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free tuesdays in the middle of the school week needs a little getting used to. i woke up thinking it was still the holidays! then the horror struck when i realised it isn’t and school has only just started and that there is lots of work to be done in the months to come! (why do i always stress myself like that?)

my free day! sent out an Etsy order to London today. another sale! such puts me in high spirits. heh!

opening my email also gave me yet more reasons to be joyful (and stressed out) about. another place to sell momshoo products! whoopee!

inspiration of the day: these cute handmade eraser beans by Laura Fisk:

oh so cute! makes me want to play with eraser beans for a while. she is an illustrator based in Brooklyn and attends craft fairs and such!

and her etsy shop where you can purchase the cute eraser beans: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fiskandfern

(anyways… what defines a LEADING graphic designer? i need to find examples of their works but i don’t even know where to start! if only these illustrators and crafters of cute stuff are considered as such!)

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it has been the first day of school as a year 2.

And despite everything, there were times I felt as green as a freshie again! For one, without the convenience of hall, I had to wake up early for the long commute… 1hour plus usually but being kaisu and since I have never traveled to ntu during peak hours I gave myself 2hours. (and reached really early -.-).

Call me clueless, but commuting on the train during peak hours is really quite an experience! There are NO seats available throughout my entire journey and people watching is the main way to keep yourself occupied. I spied on many office people dressing to kill yet looking like they were unceremoniously thrown out of their beds by that monster living underneath. Heh!

Lessons started on the dot. I have graphic design class with Will on Monday mornings. It was well, an introduction and (as all ADM classes go…) creative homework. And the best part of school is the company, with Lydia, faizah, shuning, ridwan, yibo, lynette, jiayin in the same class! It was lunch after that and back to the ADM building for Art in the Age of Colonialism with Ruben. As I was saying I feel like a freshie again with all these new classes, unknown faces, new teachers (from foreign countries.) and a whole new schedule. My. Year 2 is set to be a whole new ballgame!

Of course there is familiarity which keeps me from feeling disorientated. the map of NTU hasn’t changed and I was glad to find my way to a Momshoo delivery with ease at the staff housing. Yays! Had a nice chat with Rose Ann who lamented about not being able to meet more locals since she moved to Singapore. It gave me a different perspective, one of a person coming to a foreign land to stay for some time where everything is not familiar.

Oh well, adapting to the new school year shouldn’t be that difficult afterall.

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school starts once again tomorrow! yes, all the buzz and rush and stress is going to start once again. time to write down my timetable and what nots. happier news: i managed to get my forensic science module for this semester! I will be in Year 2 taking forensic science, graphic design, typography, history of graphic design and 2 other art history modules! oh exciting.

i can’t wait and yet as usual i am a bit anxious. it is all a mixed-bag of feelings in there. 😛

this time around there will not be the close comfort of having a fixed-class to move around with which i kinda got used to after year 1 (in JC, i was the only one taking my combination of subjects in my cohort so jumping around classes was much like the university system.) oh i will definitely miss G4 and the strange-quirks of each individual we have kinda got so familiar with! 😀

‘this is to whatever year 2 might bring!’

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Tokyo photos up!

it took forever but i finally edited all my Tokyo photos. (they had to be edited due to the bad lighting–> also due to the unpredictable weather in Japan and too-bright sunlight which makes everything other than the sky look well, shadow-y.) unfortunately, i am not the photoshop expert that lydia is so going through every photo was a pain… 😦

oh wells. everything is up on facebook soon but here’s a teaser:

Shrines aplenty in Japan

fabric shopping in Tokyo! (some people came prepared with luggage for their purchases!)

long train rides to day-trips out of tokyo

the green paths!

who could forget Mount Fuji!

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oh joy, back from tokyo and loving the Singapore weather. it was so hot in Japan! (34-37 degrees can you believe it??? i was sweating like a pig there. OINK!).

if i am not too lazy/ busy i will update about my trip. if i am… you just gotta look at my photos, imagine a lot and read my journal which i will be posting up on the sketch-blog –>

most likely i will be busy i think with only a week or so left till school starts! This weekend from Friday till Sunday i will be at the Singapore Art Museum selling Momshoo creations so hope to see you there! 😀

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Bzz-ing next to Tokyo!

August has started and as expected. i am busy like a bee. BZZZ…

NYS FOC has come and gone and was so terribly amazing! not that i had much time with the juniors, but all the same, spending time with my fellow year twos who i hardly know anyway, was fun, fun, fun!! seriously. aww. i miss you guys! Kite Flying was the BEST like last year and Seniors’ night left me in stitches!

and after all that rah-rah craziness, it was back tot eh calm haven of MAAD, but not so familiar as i set up a stall with my classmates instead of Momshoo! Nic has all the photos of our pretty booth which we re-decorated again and again. 😀 i want the photos! thanks for finally pulling it off, lydia, mars, ridwan, nic, jiayin, and a non-present faizah! we did it! and we still have a lot of excess stocks. -.-

flying off to Tokyo next for a long awaited break. first time there! i can’t wait! fabric shops galore….

but before that, (since i am secretly patriotic…), Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

everyone loves to sing to national day songs, it is just in us. "Sing a Song for Singapore~"

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