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everything but school.

Yes, school has started though it really feels like it hasn’t without the tutorials and the fact that there is a whole lot of classes that is pushed back due to next week’s Chinese New Year holidays. chinese new year! (great time to relax?) it has been a bit quieter than usual this start of the semester as i am hardly in the same classes with my usual group of G4 people. ahhs… sad!

anyways, i did mention that it doesn’t feel school has started because… for one there wasn’t homework doled out for typography yet. imagine that! and my classes ends earlier than usual. the lecturers are still talking about the overview of the semester,etc.etc.

plus with my new 5-day week timetable, i have shorter days and more time to go galavanting to completely-unrelated-to-school-activities after school. (terrible. terrible. haha!). lets see… tues, i went back to Friends at 16A Haji Lane to stock in more Momshoo stuff, i went to buy supplies for my products, i went to visit a cute little museum in the area…

and on wed… oh wed i met up with Claire, Ailin and Carolyn for my belated birthday dinner at PS. the nice thing about turning 21 is that it is such a big thing that you can happily continue to celebrate it long after your birthday! i’m kidding, you can’t but it was a good excuse to meet up again, yes? 🙂

and as for yesterday, i had the longest break in between two lessons due to my tutorials only starting in week 3 so… we watched a movie, at the ADM library. Toy Story 3! haven’t got a chance to catch it till yesterday and boy was it good! quite funny. hahaha!

and this morning without 2 tutorials i have been just lazing around home doing nothing really productive. (i should be leaving for class soon though!)

this (above)is the only productive thing i have done this morning…

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rehearsal, rehearsals

It was one busy weekend before school starts with one reunion, one wedding ceremony plus dinner and one 1-year-old party. (oh and i have been sewing like a machine too!)

(Raffles Marina, it took forever to reach there but it was an extraordinary place for a wedding. :))

oh ho ho, all of them seem to be rehearsals for the reunions that characterises Chinese New Year (which is round the corner and which i am already looking forward to for the holiday. and i only just started school this morning! talk about withdrawal symptoms!)

here was my ‘reunion dinner’ with my sec 4 classmates at the thai noodle house near coro (yes, that another level of reminiscing secondary school days! :)) miss you all!

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ahh yes, i have been lazy when it comes to blogging or uploading photos. anyways, between the last blogpost and now i have… Turned a year older. a significant year in fact, the magic Twenty-One. (oh ho ho, i feel old and wise already! :))

as expected, nothing terribly spectacular happened the minute the clock stuck twelve, no sudden enlightenment or whatsoever, still the same ol’ same ol’. haha. but besides that, i spent half the day queuing for an art walkabout tour known as “Open House”, something i wouldn’t have done ever but yea, i waited. it was good but i m still debating whether it was worth the long wait. oh well… and there was that super stacked awfully chocolate cake which tasted so good, yum! and of course the flood of birthday wishes from observant friends who have seen that little announcement on the side of their home page on facebook. Thank you! 🙂

now some photos from OH! (be warned, they are completely unedited and have not been into Photoshop yet.)

house visiting, it feels like Chinese New Year already!

“i want to enter that door!”

peek inside…


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have been sewing lots of other little projects that has nothing to do with the business (i make it sound like such big business… :P) little shop.

well, this has been a project long on our to-do list because every time someone comes to visit they always ask the same question “which door is the one to your toilet?” And well, it is not surprising seeing that we have 5 doors (6 if you count the bi-fold door too)in that little ‘corridor’ in the house! Chinese New Year is round the corner too so it will be a good time to test out how well the sign works! (and in case you were wondering… the next thing everyone asks is “how do you lock your toilet door?”)

i also got a new ipod nano for Christmas so as with all my other ‘gadgets’ in my bag, i had to make a pouch for it. If you know my bag you would know that i lug a whole lot of things in it and well, when things rub against each other, scratches occur. No, i don’t want that for my new ‘toy’, no! 🙂

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realise my last post was when i just got my not-top-choice modules for my next semester. after a while of sitting in front of the computer (yes, i sat in front of the screen abusing my poor refresh button all the way till 4.30pm yesterday.), i could feel that cycle of denial and anger (bargaining too) breaking and making way for something called acceptance. ok, so it is official, i have a 5 day week next semester. not my first chocie but at least it isn’t back to back cores or really early 8.30am in the morning classes so i should be thankful. one thing though, smrt would be very happy with my new timetable as they would be earning an extra day of to-and-fro mrt ride fares from me trudging my way to school in the West.


enough rambling. something that made me really happy this week was meeting Jane and Elaine on Tues. 🙂

i realised we did not take a picture of 3 of us together but this was the sole pic elaine took of the 2 of us. i guess i was too busy rambling and listening and catching up with the two of them that i forgot to whip out my own camera and take a shot of memorabilia. sorry about that! but it was really nice meeting with you two! and making them go to SAM all because i wanted to see the exhibition from museum of contemporary art in Tokyo. ahahah. and there was ben n jerry’s as sponsored by Jane, yum! but a bit sweet at the end, maybe growing older comes with a lesser sweet tooth for us all.

Happy 21st in advance to the two of you! (i know despite all our birthdays falling within the first 2 months of the year, we still do not get to vote this time round…) may we meet again soon and one day in Sydney where Elaine would be soon moving to. All the Best settling into your new home! 🙂

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argh… i am so irritated with the NTU system of Stars! please, at least the bidding system at NUS is slightly fairer.

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