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last day of the year 2007 has finally come!
went for my photography course outing at clarke quay yesterday… i took a lot of shots but i don’t think they were my best, sadly. hmm…
but it was fun! our teacher brought us to 3 different locations to take themed-shots of the area. interesting. wished i did more with the shtos though. i saw so many tourists! really so many! outside central, etc. and sat for the longest time on the steps leading down to the river, who knew it could be so relaxing? now i know why Val always like to go clarke quay to sit by the river! haha.
enough said, here’s the group shot taken by my teacher’s daughter… the aspiring photojournalist, like her father! haha.
as for the coming year… what resolutions did you make?
for me, i wish for more fun times with my friends and family but not lagging behind in work!
don’t i always wish for the same thing? somehow the results are always excellent though! hopefully, 2008 would be the same!

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i just watched National Treasure, book of secrets and ate dinner with carolyn, claire and ailin yesterday!

lovely. i was very early so was at borders browsing books. came across this book "This is for you" by Rob Ryan. very interesting book. it is much like a picture book for kids but the message in it is very profound yet he makes it easy to understand. plus the graphics are actually all paper-cuts!!! it was so detailed and intricate (the words were also cut out either in positive or negative spaces!) that i just sat there and finished the whole book! wow. while waiting to cross the road to lido i saw the commercial by gatsby wax. i love that commercial.. not sure if i said it before in here… but the setting is just so vintage-looking, magical, japanese-like and bathed in golden glow of light. very unusual.

anyway,,, i got to watch my movie at the best seat ever (picture this… centre of the screen, 2nd row from the back). nice. haha. the movie was quite good too, but of course it is as always, unreal how Ben Gates can poke his nose into so many places and still not get into any trouble. hmm.

then headed down to taka for dinner at crystal jade xiao long bao. we waited for so long for our table and even got to see a celebrity. plus. they seemed to want to get us out as fast as possible after the dinner! well… i know it is crowded… but still. we did wait very long ok! we talked a lot during dinner, despite being a place which really did not seem conducive for talking (as quoted from carolyn… the chinese restaurants is one of the places with highest decibels. i agree.) and after a tummy-exploding dinner (with the exception of ailin) we walked around taka and wound up eating fresh, plain yogurt from the basement. not bad… strangely, i find myself missing the sour taste of plain yogurt. plus it helps in digestion!

carolyn left early so we did not get to take any shots of the Christmas lights together… but here are some with ailin and claire. 🙂



us, at the heart of orchard christmas light-up!

2007_12260496Busy stream of people!

I love christmas light-ups at Orchard Road, don’t you?

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short getaway…

i just came back from a short trip to KL.
the bus trip there was pretty much uneventful, i slept most of the way due to staying up to watch AsianIdol (well… Hady’s win was unexpected but i m happy for him! :)) the night before…
then upon arrival we ate lunch at this vegetarian place which was situated in the strangest of places! Imagine a business district with nice tall, modern glass buildings. now imagine run-down looking residence with a eating place at the base of the residential buildings. these run-down buildings were behind the modern business district! how interesting… :))
then shopped for the next two days at bukit bintang area, times square, KLCC…haha. we went on the "eye on Malaysia" too since the entrance tickets were complementary. it went a few rounds!!! about 5? we kept wondering after the second round when would we be let out and whether they missed us! (the two young malay boys opposite us were getting restless in their seats after a few rounds… lol. :))
And atlas, the worst part of the trip. the bus ride home… the bus driver and assistant were nothing but horrible! they were so late and when they finally came, they acted like nothing happened! they were also touting at puduraya bus terminal for more passengers forcing us to wait longer before we head to Singapore. I was SO happy to hit tuas checkpoint and be back home! what service!

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i never had so much fun with a group of giggly girls for the longest time!

yesterday met up with some 414-ners (jane, elaine, jasmine, jaslin, yokteng, tifen, joanna) for dinner.


as always… it started late. i just reached in time and saw jaslin then found yokteng, and jane and elaine came. then the wait. we talked excitedly about everything that happened in the past year, their jobs, jane’s trip to Korea, etc. then, we decided not to wait for the rest to come and went ahead to Asian Kitchen to queue for seats.

jo came and she had (guess what??) braces! in the shade of Christmas. haha. seems like everyone i had known either are going to get braces (suhui) or just got them on (lynette and jo.) haha. it is a fad?


then jasmine came and gave us shocking news about transferring to poly and dropping out of JC. the course she wants seems to suit her so well! (i quote what all of us said: "it is so you (jas)") haha. good for her i guess. we manage to get seats after the longest waiting time… good seats course it was two separate tables but we could talk across tables (not a problem for the noisy us! lol) as we were right at the end and would not be obstructing the way. nice.

spent our time talking about JC life (yes…PW came up too), our strange subject combinations (how we all chose such weird subject combis, i don’t know), yokteng’s job (about this poor part-timer the restaurant staff there all called "stupid de"), about some real strange behaviour on planes (a lady being served dried ice instead of food and how she got her tongue stuck, the man who thought that by talking and pushing the service button at the same time it could get him to communicate directly with the air stewardess… haha), and of course we reminisce all last year (enqi and mer reading chinese lit during maths class under the table, how enqi would tell jane about chi lit test in that dead-pan expression… oh and jane’s imitation of a Mer moment!) hilarious.


anyway… it seemed that no one has changed during the past one year. (jaslin still ‘attracts’ disasters like ice cream spills, etc. tifen and jo put together are still as giggly as before…)


I enjoyed myself thoroughly. thank you. :))





PS: we should do this more often!


