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It took some time to decide how to announce this, or whether to announce it at all.
The short version: we are taking a production break for a few months.
But if you want the long-winded story…
We have been contemplating about this break for a while now, mostly because Momshoo has been around for 10 years (!!!). So it seemed like a good time for a proper break. It has been frightening (still is actually!) thinking of what this would mean to my already unstable income and whether taking this break would mean I would lose followers and customers.

Some questions you might be wondering (or at least thoughts that ran through my mind…)
– What does a production break mean? Does it mean we won’t be making Momshoo products? Yes, I think so.
– Forever? I don’t know.
– When would this production break end? I don’t know about that either!
– Would you stop making? Nope, not possible, crafting is what I enjoy doing so it is something I will continue, though maybe in a different form.
– How about workshops, will that stop? No, we enjoy sharing our craft through these sessions. In fact we will possibly plan even more, and I hope you will continue to join us for those! 🙂

What a crazy ride these 10 years have been,
thank you for supporting our little handmade brand!
We are going to celebrate it by taking a pause.
Hope you will continue to see you on our return~

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