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Cyber Monday.

I just learnt a new term “Cyber Monday”. a marketing term created so that shoppers can carry on their frenzied shopping called “black Friday” all the way on Monday, ONLINE. and since we do sell our products online…

good time to start Christmas shopping anyway! here’s a little tune to start getting in the Christmas mood!

(in the style that so characterises Muji.)

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go sheep!

I have been knitting many tiny sheep (i am always tempted to put an ‘s’ behind ‘sheep’) soon it will become an army!

and speaking of sheep armies…

the sheep are out in full force at Uniqlo stores…

only not in Singapore. 😦


photo from fafafoom.com

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I just have to share this info-graphic i found recently (thanks, lynette! :))

haha. If you’re not smiling at this yet, then my guess is you are not a Singaporean. Let me explain.

This chart shows how to order coffee (also known as ‘kopi’) from the traditional Singapore coffee shops (also known as ‘kopitiam’, commonly found in void-decks). there is a whole different lingo when it comes to ordering kopi! (much like how there is lingo when ordering coffee at say… Starbucks. with terms like ‘grande’, ‘skinny’…) I know most of these but terms but some gets a little confusing the minute you start mixing them up in different combinations so this chart clears things up nicely. 🙂

of course there are even more terms than this chart shows with more variety of bevarages (‘teh’ for tea), when you start ordering more than one cup, and the difference between a big cup and a small cup… and I have always wondered how these Singapore coffee shop lingo came about. i know some are Hokkien terms, ‘kosong’ is Malay, cantonese even? maybe someone can enlighten me on the origins of these terms.

the mixture of different languages… who says Singapore has no culture?


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