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things you don’t realise till they are gone…

I usually buy my CDs (when i do buy CDs ) from CD Rama which is often paired with getting stationery supplies at Popular bookstore. anyhow, that’s not the point. point is, i was looking for lady antebellum’s new CD but they have yet to bring it in! and so we decided to try another CD shop. that’s when i realised, guess what? since the last time i bought a CD from another shop, CD shops have been closing down; the local CD chainstore Sembawang is now long gone, That CD shop isn’t doing too well, Music Junction has reduced locations, HMV is in the process of moving storefronts and don’t even get me started on the Borders at wheelock story. … it is the death of the CD format. Do you remember the time when CD shops were the most hip place to be hanging around when you were waiting for a friend (who will be naturally late. naturally.) now, the few surviving CD shops are the ones who are selling other things, most commonly: DVDs, which mark my words would soon be endangered too the minute internet TV works out. somehow, the satisfaction of getting a new CD and putting it in the player for the first time cannot be replaced by the downloading of mp3s into your computer, it loses that physically which illicits more emotional happiness in a way. it is the same argument that book lovers have against the e-books innovation.

here’s another example of only realising something when it is gone.


Some time back i listed my amigurumi sheep rings on Etsy. it got many many ‘hearts’ (these are like ‘bookmarks’ on your internet where you can go back to view it, a ‘watchlist’) and was featured in the most number of treasuries i ever got on an item. but it was never sold. till last week when a brave person finally bought it! i was overjoyed! but what was funny is the next few days after that where i began getting private messages to custom make more of those sheep rings in the tone of “I know it is too much trouble but….” . desperation. i am very amused. it is like everyone was watching silently to see who moves first and the minute it was sold, everyone thought “damn! i should have bought it earlier, now it is sold!”

funny how we don’t realise something is gone till it is too late.

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will we get immune?

on television, in the papers, in magazines…

even the comic strips are about the twin tower attack on Sep 11 2001.

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that isn’t me!

Have you ever wondered why we can stand in front of the mirror and look at our reflection but we get a bit uneasy looking at ourselves recorded on tape?  A friend noted recently that: no one can stand looking at ourselves acting on camera.

(it is kind of like how we cannot stand listening to our own voice recorded. I know i sound very different in my head so while the inflections and the way we drag certain words are there in the recording, the tone just sounds off and of course disembodied.)


just a thought resulting from looking at video art for an upcoming presentation.

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