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no more literature! last exam paper yesterday and it felt great!

this course let me read texts that i would otherwise no read. while i can’t say i enjoyed all of them but it was an experience. and i got exposed to a lot of stand up comedy due to our lecturer’s fondness of such acts. Out of every text, i really enjoyed Watchmen, a teeny bit draggy at the middle but the ending was really good and satisfying. plus it is a graphic novel, that should get people interested!

after the exam we went to adm to view the vis comm year 2 exhibition (and get free food from the buffet). book-binding. i think that book-binding is taught in vis comm? i dunno, but it looks like something i want to do and learn. 🙂

on the train back lydia and i began talking about the first day of school in adm. how we were all sitting on that white, square platform in Qing’s drawing class and who we remembered from the first lesson… it has been so fast, this sem! and already we are so attached to our foundation class, the thought that we may split up in sem 2 is just sad. but, i dun think it is going to happen, nic says it was a administrative mistake. great! 😀

our last presentation for the sem on monday for 2D.

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here’s a cool exhibition coming up soon! OH!OpenHouse :))

it combines Shophouses with visual art, now isn’t that exciting? maybe because i am always intrigued by old shophouses in Singapore, and the fact that the exhibition opens up shophouses to visitors makes it so interesting! imagine walking into people’s houses and discovering art within it… The concept is created by the same people who brought to us ‘Blackout’, the exhibition entirely in the dark at Q-square a few months back. plus the artists sound interesting too, they have art collectives Vertical Submarine, :Phunk studio and artists like Delia and Milenko Prvacki, Rebecca Lim, Kosuke Misawa and Lynn Lu (doesn’t she teach at ADM?)…

(it is a fun thing to do while catching up… on dec 4, dec 5 anyone interested to go? :D)

find out more here: http://www.ohopenhouse.com/

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i went out today!

went with a few of my classmates to see Karen’s exhibition ‘Tactile Textiles’ today at tai seng street in this high-end furniture store. agh! Tai Seng area is so so hot! with no trees whatsoever just lots of open space and a few scattered big buildings/warehouses. hmmpf. got back feeling very hot!

anyway, interesting exhibition with the unusual use of heat setting via iron, streaming and other methods to give textiles a 3-dimensional form that holds! haha! never knew you could do that! plus we had fun ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the funky (but very expensive) furniture there. 😀

and then ridwan called to say that our class and timetable allocation for next sem is out! oh dear. oh dear. and apparently not everyone stays in the same foundation class, what is happening? it made me think of NJ after first three months all over again! sigh. but yes, i managed to check studentlink and i am still in G4, so i hope everyone else is to and this is just a false alarm! the timetable is quite terrible though, how can a lesson end at 1.30pm and the next start at 1.30pm too especially when one is in ADM and the other is at South Spine!! how are we ever going to get there in time? and this is considering the fact that this sem, we had a period of 30mins to do that and we are always late! i wonder who planned the timetable. i hope someone realises this and the timetable is changed again.

anyway. back to waiting for godot!

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incoherent sentences today at WAH examination due to lack of time. that never happened at art history before. it was reminiscent of my literature, social studies and history papers in secondary school. hmmpf!
oh well. at least it is over, 2 more!
someone needs to give me a crash course on how to tackle literature.

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3 to the end.

i realised that my blog post on wed did not get through even though i did type out an entry. oh well.

3 modules down. 3 more to go. and after that, i want to meet up with so many people who i haven’t seen since i entered ADM. it is scary that i haven’t seen my friends in so long. and after the semester, a few of us from G4 want to go exhibition-hopping plus learn book-binding. and there is MAAD in Dec which is supposed to be the best month to sell there. After the semester.

now it is back to WAH.

oh, i am making these badges for christmas. 🙂 guardian angels! (this is what i do besides studying! :P)

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Life Is Wonderful

love this song by jason mraz! 🙂

YouTube – Jason Mraz -Life Is Wonderful

"It takes some silence to make sound

And it takes a lost before you found it

And it takes a road to go nowhere

It takes a toll to show you care

It takes a hole to see a mountain"

(life is wonderful. and this music video is arty farty! heh.)

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i will do a proper post later. just wanted to share this:


from our 3D assignment, i think three groups are missing from this group photo but it is still fun… and funny! hahaha! so that you know the strange assignments we ADM students are doing.

(thanks to Jeremy for the photo! :))

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went to jurong point for dinner with some of my classmates yesterday to kinda ‘celebrate’ the end of 3D as well as to just relax and not think of work. looking at the state of everyone, seems like no one has any more brain juice to think of work anyway. liyana couldn’t even walk straight, and together with steve and faizah, they had body aches. yibo has a sore throat… this is not a good sign! everyone is falling sick!! oh dear. exams is in less than a week, stay healthy people!

oh, i rarely blog about this… but hey hey, i am so happy to have received Etsy sales after a long ‘drought’! one on sunday and one this morning. isn’t that amazing?happy!

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we just finished our presentation of the bodycovering for 3D lesson. I am so very very happy it is over yet a bit empty at the same time. maybe because we had been working so hard at it for the past 1 and a half week relentlessly that for it to suddenly end just like that feels strange. like how yew chen is possibly feeling now that her IB exams are over. (so happy and proud of you! 🙂 go enjoy your break!). and it did not end as i hoped it would with everyone happy, instead it ended with everyone looking terribly tired. where is your energy people? i almost feel out of place for feeling so overjoyed!

anyway… i spent last night in S3.1 finishing up the dress with jerome together with the other groups, emily, jiayin, ling miin.. nic and michelle.. liyana, faizah, ridwan and steve… just sat there and bind and cut and sew. it is always hilarious to teach guys how to sew. we ended very late and got a ride from ling miin’s father to my hall. thank you! and so i woke up late this morning and went to ADM knowing that everything is done and completed. only to find that jerome did not come at 12 like we said we will meet. so i went to get the dress from S3.1. i was getting all panicky as he did not answer my calls. well. he called eventually and told me why he is late.. and i am so sorry about what happened. so there i was feeling very guilty to have thought that he got drunk and hence did not wake up.

he really looked so depressed, and probably did not get a wink of sleep last night. Cheer up! i am sure everything would be ok!

so i wore the dress and felt all prickly… and it was over in a flash. the thatch dress. i know everyone is dying to see how it looks like so once the photo is up, i will post it up! :)) everyone else looked awesome in their bodycoverings, that it prompted Peter to say "I am quite.. impressed" and this is Peter, it is hard to get him to say things like that so we were happy! :))

update: as promised…

yes, that is the dress made of magic twist tie. i could never look at a magic twist tie the same way again! hahaha! oh and that is jerome, my buddy in this project. it is over! (special thanks to Jeremy for the photo! :))

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Imagine and Dream

i just saw how a letterpress machine looks like on saturday at MAAD. it is really interesting. anyway, i tried it and the message that came out was really nice! "Imagine and Dream", speaks volume about the creative life and how we should live our life. 🙂

(long msn convo with ailin. she is doing well in fass! i love long ‘chats’ like that. i would love it better if it were face-to-face. i DREAM of a Meet-up!)

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