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Cats, the musical

went to watch "Cats" yesterday at the Esplanade.

It wasn’t like the usual musicals i was used to watching as this one’s focus was more on the amazing dance routines and sequences than the plot or storyline. Still, it was quite enjoyable and i realised this was one of the few musicals where viewing the production from further away had better impact than being close-up. This is due to the dance choreography which is key in Cats! The cast really moved and behaved so much like cats and there was more audience interaction too as the cats appeared right next to the audience. The cast even worked the intermission by roaming around the audience, meowing and rubbing themselves against the people! so, so much like real cats. the make-up was also quite elaborate.

I think i definitely won’t name Cats as my favourite musical but it is still a good production with song and dance. i still prefer musicals with a plot. Cats is the kind of show which need not be watched so closely as it recounts the story one by one of the different cats. If you miss one routine, you won’t be lost as it doesn’t flow in a story. some ‘cats’ to watch out for:Macavity, Gus (the theatre cat), Skimbleshanks (the railway cat, watch for amazing appearance of a train!), Mr. Mistoffelees (the magician with the never-ending spin…), Grizabella (singing ‘Memory’) and my favourite: Rum Tum Tugger! He is the very showy cat with the rock-star swagger, the joker really and is very entertaining to watch! 🙂

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spam email

This is scary and disturbing.
It has come to my attention that a spam email was being sent out to everyone in my address book under my name and email. the spam email which i supposely sent was even in my sent-box! omg. someone out there is using my email to send out these messages. i will delete all my contacts in my address book soon so that hopefully, it will not happen again.
Meanwhile, if anyone receives an email "Secure Shopping!" by me… it is not me so please do not open it, thank you.
will get yahoo to check on it.

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Went for another art in transit mock tour yesterday. i think what i love most about this programme is the opportunity to meet really different people. somehow it doesn’t matter whether you have a profession in art or not, Art is still something that everyone can appreciate! really!

i meet people from all different backgrounds, some with "Dr." to their names, rich housewives (haha.), working adults, studying students… i even met my senior once (only i didn’t know who he was at that time so it was quite embarrassing. :P)! and it is funny how people of all backgrounds and ages can connect with art. i like that power about art. 🙂


Watched "Les Choristes" or The Choir Boys yesterday on tv. it was a really good film! except it is in French so i couldn’t be sewing a watching at the same time. but then again, maybe that is part of what made the movie so interesting. set in early 20th century France, it tells a story of a failed musician becoming a supervisor (or mentor) at a delinquent boys school. the boys in this school are very rebellious yet the supervisor manages to keep their discipline up simply by getting them to sing. the stories of each boy is actually quite sad but there is a nice ending! beautiful show and beautifully shot.


on a sidenote, Slumdog Millionaire (Previously Named "Q and A") is a really good read. it tells of the story of a boy, Ram Mohammad Thomas and his life in India. The poignant tales of his childhood in the church, to his life moving from job to job as a servant, a waiter/bartender, a tour guide, getting into orphanages, moving from city to city… each tale tells of how he got the answers to each question. very intriguing indeed. And after reading the book, the movie will not seemed to have told his story sufficiently, be warned. lol!

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the 2nd lesson.

it was my second driving lesson and i am out on the public road already! O__o *stares*
was worrying at first but got a little over that fear, but my instructor says i am still very tense. how not to be?
i realised that driving really requires you to do many things all at once. multi-tasking. i thought i was good at that but apparently not… haha. still, it got better and it got fun.
and drving at night? Lots and lots of lights. (ironic, despite the dark sky!)
my instructor today was the kind who do not tell you much just directions and signaling and such. unlike yesterday’s lesson where the instructor reached over for the wheel many times, this instructor today didn’t. i think it is better though, i seem to learn faster since i am forced to instead of being all reliant.
kudos to my friends learning to drive a manual car. I think it requires so much more concentration.

