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The Fictive Fingers studio opened its doors today. an independent textile print studio that uses traditional print-making techniques of silkscreen and block-printing. in Singapore. Wow!


So I was excited to get to visit and to finally meet the two sisters behind the brand. Yet when I was there and with them, I felt a bit awkward, I didn’t quite know what to say. I had to stop myself a few times before I blurt out things like “You are so brave to start your own shop like this!” because that is something that many have been saying to me and I am sure they get that a lot too. It is like when you are an insider in the local craft scene business, there is a lot of general things we share in common and know about so there isn’t a need to verbalise it for the sake of finding a common topic to talk about. (Funny that we found more to talk about in the techniques and the materials and supplies! ha!)


I guess all I wanted to say is ‘thank you for doing what you do’.

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