008_03130658 2008_03130659 2008_03130657


  2008_03130661 2008_03130660

after road run had a short briefing for night hike before heading home to rest before the long night/day ahead.

i ended up watching my vcd "the girl who leapt through time" leaving with little time to sleep. but it was such a good show!!! i love the storyline even though the graphics may not appear to look as good as Hayao Miyasaki’s animations. Time-travelling is always an interesting subject which so many directors love to explore!


i reached macritchie at 7.40pm only to meet benny, yaoliang (who were participating in the hike) and shelvi at the busstop. and it was RAINING. i was so worried it wouldn’t stop, ben hong came and said it was a good thing that it rained then, so that it will stop in time. well… that just shows the difference between an optimist and a pessimist! and he was right! (thankfully.) we ended up gathering so many seniors at the busstop instead of the cafe as many of us didn’t know where the cafe was. (it was much of a cafe really.) and after bag check, i left for my station with the other seniors. we ended up laughing a lot. i realised that jillian is so easily amused! and when kevin and mervyn are together, they really get very carried away in a world of their own. i ended up at rail mall to meet suyi and later benedict. we fund the best place to lay out the poncho at the end of the ‘mall’. so the two of us attempted to sleep (drawing many, many, many stares from passers-by. especially with the red shorts. haha. and that place has such a busy night life. they only close at about midnight. and even then there are 24hrs shops!) but was woken by a really loud noise which sounded like we could be run over but a plane/vehicle. yeah. we didn’t realise we were just beside the train-track. like just 2m away from us!!! shock. anyway. our station was quite ok, and we got the hang of it in the end, benedict was his crappiest ever. and i couldn’t blame the groups for keep attacking him as he drew so much attention to himself with all the "advice" which was irritating. (but yes, he was right… w/o him speaking, the game would have been awfully boring!) the three of us ended up becoming pretty crazy due to lack of sleep. and suyi and i kept singing ‘thinking day song’ coz we were both guides and benedict was a scout and it was founder’s day, 22nd feb! it was fun!


and i was surprised to find benny’s and yaoliang’s group as the first! wow. well done!

benny said he enjoyed night hike so so much and that it was an experience he would never forget. their team bonded a lot and whatever he said just reminded me of last year’s night hike. where buloh (rachel, shuwei, norman, ben gan) and dawn and grace were a group. i enjoyed myself so much then and i wouldn’t have missed it for the world. yes, i remember every little detail of night hike 2007 and i m so glad that this year’s was able to provide the participants with as much fun as night hike 2007 provided me with. a bountiful amount of pleasant memories. (along with the same amount of tired-ness and on-off drifts to dreamland as i journeyed back home…)

oac poster copy
anyway… spent two nights doing this poster for oac. i hope more juniors join oac.
this was meant for the second-intakers.
i cut it out of paper. it is a paper-cut, a lot of effort! 🙂
inspired by this amazing artist: Mister Rob Ryan. :))

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myriad of emotions-

wednesday: biology was hilarious at the library. From the canteen, I saw my classmates dashing all the way to the library so that they wont be the last and forced to sit in front of our teacher. The kaisu mentality set in and everyone was just speed walking all the way only to find out that the door wasn’t open yet. Yeah, so we ended up waiting outside the room as a class regardless of who came first. And… this was not all. When our teacher walked into the library towards us, you could see the sudden ‘enthu-ness’ for biology lessons. Everyone was squeezing to form a queue behind the closed door! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The sight was so hilarious that yuxuan and I almost died laughing at the erm, very childish sight which we thought only existed in primary school! I promise to bring in a camera the next same period bio lesson. Haha.


thursday: we watched ‘The island’ for GP. It was interesting yet graphically disturbing. I must say it is quite an interesting storyline and we were put in the shoes of the clones in the issue on cloning. However, the movie presented very graphic imagery of how the clones were grown (from adults in these bubble-like thing which acts like a womb), how they get their memory and of course, what happens when they get killed for their organs (they ‘win lottery’ to go to the island. A paradise or so they were brain-washed to think). I felt like I was being brain-washed too as I knew that the way the issue was presented was bias to influence the viewers to object to cloning. Ethical issues… doesn’t this remind you of biology?


Then, for aep, we did etching! It was quite interesting to learn the chemistry behind how it worked and it is amazing that this method of reproduction existed since a really long time ago… wow. It is however, a really long and tedious process! Not the scratching itself but the preparation and in-between time. Huijun and I ended up doing collaborative efforts as we exchanged copper-plates to scratch. Yay! We are going to do another collaborative effort to paint our spaces. At least a tiny part. Haha. I love collaborations.

And as we were waiting, sze brought up the subject that had been on my mind constantly: jobs and ambitions. Seriously. I found out that all of us did not know what we want to do, only that it will have to do with art. Haha. We did not know what uni course or which uni we want to go to. Hmm… ms lu said that many of her ex-classmates are not in the creative field and told us her story about how she came to become a teacher after doing graphic design work for a while. Hmm.. it is so true, the art industry in Singapore is not established at all, better than the past of course. And how all the best art students ended up as art teachers.(examples?)  Anyway… my seniors are mostly either in non-art courses or in art-courses in local unis… are all the good art institutes in America? Sze, jianhao and ahu want to go japan. Longhao want to do something art-related that keeps his attention (he has a really short attention span) and can earn a lot. So…like him. I dunno… I might end up not in an art-related course afterall. Haha.