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I came across so many talented ‘artists’ in Sydney,
Here’s a photographer named Sandy Nicholson who came up wtih the interesting theme of "2nd Place"
the photos can be viewed here: http://www.sandynicholson.com/2nd_book.php
very interesting.
then there is Maria Kontis’ works which have that old photographic quality except it is in Pastels. O_o
here works can be viewed here: http://www.gitteweisegallery.com/kontis/
Dorota Mytych does amazing images out of tiny tiny figures. stare hard.
Peter Grziwotz’s "Shelf Life #3" was an eye-opener and i think also alluded to the concept of reproduction.

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busy bee.

i finally got all my 200+ photos caption-ed yesterday.
next, i will be uploading my journal entries for the trip on my sketch blog so look out for that. 🙂
meanwhile, i feel that i am back to the factory production feeling again. it is fun most of the times, it get a little irritating and frustrating when i am tired out and i get that total sense of satisfaction when i completed something. 🙂 haha. more online orders coming in which is a little surprising. everytime i open my mail box i hope that there’s more orders then when i actually get orders, i get excited then worried that i would be able to make the deadlines. haha. fickle isn’t it.
anyway, went for my first driving lesson today. went like at snail speed so nothing could really go wrong anyway. plus the instructor pointed out to me that he had a brake pedal on his side of the car too so he can easily brake for me if anything *touchwood* goes wrong. so went forward, backward and then tried doing rounds on the circuit. everytime i turn, i go out of lane so that isn’t very good. but i guess this is only the first lesson so i will get better? hopefully. 🙂
oh, and i am preparing for another MAAD weekend for next week.
Details are below. i will be selling felt chocolates for mother’s day so if anyone wants to give your mum No-Fat chocolates, do drop by and support me. other then the chocolates, i will still have new badges and plush toys for sale. 🙂
What? MAAD
Where? Red Dot Design Museum along Maxwell Road
When? 2nd and 3rd of May, 11am till 7pm
Nearest MRT? Tanjong Pagar
hope to see you there!

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Wake up call

They were talking non-stop about this amazing lady in Australia. She is an amazing singer and the change in attitude of everyone in the crowd after hearing her was priceless. worth the watch.

now everyone is debating on whether she should get a make-over. i say no, becasue that is what makes her different from all the rest of the great musical singers.

Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 – Saturday 11th April

i feel like listening to Les Miserables now.

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Well… i m back.
lets see what happened in the last week. on sunday, my flight got re-timed and delayed for close to 3 hours. And upon reaching on monday, i got caught in a very heavy rain. monday night i couldn’t sleep as i started running a fever. half of tuesday was spent in the hotel reading slumdog millionaire (which is a really good read btw.), sleeping, watching tv and popping panadols and strepsils. the next few nights had quite sleepness night as i coughed through the night. terrible really.
But still, despite all that, i did have fun in Sydney. The first few days just got me thinking how boring the city was as it seemed to be so much of a london-carbon copy in some ways. but the Blue Mountains, The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Opera House, Oxford Street and the Beach at Manly changed my preception a bit. plus i could spend the whole night watching television show after television show. "Rove" was really good and they screened movies like "Jersey Girl", "Serving Sara" and "Big" every other day. And they have Japanese food at every corner. seriously. the sushi rolls are really worth-it and different from what we get here. Plus, everyone there is in casual wear! haha! shorts, berms, slippers is like the norm, not tight business suits. haha. loved that.
And coming back to Humidity… i really missed the no-sweat down-under. sigh.
will upload photos soon! 🙂

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first time ever. my flight is delayed so i am here with lots of time to kill. heh.
they are giving free food since we are late with the flight. We have half the mind to eat even more despite being very full because it is complementary…
need to walk more in Sydney then!
It was quite interesting since we just happened to look up when the screen flasked ‘Re-timed’…
(i now feel like Tom Hanks in the movie "the Terminal". i m living in the airport! )
i have about 2 hours more…

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vacation mode.

I will be going to Sydney for a week! 🙂 excited, excited.
maybe i will find more supplies and definitely more inspiration. but most of all i will be taking a nice break before coming back to the ‘production line’ of badges and chocolates and plush toys and earrings. (can you see i am expanding my product range? ahaha) i can’t wait for all the arty stuff there and being able to start a brand new travel journal plus all the collection of wierd and funny stuff from Sydney. heh heh.

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