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Walking by Ryan Larkin

I was quite sure i shared this animation before since i was so enthralled by it last semester… but i can’t seem to find the post so here it is, (again?)


“Walking” by Ryan Larkin


we watched it again in animation history class yesterday and it seems that everytime i watch it, i seem to get something new out from it! i was studying it last semester for my stop-motion final on how he manages to capture various actions in the fluctuations in timing and i kept staring at mins 2.37 to 3.23 (that’s my favourite part.) yet i don’t know why i didn’t notice something before! his use of watercolour shapes to imply different nationalities, different ages, different social classes, all with silhouette shapes! amazing. and how he distinguishes the walk of a well-heeled lady to the bounce-in-the-step energy of youth to the confident stride of a businessman in suit. I am impressed.

like my lecturer said, sometimes, you just have to take a simple subject (in this case, the mundane activity of walking) and discover that there is so much in it.


Walking sequences is one of the basics which every animator has to go through to perfect and i thought it was so smart of him to compose his entire film on that, it is like a typical animator’s journey!┬áThis may well be one of my favourite experimental (because it doesn’t really have a plot) animations! the music goes so well too.

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The dot and the line.

the romance between a dot and a line, the two basic graphic elements in every design!

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Future shock.

Looking for this book for my book art project. it is interesting how it is outdated yet still relevant at the same time!

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