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i just realised it is the end of the week for everyone tmr due to good friday! that’s bad since many places such as printing shops are closed on public holidays. sigh! group tutorial for 4D today which turned out better than the whole class critique lessons where countless minutes are usually lost when he asks for the class to respond and well… a long silence follows as no one speaks. i went first knowing that i probably had the least to show compared to shuning, liz an lydia. they did. i better start getting more serious about 4D.

was released earlier than usual for wah lecture. and the lecture was a whole lot about art movements which i hardly knew existed in Western Art History till today. like pre-raphaelites of art nouveau. she even covered Gaudi and the Art and Craft movement (!!). heh. and at the end of it she did not manage to finish van gogh, cezanne, seurat and munch. strange. oh wells.

went to the library to seek inspiration for 2D and we went through the entire shelf of children picture books at ADM. how amazing. been reading children’s books. ahaha! a must-read is the real version of the three little pigs from the POV of the wolf. he was framed! he says "if cheeseburgers were cute, you will be considered Big and Bad too.". too funny! and there were other gems like "the odd egg" which lydia really liked. oh "the sleep book" meant for bedtime reading by Dr Seuss. strange, imaginative tales.


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oh ho! i just did a short run back to hall because the sky was threatening to empty its entire water content on me. the strange thing is one side was perfectly clear, not to mention hot and sunny while the other is just dark, like it was night. scary. adm where we were at, seemed right in the middle. hmm.

only one lesson in the afternoon but i actually woke up quite early to work. faizah drew and wrote out a whole schedule of work today. even more detailed then the schedule in lydia’s head i suspect… with the long list of things to be done for each module. haiz. in BIG, BOLD letters however at the end of her calendar… is "F-R-E-E". ooh schweet. (in mooch’s language.)

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i was talking to liyana yesterday and she was shocked to discover that i couldn’t play any musical instrument.

well. i really can’t! and then she asked "how about the recorder??" the recorder was this instrument that everyone was made to play in primary school. it wasn’t fun. and i couldn’t hit the last note because my tiny finger couldn’t cover the whole hole or doesn’t have enough strength. but other then that, i guess i could play the recorder.

and don’t argue that it isn’t a ‘real’ instrument just because it was something we all learnt when we were kids.

watch this –>

ok, i am not a fan of justin bieber but that was good!

and his friend’s response?

ok, woah! who knew those xylophone looking instrument could replay lady gaga?! i am impressed.

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good news first: marketing presentations are over! yippee! and yes, we did well, i think. πŸ˜€ awesome. i think we had so many recommendations for ikea that i have half the mind to send them to Ikea so many they can consider them. hahaha!

anyway… before marketing was 2D. and there is still work to be done. like layouts and stuff like that. i aim to be over and done with it soon. as in really soon. then we can start on our final project for 2D. the next few weeks are going to be rushing to catch up with deadlines for end of semester. lydia seems to have it all worked out. according to her we have about 9 days to do our 2D project. ok… good to have a schedule. i marked out my deadlines and 2 exams on my calendar this morning.

lunch at the quad today where i took tempura prawn udon. the sauce they poured onto the prawns tasted partly like gula melaka… which is weird, as though they couldn’t find enough terriyaki sauce and decided that the gula melaka was brown anyway… hmm.

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went for TP design school’s grad show yesterday. mainly to see rachel’s work but also to see the standard of work there.
they did not display all the works, only a select few. the rest were uploaded to macs placed around the exhibition area. how sad is that?! imagine you are doing your FYP and after one grueling year on that project and 4 years in that course you are not given a showcase of your FYP. i really hope that things do not work the same way at ADM.

but anyway, the standard of work is high and really quite good. especailly the viscomm students (then again, i only really saw the viscomm students’ works). the apparel and merchandising design looked like an interesting course too with time and efforts spent on dressing up apparel shops and their shop windows.

after that went back to NTU for marketing presentation discussion. came back home to the end of saturday and woke up to the start of sunday. my weekend flew by once again..

