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from flipbooks to CGI-

Lets talk about animation.

(No… this is not about my PW again.)

Animation Nation is in its forth year this week and I just attended seminars by people in the industry yesterday!


Anyway… before the seminar in the afternoon, I went to help out in mural painting at some steel company which sells steel for construction companies to produce cranes, trucks, etc.. it was very fun! The seven of us (jianhao, sze, honghu, huijun, kaisheng, yilin and I) went down there to paint black outlines. We were instructed to paint just within the pencil lines, and so we did! We had no idea what we were painting, just concentrated on the black lines. It can be quite addictive. At the end of the session, we stood back and we finally realized what we were painting! It was a scene of trucks, cranes, bulldozers, etc. very interesting design. It’s funny how we could not see what we were painting when we just concentrated on the teeny picture, but as you see the big picture it was really good! It was all teamwork too as we took on different parts of the room and also specialized in doing different thickness of lines in line with the brush sizes we were holding on to. A good experience!


Now… back to the seminar on animation.

We attended three seminars in total at the national museum (which was very beautiful after its new makeover by the way.) we had to rush there of course. But it was definitely worth it.

The first seminar was by Nancy Beiman on character design. She is someone who has been in the industry for some 30 years and have worked on major projects like Hercules, treasure island, etc. And, she being a lecturer, she gave very good advice (which I appreciate but don’t really need seeing how I don’t exactly enjoy making animations. :P). like how we must always have the end in mind, which is very true… she also showed us her concept sketches on her characters (her style is the very cutesy kind of characters, like talking vegetables, sounds familiar?) which were frequently rejected but she still did manage to clinch a few characters on the Disney films. Her students’ works were equally amazing.

“Always turn a defect into an asset” – Nancy Beiman


The next seminar was by Auchara Kikanjanas and Kompin Kemgumnird (long thai names…) who worked on the award winning animation and thailand’s first ever animation in 15 years: Khan Kluay. I think the interesting thing about this animation was the fact that they manage to bring the old legend in Thai history to life. It’s like sharing their culture to us! I found it very good for a first attempt at a feature animation. The elephant was very cute too. And I absolutely loved their concept sketches of the story. Beautiful. Oh and Khan Kluay, the elephant has became pretty much a mickey mouse of Thailand! 😀


Lastly, we sat in for the seminar by Dreamworks veterans (this makes them sound very old… but they really are not.), Cameron Hood and Kyle Jefferson. Their presentation on their short “First Flight” (a story about a man ‘trapped in a box’ and finally breaks out of it after meeting a bird and teaching it to fly. The short was very touching yet was funny due to minor details: the cute bird, the man’s butt-crack, the pen ink leak…) was so inspiring especially due to their good chemistry and friendship. It was very fun to listen to them, how they teased each other (Kyle: “ I have never failed before, maybe Cam would want to elaborate on that?”), how they talked about stealing bushes, and their animated voices which came on every so often. Haha. They truly reminded me of Frank and Ollie. I think their eloquence come from their teaching experience? So funny. They answered many questions too (“we took a 24 hour flight to get here so… QUESTIONS?) which were very helpful I guess. The 5 shapes of animation, using the right key-frames, and the 3 keys to a good animation.  Great animators, I cant wait for their first feature on supervillians (cough* incredibles *coughs.) coming out in 2010. 😀


“For every failure there’s a success, for every bad film there’s a good one. For every wrong answer, there’s a right answer.” – Cam and Kyle


I think going back to PW, I have indeed learnt a lot about animation through the process, and this really helped me to appreciate animations and the seminar better!

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oac week-

last week was a whole 6 days of oac, mon and tues was leadership training camp (aka games, games and more games!!!), wed to fri was climbing, belaying and of course animal mania!)
6 long days, but it was great!!!
the people made it great (and of course as su yi would say… the lunches near st john’s headquarters too!).
LTC was nothing but games that were meant to teach different leadership skills. the first day was quite a waste with the rain at NCC campsite. I hated the balancing ‘see-saw’-like platform. whatever we did it just refused to balance! the next day was better with interesting games such as the playing of mousetraps… oh and our group came up with cool identities of spectacles!! cute and innovative. michele’s one was so much like a real pair! 😀 plus all the tossing of balls upwards and getting dirty, being blindfolded. all part of the fun yeah? those of us who went for lunch after that also celebrated kevin’s birthday (imagine: a baffled looking kevin clapping along to the song wondering who we were singing a birthday song too only to realise it was meant for him when jessie placed the tart with a candle in front of him.).
then first aid course with instructor mr eric lee got us all speaking a whole new language. it also made us more observant to the thin purplish ring around people’s lips ( I really hope nobody has this.. it means that you have a clogged up artery near your heart!) The practical lessons on CPR were also quite funny during the blowing of air into the dummies. wheeing sounds or fart-like sounds were produced ever so often which were usually followed by a roar of laughter. Of course, first aid is no laughing matter. Lunches around the area were also very interesting as there were so many places to go to for food. Su Yi said that there are not enough days to try all the food around the area. haha. it’s true, but i really wont be able to endure another day of first aid lessons.
Lastly, saturdaywas the rock-climbing course with mr woo chee yeong. interesting and fun!! those who went for the first aid course irritated the rest with our new language. e.g. the 18% first degree burn on kah ho’s legs. ouch. the lesson was mainly about belaying more than the climbing but i guess being able to climb was fun!
pictures would be posted up.

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i am so tired now… so much walking even with the help of buses.
somehow, the three of us always reach the same situation; we seem to always end up in the middle of two bus-stops, hence, not knowing which to walk to. sigh… but it was fun exploring some of the lesser known parts of places which many of us think we are familar with! 🙂
the weather was horrible though, first the rain (it is really more like a drizzle, making you wonder whether you should bother with the umbrella.).
and just when you think: at least with the rain it won’t be so hot… you are proven wrong. the weather remains as always, Humid.
sweat, sweat, sweat.

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I m totally awed by the papercrafts people can do!!! they are so so good.
Especially this papercraft project done of Howl’s Moving Castle.
let the images speak for themselves.
hmc4This is a concept sketch of Howl’s Moving Castle.
From the book "the Art of Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki"
it is absolutely lovely don’t you think?
hmc Next… the paper crafted Howl’s Moving Castle!!!
Compare this to the concept skech… it is almost a replica! except this is done in paper!!
Images taken from paperkraft.net/ paperkraft.blogspot.com
to make you ‘gasp!’ more…look at the details.
i am inspired to use paper!
The Japanese are seriously talented!
Here’s another Japanese lady to look out for…Makiko Azakami. She makes beautiful paper toys and has held about 35 solo exhibitions for her paper toys!

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Happy Halloween-

Hal·low·een [hal-uh-ween, -oh-een, hol-]
the evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints’ Day; Allhallows Eve: observed esp. by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks

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