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school and work and weekends are all meshed into one long, never-ending day. what do you do for in-between breaks? YOUTUBE!

sometimes i watch music videos and i wish i was majoring in animation instead (Gasp!). it is a major which i never ever consider because well, the memories of cinema4d was quite too much for me to take. but recently there are these pretty music videos with animation and it is so refreshing to watch compared to just a singer singing.


Take a break too?

(“Heart Skips a Beat” by Lenka)

(“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars)

(“maybe” by Ingrid Michaelson)

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Stress. Stress. Stress!! too much work. where did my weekend fly to?

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Silly Love Songs

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! πŸ™‚

no, i never celebrate Valentine’s Day but ever since i started Momshoo, i realised it is a great money-making scheme! hahaha. no, i am not kidding.Β I started selling at MAAD in Feb 2009 and i was just there to try out really, first time, very nervous about the reaction, expecting to make a loss (i mean when you are just a tiny business like momshoo, $80 rent for the weekend is a large percentage, you know!)… and i didn’t think that valentine’s day is a great time to sell. in fact, most sellers would plan in advance just to come down on the major months, namely Dec for christmas and Feb for Valentines.

but no, i just wanted to try out and it just so happen that i started in Feb. So i did not make my goods themed to valentines day with the exception of these heart motif badges which i sold for $2 each (very cheap and not really worth the labour…) And so on the first day, i was shocked. really shocked to see my box of like 10 hearts get wipe out just like that! the rest of the day, i was actually worried that all my goods especially the hearts would get sold out and i won’t have anything to sell the following day. (a no-show fee applies at MAAD so i was worried for my pocket too.) my mum and i went back that night and furiously sewed heart badges because we needed more to fill the box for the next day’s sales. guess what? my auntie and her family came to visit the next morning and bought 80% of the newly made heart badges. *cold sweat*

so that’s my valentine’s day story, what’s yours?

and here’s a video from glee. the song is “silly love songs”. it is cute, and true. i mean there are really so many love songs in the market but do people ever get sick of them? NO~… look at the now-very-popular singer, Bruno Mars. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Valentine’s day!

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All Geared up!

Last school break i was sitting in the dentist waiting room waiting my turn when i was hit by sudden inspiration.

I had been wanting to make some designed hairbands for Momshoo for some time now but i just kept putting it off as i wanted to make something interesting and not at all random like my poofy badges. (i wanted to make a series of sorts, a bit like my egg people luggage tags you know? it is in some part due to my laziness too as i do not want to be constantly thinking up new hairband designs. so anyways, that is not the point.)

so as i was saying, i was in the dentist waiting room and i was flipping through those glossy fashion magazines which i will never fork out money for and i came across a watch advertisement. *Bink!* yup, i don’t remember the watch brand but i suddenly wanted to do a series of hairbands with gear-motifs.

that’s one of the hairbands. I made 5 only and they are now being sold at 16A Haji Lane where ‘Friends’ is.

i was very happy with the results btw, with the bright coloured felt sitting all pretty on the hairband, they may not much look like gears anymore but that’s where the inspiration came from, just so you know. haha! Β i think the gears-idea might have been in my subconcious all along too (think Mika’s ‘Life in Cartoon Motion’)…

meanwhile, i just found a really intricate 3D typographic piece:

(so i am not the only one inspired by gears huh?!)Β It is part of the Ampersand Project and this in design in particular was done byΒ Laura Berglund & Josh Lambert. πŸ™‚

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Ahh~ so how was your Chinese New Year break? mine was quite a great rest! (as though i have started school that early! haha!) but yes, i enjoyed my Chinese New Year very much really! it is good excuse to dress up (better than normal school days) and wear new clothes and eat fried calorie-filled food (but oh-so-good!) and well, laze around and be a bum. or pretend to be doing other productive stuff (not school work.) like cleaning the house, etc. etc. great times!

Plus this Chinese New Year, like all other CNYs in the past, we went to watch a movie. we hardly spend on movies (both in money terms and in minutes terms… it just feels like half a day is gone with you sitting in the cinema!) so this was quite a treat! This year’s CNY, feel-good, no-need-to-think movie was “It’s a Great Great World” and you know what? it’s a great movie! I love the whole nostalgic feel about it and the stories though simple were just long enough to keep us interested and not yawning and just short enough to have a good enough plot. not bad! Many people i know liked the last story best but i can’t really decide. i thought the first one was hilarious! anyways, i heard from my friends that the shows are quite sold-out so this is one successful movie for Kelvin Tong. Nevermind it is set in the past era, even the younger generation are flocking to catch it! πŸ™‚

(picture spam! story 1)

(story 2: the 60s’ date)

(story 3: the Flamingo Nite Club)

(story 4: dialects galore in the Chinese Restaurant)

Besides the movie, we did go visiting and had our annual reunion dinner and lunch where i ate too much. everyone seems to be eating less nowadays so i guess i was just trying to finish up the food on the plates. πŸ˜›

Also, claire, ailin and carolyn came over to visit! first time they were in my new home so it was nice. i can’t believe they found my study room neat! maybe it is just the start of the sem, my notes haven’t staked their places on the corner of my table yet. hahaha! claire was reading out our horoscopes for the day and my went something like: “your friends and family are pestering you for time which you can’t afford…” and i was there thinking to myself, this might be it. But, it was great fun anyways, we just sat in the living room munching on the little new year goodies we bought and talking and watching tv. i was supposed to be doing my homework for today’s presentation but i didn’t, it was nice to be distracted and relaxed.


(it was also fun to point out all the different singapore actors in storylines and cameos, and i am always a fan of Chew Chor Meng especially in the shows back in time, like Wok of Life or Springs of Life.)



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A Happy Man

watched this show on okto on sunday but it was just such a feel-good movie i couldn’t not blog about it!

“A Happy Man” is the English title as it narrates the story of a man who cherishes the value of happiness and intends to teach this value to his uptight daughter by migrating to a small (and really cold) town in Canada. The task is complicated by the locals of the town (especially the mayor) who makes adjusting to life in the cold winter months even more difficult.

here’s the main character… a physicist, a philosopher and a happy man. πŸ™‚

and his daughter. ever paranoid and look how guarded she is from the way she is dressed up!


and this (meeting with the mayor) is the start of war.


unfortunately i could not get a clip with english subtitles:

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