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i never knew renovation plans could be so tiring. the decision making is scary as you make them knowing that you will have to eventually live with your decisions for many years more. wall colour, shelf colour… it made me quite tired thinking about it yesterday!
anyways, an update, i will be moving again in May… to Toa Payoh! yepps. should be a little more convenient that way except for going to the driving centre and NTU. if i go to NTU anyway.
and i have spent the last few days fussing over more university application stuff. sigh… i need a break from these.
(a completely unrelated picture-save for the fact it was taken at the new place… ICE! these few days have been pretty hot don’t you think?)
(this kitten was under the car before running away like a scaredy cat!)

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informal fun!

ah, today’s Art In Transit mock tour was fun! just the seven of us trying out the presenting part of the tour. a good time to have fun, make a fool of ourselves, laugh at each other and of course to give constructive criticism. nice.

Archana was there too and i couldn’t stop sniggering when she was getting ready for her station. well. she got her revenge when she finished Clarke Quay and it was my turn to do Chinatown. lol! it is nice an informal and we got a little extra with Garnesh’s explanation of the Indian dance involving hand gestures and HUGE eye movements. i learnt something new. and of course there was Preetam’s random questions on ghost and such. hoho. how unusual.

and then, i got cancelled by claire because she was too tired from night hike. so i ate alone and went to daiso to buy supplies.

Why do i need more supplies? i am going to be selling once again at MAAD as shannon has kindly allowed me to join late. *beams* make a note on your calendar people!

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It was nice going back to Temasek Sec school again yesterday for another day of school sale!

the day after the first day of sale i got a flickr page-view increase of about 150 views! i was very happy. there was so much interest!

when i went back on the second day, i met familiar faces. repeat customers! 🙂 got talking to some of the girls who were really interested in what i was doing. one of them wanted to learn how to do what i do. then, i felt happy. so some days down the road (not too far from now…) you will meet another girl, selling her own things online. 🙂 but she was going on about how she couldn’t sew. it made me think back on when i started serious sewing.

it was during secondary school when i went for quilting class with my mother at the community centre. and then after going to MAAD and seeing what maki-squarepatch (now known as doinky doodles) was doing, i got into sewing soft toys. it was also because of guides and later arts fest in NJ when i was in year 1. Joyce was teaching us to sew dolls and we had to pick out cloth from this pile of old clothes donated by the seniors. (somehow, i couldn’t imagine them wearing any of those clothes. i wonder where they came from?)
but all the same it was fun. (and FUNNY! i was teaching jianhao how to sew and he ended up sewing a tiny pillow! lol! what a cute sewing project.)

and now i am doing this.

maybe these students will get inspired by me? haha!

the staff also gave me a lot of positive comments. one teacher was so happy that people my age are still interested in craft. i am. and i think there is a craft revolution happening. it is already quite big overseas… when would Singapore join the club of handmade nations?

A big THANK YOU! to all the students and staff at Temasek Sec for being so welcoming and for giving me such an amazing opportunity and platform to showcase my work.

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Selling at the school was a very different experience from selling at a public flea market.


firstly, the students only have a tiny window/pockets of time to spare, most of which would go to the queuing and buying of food and having their meal of course.

then, there is that high decibel noise level which hits you so instantly the minute the bell rings for recess. (i never felt we were so noisy as students as i was too, contributing to the noise!)


when the first recess came, i got a little intimidated by the huge swarm of students. they were pouring in from all sides and directions! i thought i had prepared myself for that to happen afterall, i have sold before in art fest at NJ. but no. i wasn’t prepared for the crowd. it was…scary.

still, it got better and i got prepared better for the second recess crowd. 🙂


being in a school compound reminds me of school life again. the cheap food at the canteen (my mother was not used to how all the food was ‘pre-cooked’ instead of cooked-to-order. i never realised that was distinctive to school canteens, now i do.), students getting scolded for not tucking in their shirts properly, long queues for the more popular stalls…. the school building was very beautiful btw, i liked how it is low-rise without many many many floors/stairs (something i got quite used to in NJ), and the landscaping was quite unique. plus it is in the east coast area without all the city-buzz; it had a really rustic kind of feel.


the students and teachers showed interest too so that was nice. 🙂


(i am doing sewing as a demo for the students…:))



oh, i went out with ailin and claire on sunday. carolyn was supposed to meet us too but se never came and we got super worried. then she called us in her toilet. she had diarrhoea. get well soon carrot!

i really like the picture above, we were trying to estimate and squeeze into the picture as it was on self-timer. (taken at Yum Yum Thai at sunset way)


