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Went to see an exhibition by Mari Matsuo yesterday.


Her Ringo-chan (‘ringo’ is Japanese for apple) character is so cute! And the way they were presented was unusual (that you wished you had thought of it before!) She sewed and stuffed so many of her ringo-chans that they filled an entire cart to be sold (much like how they actually sell apples in the supermarket! Also with the white netting thing (remember those things which your apples come in but you discard immediately?) which she places her character in makes it all the more unique!


It’s all about the packaging and presentation isn’t it?


Her paper cuts were very intricate too, not as intricate as Rob Ryan’s but still it had a very different quality to it, very delicate and very Japanese.

I loved her Chiku-bunnies which are these bird looking characters which had bunny ears (or if you like, bunny looking characters with bird wings). So kawaii~


Mari-san herself was there and she kindly allowed me to take photos! So I will be placing them up soon. (:


anyway… the poster:

poster for exhibition

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This week has been quite eventful.

We had our first swim carnival at bishan swimming complex which was surprisingly fun despite it being really only for the ip students. Shuwei took it upon herself to tell m all about the ip cohort, who is in what, who is her classmates, who is good-looking, etc. etc. it was really interesting. Haha. Plus we were waiting for the participants to arrive so we ended up in the water (it was really too inviting!!) since it was only 0.45m deep. (at the least the pool I was at was shallow.) wading around like little children who find joy in every little play-thing. It was so fun and relaxing (a definite break from the school routine!) and I enjoyed myself splashing water around! Even facilitating the event by being a timekeeper was fun! The two classes I took (grace’s and kaiting’s classes) were enthusiastic which made my job a lot easier.


Yesterday, I went for a art writing workshop at the Substation with Lee Weng Choy. It was interesting but I felt that the readings he presented us with were even better then the lesson itself. He is indeed an interesting art critic and writer which kept me interested and most importantly, convinced. I found that some of the things he talked about was what we had previously debated about so his point of view brought in another angle of looking at the motions discussed.

Anyway, we were supposed to write about either Vincent Leow’s work or Ron Mueck’s work.


This is what I came up with:



The first impression this illustration by Vincent Leow gave me was how cunning the character looked. It just reminded me of those clowns we have probably met in our worst nightmares as children where the clown’s face changes from the friendly façade we commonly see at circuses to one which seem almost evil.


Upon closer observation, the reason why the illustration made me a little uncomfortable was plain to see. The character was made up of an unusual combination of a chicken’s body and a human head. It seemed that the character was trying to be a chicken with the body, the comb on its head as well as the egg a chicken lays found at the bottom right corner of the image. The spiked accessory together with the propeller which the character wears on his neck and nose respectively also added to the character’s sly appearance.  But most importantly, it was the wide smile on the character’s face which completed the sinister presence of the illustration.


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this is what i did on good friday. 🙂
look how scared/happy we look!
i cant say much but i sum up the day in one word: STAIRS.

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art space-

we finally started to settle into our once-empty-and-is-to-be-filled art spaces in ar11
while some of us could start getting to work immediately, two people spent all their time painting their spaces.
2008_03210668 kaisheng’s "pollock-ed" hands
2008_03210670 val looking absolutely tired yet happy with the completed white walls.
well, they made it.
and we are going to start getting down to serious work!
DSCF5755 huijun and my wall.

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lifted off ground-


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i just spent a really long time (my precious minutes which could have been used to do one question of electrochem…)on the phone with ailin and with a street directory on the table with my bus guide in my other hand trying to find the best bus-stop to meet before heading to NUS open house later today.

it took me forever to get the bus-stops right and the DIRECTION right. i cannot read the bus guide direction (1 and 2) part. i should have gone earlier to join claire. she is so much better at these kind of directions thing. i guess ailin is good at it too but she just didn’t know what i was trying to tell her. haha.

i am so bad at directions and this is ironic since i was going to NUS open house to ‘possibly’ find a direction in life. haha.

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coursework + Rain

i am getting all stressed out thinking about aep coursework.
i think i am probably killing many brain-cells generating ideas. and despite all my slow idea-generation, i feel that i cannot draw/shade/colour/pastel/paint/sew/make as fast as i think.
help. how come aep coursework did not seem as difficult when i was in sec 4?
the standards have been raised. and i can’t seem to ever get enough time to do prep-work unlike in the past.

the earth must be spinning faster than before and time is running faster than before.

on a sidenote: a new rabbit is up for adoption! His name is Rain. and he is even cuter and more handsome than the singer. 😛

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