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felt art

2007_12130516 Felt art was so fun!

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unstable connection.

amazing… i have finally used the internet for 30mins (and counting).
the past few days had been a drought of internet connection here at home. the wireless just refused to work. finally it is working. 🙂
please do not blame me if i: did not reply to your emails, did not come online on msn, did not upload pictures and seemed to be missing in action.
blame my interenet connection. 😛
on a sidenote, i have signed up for a felt art course at taka, bought a nice new art book from page one at their 20% off sale (yes! page one is having a sale. go there now!), my trip to malaysia is confirmed and i will be going for dinner with elaine, ms teo, jane, jasmine and hopefully more 414-ners this friday. yay!
Photos from AEP (pronounced ape) seniors’ farewell:
DSCF3570 AEP seniors at senior’s farewell
(front row: keith, nigel, rui fan, hazel and si chun. back row: joyce, xinni, kevin and winston)
this was a really funny shot. we all tried looking constipated.(sze says must try to smile and frown at the same time?!) w/o much success. so… we ended up having a myraid of different expressions!

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i surprised myself once again…
didn’t sleep a wink for the whole of yesterday due to helping out at guides camp at nygh. :))
well… we weren’t really needed for the day activities only the sentry duty at night from 12pm-5 am. i managed to stay up. i m amazed. and i don’t seem to be typing in the right frame of mind now.
anyway… got a lot of catching up with the gluttons on monday night at habourfront. i miss them a lot, a lot.
then, yesterday met with xin ying, pauline, suyi (ongying) and claire for guides camp. haha… to get greeted by the juniors and also to get free food… basically that’s all we did throughout the day. i was very amused many times by their setting up of campsite. the banner hanging for subcamp two was really hilarious which reminded me of all the dumb things we ourselves did as sec 1s and 2s. really funny. spend a lot of the time talking with the other seniors about last time, our old camps, CLs, remembering the names of sec 3s (which were surprisingly difficult. sorry!) The standard seemed to be much higher back then. lol.
we found ourselves sitting in the middle of nowhere talking even as the campers had left!
the highlights of the day was marking of test works (for claire, anthea and renice, the signing of test slips…), food time (where we got served!), trust and courage, sending ongying to the bus stop and of course the main reason for our presence, SENTRY DUTY at night.
pauline, claire, xin ying and i set up our sleeping bag nicely in front of the two subcamps with all our barang-barang with us to keep us awake (apparently not very effective but still…). UNO cards, mp3 players, hp games, WATER BOTTLES, toothbrushes, more food. coffee. haha. it really looked like we were selling things on the street! spent th first few hours playing UNO while pauline chatted on the phone to i-don’t-know-who for two whole hours. O_O wow. self-entertained by talking a lot, about strange things like nail polish, dramas (korean, taiwanese, hong kong and singapore), pests. PESTS. they kept us awake and scared. ok, not so much for me. had to accompany them to the toilet so many times because they were scared of cockroaches (ok… i really needed to go to the toilet too due to the overdose of water.) plus i saw rats. in NYGH. eww. -grossed-out the long tail was simply gross and the nose peeking out of the tiny hole… ekk. i may not be scared of them… but they are still gross. yuck. the last hour seemed to crawl by, and i managed to count 14 stars in the sky, listen to many many songs on xin ying’s ipod, and play bejeweled on her hp. i made it though. but i really need the sleep now.
"goodnight". opps. i mean "good morning"
DSCF3549the seniors at day 1 of radiation! (me, xinying, ongying, pauline and claire!)
PS: please ignore my incorherent ramblings on this post. i m simply waiting for time to pass for my hair to dry so i can hit the pillows. ah… the life.

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binge-ing on food-

i felt really helpless.
Just seeing this girl at the market this morning binging on food.
As far as i saw, she ate 1 bowl of porridge, 1 plate of fried rice, 1 plate of char kway tiao, bread, 1 plate of mixed veg rice and 2 cans of drinks. And she polished off the food. Everything.
yet… all my mother and i could do was sit there and watch her eat. We felt very useless.
What’s the point. we couldn’t even help her.
She probably won’t want to admit to her problem, or she cant see what we were seeing.
She would probably run away if we brought her to the hospital.
She would probably take a bus to another eating place if we asked all the stalls to stop selling her food.
All those school talks about eating disorders, they do not tell you how to help someone who has the problem from a 3rd party perspective.
i wish she will be well and happy.

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5cm per second

"The movie is named 5cm per second for the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall- petals being metaphorical representations of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways"

I liked this film from animation nation for its graphics. the cherry blossoms, the snow, the rocket into the sky, all part this beautiful japanese anime. Strangely, everything looked so real. as though it came from a real-life film!

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mint museum of toys.


interesting tin toys! :)) Disney toys captured me as usual. plus the ‘door of hope’ and the tin tin collection.

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