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photos like these makes me want to fly to Berlin right-away just so i can buy all the pretty fabric i feast my eyes upon! 🙂

i can’t understand German but you can click around here

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yesterday consists of the euphoria of ONE MODULE DOWN! yes, i felt that last last friday when mastering communication final presentation was over and yesterday saw graphic design II coming to an end. woohoo! much as i am glad it is over, i am also a bit sad as this had been a wonderful class with wonderful dynamics.

i remember going for the first class. first day of the new semester. thinking to myself… ‘oh dear, i have none of my close friends with me this time round how will i survive this class?’ and you know that graphic design class is a studio means we have critique sessions every week so it is a bit hard not having any friends to ‘support’ your ideas, it is a bit nerve-wrecking. but yea, after the first lesson was over i was already feeling happy and comfortable knowing there were people i had previously ‘brushed past’, not close friends but everybody was very friendly even as they had their close friends together in the same class. and after 13 weeks later… well, i think i came out of class having made new friends and hearing new perspectives and well, it is just a nice warm fuzzy feeling of knowing new people.

yesterday’s session was especially fun as we presented our final project mock-ups for the second assignment. for the entire second assignment, this is first time we are presenting each of our projects so it was nice to see what everybody had to show. and we critiqued, questioned and add on things that could have been done better with our own individual experience from the project, nothing personal, just the genuine wish to help each other produce better designs. it was a good session and we got little inputs from Pat too regarding industry practices and standards. haha!

in short, i enjoyed the lesson and the semester (this is even as i whine about too much workload every weekend…) and the people! (not that anyone of the graphic design class friends will see this but…) Thanks for teaching me so much, everyone! 🙂

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a pet lion.

I was watching this on tv in the morning… the real life lion king! haha.

apparently it was LEGAL to purchase wild zoo animals in the 1960s. and these two guys bought the lion cub from Harrods! i am a bit shocked. but of course the lion grew too big to be kept in the furniture store basement in the middle of london city so they had to reintroduce the lion back to the wild and well, after 1 year, the two men went to Africa to visit their lion cub again… reunion!

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the golden age

this heineken commercial’s song is stuck in my head. it is so fun!

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This last week has been crazy. partly due to the fact i was sick partly because i had too much work, i do not know which came first.. boo. but at least it is all over now for a little breather before the next wave comes…

besides the news (which is currently laden with political debates. *ahem* general election *ahem* i kinda wish i could vote but well, turning 21 early this year did not include me into the voting public), this is the only entertainment i can squeeze into my schedule now.

American Idol.

something is wrong with american idol this time round though, usually i can guess who will do well but my favourites are dropping out of the competition one by one! bye Thia, Bye Paul. 😦

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All that’s left of that bunch of grapes.


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rhyming games.

i remember reading an article about how many parents are turning to using ebooks on ipad to tell bedtime stories now versus those fiercely traditional parents who love physical picture books. i would have fought on the traditional picture books side for young children. i mean look at woods in the books! then, i chanced upon this ipad ebook application:

it is interactive!

by the guys from ustwo.

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April Fool’s!

how do you celebrate April Fool’s Day?

i remember my classmates and i playing april fools’ day jokes on our teachers during secondary school, minor jokes, so nothing that would get us into really serious trouble or anything. but as time goes by i thing we don’t really do such things a lot anymore, like life has gotten too serious that we even forget it is 1st April! so when the AAH presenter in our class yesterday did a subtle joke it really made me laugh! haha!

then there was Jiayin and Lynette who attempted to trick Yibo and I during lunch. it failed quite terribly as well, Jiayin can’t keep a straight face. she was acting rather out of character which led me to conclude that the sudden ‘disappearance’ of our drinks was another joke. but good attempt there. 🙂

and check out what came in my inbox today from threadlees! Eww, edible tees, somehow having your sweat as garnish just isn’t very appealing.

i guess i never really paid much attention to April Fool’s Day in a long time!


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