Youth Olympics 2010: I happened to be so lucky to catch the live telecast on tv mobile when I got onto the bus with yibo. When they said ‘Singapore’ the two of us just cheered! Haha. The lady in front of us turned back in shock and I bet many others on the bus were staring at us too. I am very happy for Singapore! Yay-ness. We won the bid! 🙂

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ghost town-

i have been meaning to write this for some time now ans now i finally can!! and finally get the magazine off my table…


i read this article in national geographic on North Dakota which was really quite sad… it is like this place which *i quote* "you know that something has befallen the people who lived there. They wouldn’t leave if they could have stayed. Was there a death? A divorce? Or was it just weariness of the hard life there? There’s no way to know…" how mysterious. And it is really like a ghost town! ok… i havent been there but the photos on national geographic are really good and i kinda wished i was there too to take such photos of the abandonment of North Dakota! It is such a haunting yet very intriguing occurrence! I want to know what happened but as the quote says, the stories have disappeared together with their tellers… kinda reminds me of “Spirited Away” like this abandoned town which comes to life at night due to all the strange creatures (i.e. sprits… that’s why the show is named as such right?), it should be interesting to draw. Or portray.


North Dakota is such a foreign land yet the same situation is occurring right at my doorstep. The gradual moving away of the hawker stall owners and as you go down everyday you see a new store gone and you think to yourself “now… which stall did that use to be?” the traces of the stall have disappeared together with the store-holders. I suppose where I stay would soon be in the same situation and there are those who will move really early, and those who will hang on to the place right down to the very last day just like the lone residents of current North Dakota.


Okie. Now I can put away that magazine… oh wait… it is there for another reason: aep coursework picture reference. Hmm… speaking of which… I must really get down to doing!

Anyway… something funny happened today.. people just kept leaving their stuff behind on the canteen tables and forgot to take them! Lusandra’s file, Ben gan’s camera, Ben hong’s chem notes… forgetful day. I hope I din leave anything in school! Ahahaha.



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heys everyone!
cnyfinal copy
hmm… i am wondering why do we exchange mandrin oranges on chinese new year? and it is funny how these oranges circulate! i wonder where my oranges end up at and how many exchanges each one goes through??? random thoughts… haha

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CNY celebrations 2008

i happily wore bright orange to school today to celebrate chinese new year yet i met with a sea of grey and white (yes… nj uniform and a lot of orientation tees). why isn’t anyone in the festive mood of chinese new year and in the fun of wearing the gaudy RED colour of prosperity. it is the only time of the year (besides christmas where many pair it up with green) where you wont look out of place wearing such bright shades of red!

anyway… met zhiying and sheryl wearing the cheongsam and hanbok respectively. nice! all the spirit of fun! val wore the sari with her friends too. ethnic culture fusions. We watched an interesting fashion parade by the house HATs which was very interesting indeed! Aerius had a group of rats celebrating guess what.. the rat year. It was quite funny.

Then headed to the hall to watch the performance there only to head out before the show started to go to the LT to watch Ailin perform her solo singing during CNY talentime.  Well… she did really well and I am proud of her for suddenly being so brave as to step out to sing alone to everyone in the LT! well-done ailin!! The singing of cny songs by non-chinese game was just purely mean and I felt that they should not have done it. Many thought it was funny so I just hope that the participants take the game with a pinch of salt. Our dearest two pe teachers did a marvelous job with the singing. Not bad! And the day ended with the celebration of Abigail’s birthday.



i feel that i’m at china and korea at the same time!


DSCF5117 Ailin performing on stage…



Val in her sari…


DSCF5124 Happy Advanced Birthday Abby! (:

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had oac traditional CNY dinner yesterday at this steamboat place at boon keng area.
the waiting for 48 got me all irritated and complain-y. imagine… 30 mins waiting for the bus and finding out that it only takes 25 mins for the actual journey there.
yeah. i was really annoyed. i m sorry if i railed at everyone about my little ‘ordeal’. haha.
found quite a few juniors actually there so that was a surprise. but of coz our batch made up the bulk of the people. plus seniors and super-seniors (from jessie’s batch).
now imagine that a few years down the road when we (current J2s) are out of njc and working or in the uni, and we come back for oac cny dinner. the oldest will be shuwei’s and grace’s batch! and they will tell their current batch of J2s that "hey… meet _________, she/he is from my batch, when i was IP2 she/he was J2." i wonder whether we will still have as much to talk about by then? i wonder whether we would have changed a lot by then (yes.. i am referring to Theresa who changed A LOT)? i wonder whether we will still be as close to them as we are now.
anyways, we went to eat and chat and cook. and surprisingly, unlike the last time we ate steamboat after kite-making at marinasouth, the guys beside our table can cook now. they even managed to fry sunny-side-ups. claire was impressed and i must say i m very impressed too. not bad. they have improved. it was fun and we managed to cook really good food and we got filled up pretty fast. (not quite worth the money we are paying huh?) but my things got really smelly and my camera was in danger of getting oily being passed around like that. (so the photos i will post up soon are not solely taken by me, contributions from shuwei, grace, wai kit and ben gan, terence, su-ann…) and all the cam-whoring by grace, shuwei, wongying, alvyn, wai kit, ben gan…i cant believe it. oac dinner was fun all the same.
i wonder how would things be like when the IP2s become IP4s?
hmm… it is only a few years down the road. we shall see then.

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