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outing! outing!

Just came back from the Bright Vision Hospital outing to Singapore Flyer.

I think i have learnt a lot. For one, it is sadly really a lot of hassle to bring patients out on wheelchairs. getting them on the buses and transfer from wheelchairs to the bus seats can take a lot of time! and i learnt how to handle a wheelchair better. it is really like driving a car, you have to be careful not to scrap the sides. eating is also not as simple and i feel so lucky to be still able to use both my hands to eat.

Still, I hope they enjoyed their trip out! 😀

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NYGG alumni gathering

Friday’s NYGG alumni gathering was so amazing!

Memories, conversations, happenings from yesterday keep floating back in drips and drabs so I shall blog in drips and drabs too! 😛

One: walked in NYGH with suatlay who I met at the bus-stop. We were the earliest and my batch is really known for being late. This trait got more notorious ever since!

Two: meeting with the rest of nygg reminded me how this cca has really turned into some mini community. Only, not so mini. I forgot that we know seniors up till 3 years our senior and juniors up to 3 years or junior! The batch who organized last night’s reunion was the 2009 graduating batch AKA the sec 1s when we were sec 4. Kudos to them! In the midst of all the happiness, we tried hard to reach back to that memory store of names, who was in our patrols, who were the Pls or the Cls, etc! I am glad my memory still serves me well even though at some points I needed more time to recall.

Three: of course Ms Ng was there too. What a surprise!

Four: discussing all that uni-life to our curious, anxious batch of immediate juniors. Questions of how is orientation camps like, how stressful it is, whether it is easy. It is not easy. But it is fun.

Five: and guess what? Our batch was the biggest turn out! (besides the organizing batch of course.) this is the wonders of facebook and our PR-proficient + events organizer, Regina. 😀 you know we may all look a little different now but nothing has changed. We still want to spend time talking talking talking talking. We still would go for ice cream at island creamery. And we still over-order. And despite trying to plan something fancy like exercise for our next meet-up… we still wind up thinking… maybe we should just go and eat lar! Gluttons never fail to be gluttons.

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Today, I managed to catch the Pixar exhibition at Science centre before it says bye bye to singapore!

not bad, not bad. i think i just like looking at other people’s sketches, especially when they are this nice! 😀 I noticed the later animations’ sketches were done in digital painting mostly and while they look really good, i really prefer the old traditional sketches done in pencil, pen, markers, pastels, collage, acrylics so much more! it is something about the immediacy of those traditional sketches and how many of them done on paper cut off at odd corners and pasted on a newer paper for archiving, over-flowing to the rest of the paper, a little crinkled due to all that handling… it is the fact that the sketches looks handled that makes it so real and genuine. maybe it is just me. but these people have skill! amazing amazing, i could stare at the little resin model of Remy and his spoon all day or Edna Mode and her big-shot designer pose or any sketch/storyboard from "for the birds"… well. it was nice.

and now it looks like i might have to go pick digital painting as one of my modules as traditional sketching is getting outdated. poo-yee!

my favourite character from the incredibles:

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and as NYS prepares for a superhero camp mission…

here’s a show about a supervillain which looks really good. 😀

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i have been busy. and to think i thought this week would be better. but busy is good. it means i am actually earning and the momshoo business is working out alright. 😀

plus i get to meet up with all the people i have been wanting to meet for a very long time. yes. Met rachel at orchard yesterday. i think we haven’t met up for a long chat every since primary school ended? or maybe i just forgot that we did. so we just talked and talked and talked. she is leaving for New Zealand soon for her business degree… strange that she has been in Singapore all these while and it is only when she is close to leaving that we should meet. it is the same with a lot of my other friends. somehow we find it too far to travel from one end of Singapore to the next.

and talking with her makes me feel all grown up cause we recall all the times we had in our childhood. that felt so long ago!

whatever it is, i wish you good luck in Kiwi-land!

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It was a wet, wet day yesterday. And while everyone thought it was crazy to go out in the rain, I was prancing about with my cousin in Universal Studios.

It took me getting wet, getting caught in a jam, being driven into a flooded road but eventually I made it! all because we booked the tickets already..

So there we were at a world made out of imaginations, placed out on the streets of New York and Hollywood with Frankenstein, the Joker, Marilyn Monroe, Po the kungfu panda, the giant Hersheys chocolate bar and Felicia Chin and taking many rides (even the kiddy ones…) and snapping away… but really, the lighting isn’t very good on a rainy day.

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i login to facebook today to a link posted on my wall…

and it made me grin and get all excited. here it is:


yes! cat socrates is now selling our book covers and they actually posted a blog post on it! EXCITING>>

what can i say, i have friends who love cat socrates! oh and Thank You Nic! 😀

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inspire me now!

i am always inspired when i look at the inspiration log of Szymon Błaszczyk. not that it is updated very often…

but every time there are new postings… i know they will always be great!

so mark this page. http://szymon.tumblr.com/

(i was introduced to this great site by jiayin in the first week of school?? i remember sitting in lydia’s hostel room and i was asking for inspiration sites after our first lesson of michael. great times!)

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Singapore Flyer

The trip to the Singapore Flyer was a lot better than i thought it would be. well, maybe my expectations were really… Low.

anyway, the weather was perfect and it wasn’t crowded. and we got a discount. great views and it was just the right length of time too. the in-flight compass pointed out places near and far to aid our spotting of important landmarks. and when i mean far. i mean as faraway as Australia, Japan, China, India which got rather far-fetched! but i do suppose this is the largest/tallest observational wheel in the sky (is it still?). i did rather enjoy it! 😀

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Tuesday’s dinner with ailin, carolyn and claire was wonderful as always. i always forget how much i miss them till we meet! ahahaha!

ate at fish market as we talked about everything school related, work-related, holiday-related, then went for our ‘shoe-shopping’ as claire needed a pair of shoes (as usual.), after which there was dessert and standing around talking about movies and wanting to go for a trip to taiwan together one fine day. if that fine day ever comes. it seems that i hardly have any luck with a successful trip with my friends whenever we want one. so hopefully this time we will be kaisu and plan our trip way early with available air tickets at lower prices.

we also had some fun with ailin’s polaroid camera in that tiny corridor that nobody walks into.

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