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a quick post (because as i said before, this is one crazy weekend which involves me zipping me around places).

went to the FX Harsono: testimonies exhibition at SAM yesterday for my foundation drawing report. it was fun being able to view the exhibition alone (i would much prefer however that the museum dun track my every move making me feel like a fly in a jar… but i know they are just doing their jobs.) and being able to view it at my own pace, unknown to anyone else viewing the exhibits. πŸ˜€

then met my father at Hanis, NLB for dinner which was yummy! ooh, i love the cheesecake there!

following which, was zipped to NUS, getting lost as we did not know the place well. (and it turns out that Claire and Carrot did not know the place very well too.) in our ‘amazing race’ against time to reach the place in time for Ailin’s performance, we all reached the same time as we boarded the same shuttle there! hahaha! and ailin! well done! you really did work on your higher range and it sounded as good as your lower register! πŸ˜€ i was quite impressed by the original songs composed entirely by the NUS GeYao group. the lyrics and tunes were very well-composed. interesting songs! and that was probably the most Chinese i had heard in a long while.

got a ride from carrot to bukit timah after that. woah, carolyn! driving like a pro already. πŸ™‚

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i was very intrigued by the biscuit stall at the market today. i am always excited by markets overseas but you know what? our local wet markets can been very interesting and unusual too. and such stores may be vanishing soon. over-run by supermarkets.

this store was neatly lined with big tins of biscuits with their characteristic tiny window cut-outs on the front just so the customer can see and select the biscuits they want in whatever quantity. and there are sweets, snacks and preserved fruits too! ooh. maybe i am noticing the store more because they are indeed becoming less a common sight?

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Flat Life.

another end of the week! this week really flew by, one moment i was moping about this would be another busy week, the next it is over and it is time to start moping that this would be a crazy weekend! yibo and i also realised today that the end of the sem (aka exams+ final project submissions) is round the corner!

anyway. still, happy end of of the week to you.

("flat time": See if you’re late, by checking the poster.)

("Flat Light" : The productive atmosphere of a desk light without the bulk)

by product designer Finn Magee

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remember me?

Loooong msn chat with rachel yesterday. we haven’t met since about a year ago?! and i haven’t spoken to her in forever. (not like that anyway.) really. thank goodness for msn! she just added another thing to my growing to-do-list this weekend. but i feel that i really want to go and see what she has been up to. hmm. she was talking about being older now and i guess it is true, we have since grown from being young kids that would run over to each other houses so often that we knew the layouts of each other’s houses so well… i m glad we are older but sometimes i miss those times, the memories just stick.

(i would dig up a photo of us together but they are all in hard copies. there weren’t digital cameras then.)

anyway! free mornings and sleeping in later made me feel happier today even when that list looms over my head and pokes me to get somethings done.

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another trend: i sleep latest on tuesday nights preparing for wed morning’s 4D and after the lesson i feel so relieved and relaxed!
yes, so i was very tired today due to the late night… and what i watched seemed to go "….". ok, i did listen but i felt that my mind wasn’t thinking of things to say to respond to whatever we were shown. it wasn’t ‘stimulated critically’.

but in one word what 4D was about today: "MEDIUM". the "Medium is the message" says Marshall McLuhan. (ooh. getting philosophical here). and it did seem like the focus of the lesson today as michael talked about cross-media, exploring the different mediums and he posed a lot of question to each of us about whether we are choosing the right medium for our final project. which i agree, because different medium have their different qualities to them and choosing the right one can make your statement more powerful.

another thing which stood out for me in all our idea pitches was how many people were dealing with the notion of relationship and friendship. and there was eston talking about our class in particular. it really gives the sense that we are headed for different directions soon… and how everyone seem to want to still hold on to that connection. hmm. in short, i will miss G4!

anyway, we went overtime today but adamantly, we had proper lunches and went in late for WAH lecture. Impressionism! it seems like we took so long to finally get to modern art and one of the art periods that first got me all excited about learning art history.

(though this painting does not categorise Impressionism but it is so beautiful. and deep down it gives the sense of wanting to be there. don’t you?)

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