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I am so glad i went for the Christian Lacroix exhibition!
went to the National Museum with Yilin and Huijun today. lovely.
mainly since yilin, the aspiring fashion designer, has mentioned that she wanted to see this designer’s works when we last went on a museum trip together.
and wow. i was impressed and very inspired. it wasn’t just the fashion clothings but also the exhibition’s layout and display and most definitely his amazing watercolour sketches! the mintue you walk into the exhibition space, the darken lightings and the red panels of introduction bounces out at you. then,  walked to his sketches. amazing. it made me remember the beautiful things that watercolour can do, and it is a media i have quite almost forgotten. but looking at his sketches made me want to get out my watercolours again and do a spontaneous sketch! his brushstrokes were playful and spontaneous yet they came together to piece beautiful costumes and models. 
This showcase of Christian Lacroix is of his costumes designed specially for opera shows and stepping into the exhibition makes you feel like you stepped onto the opera stage… the dramatic lighting, posh chairs, over-the-top and elaborate costumes, operatic singing in the background. pictures speak better of the exhibition but being there in that atmosphere is even better. The curator made the exhibition experience unique too with a little dressing table made to allow the viewer a better understanding of the opera world. with sound bites of the different range of singers, cloth samples for the different elaborate fabrics and an activity space for you to try out different cloths and colour combinations! fun, fun, fun!
(from ‘Carmen’)
an eye-opener too. i think i have learnt more about opera now.
(haha. we are on the big screen!)
(my journal entry on the exhibition)

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It is interesting how parents mould their children and how their children personality and character develops from the parenting styles.


There was a pair of siblings whom I met before at the after school care centre at which my class did CIP at. Then, they were very difficult to deal with. The older sister was always questioning and getting jealous and everything, basically just trying to irritate us. The younger brother was hyper-active, very playful and also as most of my classmates would have thought- very naughty. But somehow I always felt that the brother was the oblivious one, he did not really know what he was doing, he was still young, he is just probably attention-seeking. Just not seeking the right kind of attention.


Today I saw the boy and the girl again, this time with their parents. Their mother was very strict, a disciplinarian, the father, more gentle with his children. Two vastly different styles of parenting. Which was the parenting style that shaped the children into how they are now?



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I am feeling busy this week as i am preparing my stuff for the university applications which are due on the 1st of April. help!
There is the portfolio to fill and the assignments to complete. *pants* hopefully i will be done by the start of next week and get ready for the next sale.
everybody is wondering why in the world i am going to Temasek Sec to sell my fabric buddies and badges. oh well, I am very lucky to meet an art teacher from there who linked me up with more wonderful teachers from there who invited me to sell on their Craft and Technology week! 🙂
anyway, you know what makes me happy in stressful times? Retail therapy.
Went to People’s Park yesterday to go looking for supplies. Got cheated once at a shop due to my over-excitement at managing to find the thing i had trouble finding for some time except at Saga City. I realised that every other shop in that place sold it too and at a lower price! argh. oh well.
then found a shop selling very pretty Japanese print cloth. it isn’t cheap but i still bought it. And i am very happy with the purchases! :))
anyway, it seems that the people running these cloths/fabric shops are very young nowadays. Is this a sign that we are going to go through a revival in handmade?

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Went selling again at a new place yesterday, Robertson Walk!
The atmosphere is not as nice as MAAD but i guess it was ok.
i got a nice frontal view of the Singapore Repertory Theatre!

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Yesterday’s art in transit tour was fun! Met Archana again and we managed to survive being a tour helper for one tour. Not bad. Yoshie said we graduated! Haha

Anyway, I felt really happy to meet all these wonderful people including two friendly station masters who were very interested about knowing more about the art in their respective stations. And I was very impressed by how their service standards as many lost commuters approach them. 🙂 good work! Both of you showed me what having the passion for a job is.

And there were the participants of the tour who were as always, interesting people who were excited to know more about the art in the various MRT stations. Many of them actually said that they would want to learn more about becoming a volunteer with the tour. Wow! Met a man who wanted to conduct his own tour of Arab Street area before getting to know about art outreach programmes. I would go for his tour if he ever conducted it.

In short, I had a real good time!

Oh, finally got to watch Stardust last night, this was one of those shows which looked interesting but happen to be showing during my exam period last year… hahaha! I loved the show anyway, the storyline was quite out of the ordinary. Fantasy and magical, with many changes in the plot and unexpected turns. Lovely.
This is the video of stardust featuring take that with the song "Rule the World".

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another reminder to everyone….
i will be setting up a stall at Robertson Walk tomorrow, so those who are not so busy with rushing to the different local Unis for their open house/just got enough of all that…come visit me! 🙂
Where? Robertson Walk (near the Singapore River, opposite Liang Court, near UE Square)
When? Sunday, 15th March
           11am till 7pm
hope to see you there!
PS-Lin Ping: haha, yes, i think i am quiet, maybe a little overwhelmed by all the cool handmade stuff there! and it is free to put my stuff there only that the lady in charge of Doinky Doodles gets a sales comission if any of my things are sold! 🙂
PS-Everyone: yes, for those who do not already know, my badges are also avaliable at Doinky Doodles a quiant shop situated at Bali Lane (second floor).

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