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art club JTS

had JTS (junior treat senior) yesterday for art club at jonas’ home.
firstly, it was in the middle of little India which was quite interesting but really messy with the road works,etc. was afraid to cross the really busy road when we saw an old lady hobbling across. if she could do it so can we! haha. it was quite funny.
managed to really talk to my friends and see what they were up to so far (looking for jobs, beefing up portfolios, shopping for grad party….) and ms chan came too! 🙂
had the luxury (for the first time) of just sitting there and waiting to be served by our juniors (bbq). it was a nice change. haha!!
once again the seniors outnumbered the juniors like last year’s JTS when we got outnumbered by our seniors.
and with the ben and jerry ice-cream, it just reminded me more of last year and how we stuffed our seniors with the same ice-cream sweetened with lots of chocolate syrup!
how time flies.

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Visted the new Singapore Art museum space at the old Catholic High School today. I loved how they converted the school compound.


Anyway, we went to see the Japan Media Arts exhibition which was really good!

We were met with a work which mimics movement of water. The technology was so simple yet the works was intriguing. So was the drawing of doodles using light-emitting devices!



tracks of blue © SUZUKI Taro


At zone 2, got in touch with the interactive works. The 3-D technology of a Vermeer, the drum-tapping-mimicking device, the miscommunication when playing games, Nintendo Wii (I play better tennis on computer. haha.), and the out of body experience from on-top. Cool.


Lastly, I loved the animation screening room! They were screening Japanese animated shorts which were the kinds which you do not get to see in Singapore usually. Jane and I sat there for the longest time enjoying them film by film. The many variety of animated pieces was amazing. From 2-D drawings to 3-D clips, from dialogued-shows to music accompanied pieces. I think they were all unique in one way or another!


I especially liked ‘Block Man’ about continuity, breaking apart and it is just amazing how they transform simple white blocks into amazing visuals! The music complements the film very well, it felt like you were taken to another world. A very meditative piece.



Youhei Murakoshi’s Blockman


And I laughed so hard at ‘Boneheads’ which was really slapstick. The funny thing is if the film was acted out it would probably be the ‘dumb and dumber’ kinda show which I really cannot stand. But in animation… wow. Amazing ridiculous yet funny. And all over a banana (you have to watch the clip to understand what I am talking about.)! haha.



Hiroshi Chida’s Boneheads



Toshiaki Hanzaki’s Birthday (a hilarious take on evolution)


Lastly, the last short we watched ‘Clockwork City’ was so incredibly well done. And I was able to understand the show even without understanding Japanese (there wasn’t much dialogue anyway) so it was great how a narrative could be told without the use of words. But while it was beautiful, it was also very sad. Towards the end, the show offered you a perfect solution to the clockwork city only to take that away from the viewer in a minute. It wouldn’t have been so sad if the viewer wasn’t presented with such a great solution the problem in the first place. Ah well… it was a great short, probably my favourite out of the 10 we watched.



Ryu Kato’s The Clockwork City


Yes… we sat there and just watched unlike all the other museum go-ers who couldn’t afford the time to watch. We weren’t rushing anywhere so it is ok. I only wished I stayed there longer to finish the rest (we only completed 1/3 of the films…) but it was too cold. And it was nice to end on a good note. (:


I think the animations were fantastic and it was like watching it at ‘animation nation’. Plus, (excuse my being a kiasu Singaporean) we did not have to pay for the screening or the rest of the exhibition since both NJC and ACJC are members of the National Heritage Board scheme. If it is one thing I miss about being a student, it is probably free entries into Singapore museums. That and the cheaper bus fares.


We visited the fabric dolls exhibition at Basheers after that.

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mouth of white.

well… something made me happier yesterday than the end of alevels (can you believe it?)
i think Dr Loh felt so happy too. haha.
and he was right about having to feel strange and like ‘i have lost all my teeth.’! but funniest of all, i feel as though my teeth are so white now!
(they are not actually white but it is just that i havent seen so much ‘teeth’ in the mirror in a long time!)
went shopping around with my parents after that only to bump into Abby, wen rui and suat in the same day! and notice it is always them seeing me first, i would just stare in the direction of the voice and try to place faces before going "Heys, Hi!". i see everyone is out shopping after the A’s. 🙂

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week 4-end

hoho. it is over. alevels is done! 🙂
haha. i really didn’t feel as happy as i thought i would be though as i think i was so much more happier after bio paper 1.
maybe i have already been relaxing so much since then?
or h3 art was such an enjoyable paper that it did not seem much like an exam.
anyway, there was a funny incident before the paper. made me and the aepians laugh/ snigger quite a bit. lol!
Mr lee came in after the paper and said his ‘goodbye’ piece which consisted as usual of "Aiyah *tries hard to put what he wants to say in words but fails. *"… quite an expected way for his goodbye i guess. i would really miss the three art teachers and MR LEE! haha. a really unconventional teacher but it is ok Mr Lee, we survived and i dun think you had made our art lessons so unbearable that we are scared of art. quite the opposite actually. :))
and after the paper, went shopping. like really a whole lot of it (for my upcoming trip.). relaxing.
I would like to thank everyone who have given me so much encouragement and support during this period. Thank You!

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David Cook-Lie

 I love this new song by David Cook.

i think the bad thing about his album is that you can’t actually see him perform bcause he is a great performer and a star.

YouTube – David Cook- Walmart Soundcheck- Lie

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think art thoughts.

i have been feeling so relaxed until i read ms lu’s email.
then, i felt that stress-anxiety bug creep right up again.
3 more days.

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week 3

uh huh! yes. i am finally seeing the end!
this week has been a LOT of studying with the two bio papers and H2 art SOVA. oh my.
by the end of sova yesterday, i had a great sense of relief but… (there’s always a but isn’t there?) i was really tired.
still, i am glad i manage to get through this morning’s paper. and suddenly i feel all excited and relieved again!
i must comment on how the end of the paper (and a’levels) was recieved though… A sudden wave of screams, shouts, cries of joy as the chief invigilator said "and now you may leave…" oh my… it is like all that contained, choked-up stress is suddenly released. it was amazing. i felt so happy and excited too, despite knowing it wasn”t the end of A’levels for me. Maybe it is just that i haven’t seen such genuine happiness for so long now. JOY!
next week it will end.
PS: it occurred to me that i wouldn’t be seeing my classmates for a really long time (if there is no class gatherings/i miss it, the next time i will be meeting them is when we get back the results!)

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i have been drawing this from a photograph by Joyce Fang (a photojournalist for the Straits Times) in Monday’s papers.
from coloured to black and white.

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heh. biology paper 3 just over. three more…

read in the life! section today that tiong bahru is going to have their bird-singing competition once again.
i wonder whether the interest would spread to having people hoist up their birds in the ‘flag-pole’-like stands in HDB estates.

anyway, something to look forward to:

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urban sketchers.

i just wanted to share this website i found.
it allows you to travel around the globe (at the comforts of your home…) through these internatonal ‘artists’ who sketch their urban lifestyles.
it is quite amazing and i am still hoping to be able to just sit in the middle of a street and draw.
i will have to first get over the self-concious bit.

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