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American idol 8

watched American Idol last night.
I think this season is probably the only season that i am actually watching from the very beginning (except maybe season 3… i dun quite remember…) mostly due to the Very very good season 7. which saw a great winner, David Cook.
i am quite surprised actually that the top 36 being supposedly very good to be where they are now, were actually not that fantastic. maybe it is like this every season just that i never watch from the beginning?
I still like Danny Gokey and his "Woooooah~". but i don’t think i have seen a very original contestant like David Cook yet.
oh wait, maybe Norman Gentle (aka alter ego of Nick Mitchell) is very original. but not in the right way.
but entertaining? yes.

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easter bunnies

i think sometimes i should post updates on the shop here…
so presenting to you…
The Easter Bunny Poofy badges!!
don’t you love bunnies? <3!

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helper in-training

had another round of art in transit tour today. but this time i am ‘in-training’ to be a helper on the team. 🙂
yays. it was fun as always and got to meet a new volunteer! 🙂
anyways, took 174 in the morning and the bus passed by NYGH and NJ and i was thinking all about school again.
How i would wake up early for school, take the bus in the ‘sleepy-mode’, meet someone i know on the bus, feel cold due to the freezing air-con. then reach school to be either at an OAC early meeting or in the canteen facing three handworking classmates (who would be hard at work)… 🙂  and today is thursday, which means late day! and we will walk into school seeing all the sports CCAs having their morning trainings.
i reached plaza sing early so got a drink at Macs and sat there to sketch my drink on the receipt:
haha. then met Yoshie for the tour. the people at the control stations today were really friendly so that’s a good thing!

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Despite the spinkle of rain/drizzle, we still went to the kampong trail. mostly because i wanted my photos and partly because we needed our excecise.
i uploaded the photos so do take a look.
it really reminds me of how some fantasy, back-in-time story starts…
They were on a trail in the forest, somehow their surroundings did not look familiar anymore…. the dirt road suddenly opened to a well-paved road and they spotted a flight of steps in the distance… "This must have led to a house!" A worn-out pot together with a basket was the next sign of civilisation, or should i say PAST civilisation? " ‘XCUSE ME!" went a foreign voice as what looked like a trishaw whizzed past them. The bustling of the village started getting louder and then in front of them appeared a busy market place. One look at their new surroundings and they realised what happened- they had travelled back in time.

oh and i am still attempting to learn Japanese. Jane said she will lend me anime… 🙂
(suddenly the trips to the supermarket is more interesting… "Hey! i know that hiragana character" oh but my poor head after that!)

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Ugly Betty

just finshed watching the entire first season of Ugly Betty yesterday.
(after getting all excited about it on the plane)
I know i am probably slow but this was a really good show so whoever that hasn’t seen the series (if there is anyone like that out there…) go see it!
I was quite surprised that it wasn’t just another one of those shows which is all click-flick like. it actually contains quite a few twists and i was glued to the screen! ahaha.
my favourite character? Marc, personal assistant of the Creative Director of Mode Magazine.
Yes, he is that gay guy but he is actually very interesting to watch! entertaining.
found this funny video on youtube. it is the promo video for sesaon 2 (which i would like to watch…)
and it is to the tune of Mika. He rewrote some of the lyrics for this video and it is quite cute!
Ugly Betty Official Promo – "Hey Betty…

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i m still panting from the excitement.

opening my email today was interesting…. my badges will soon be sold at Doinky Doodles (a shop in Bali Lane) and i am considering setting up a stall at Robertson Walk in March. It is another Flea market!

(my badges packed in their new packaging!)

anyway, took a walk int he morning with my parents at bukit timah nature reserve today. has anyone heard of this trail called the ‘Kampong Trail’? anyway, it is very interesting. it is really like any abandoned kampong place with old ‘toilet ruins’ in the middle of nowhere. like our very own Roman Forum! i could almost picture the people living there together in their little kampong world with young kids running around, trishaws on the roads, neighbours sharing home-cook recipes, etc.!

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coincidental reunion.

yesterday, went for the MOE scholarship networking session…

i was so surprised to find Zou Zhao at Clementi station (ok…maybe not SO surprised) and we met Mao Yu (at the MRT) and later Yang Ge (while walking to MOE building)!
how interesting. just when i thought that is probably all the surprises i will be getting that night…
we walked to our table and saw… Mr. Lim! He was the serving teacher scholar at our table!
that was some networking session… more like a reunion kinda thing. fun. fun. fun. 🙂

we met Shu Wen and Mich (from NYGH AEP) at the session too, only they were not sitting at our table.

Another funny thing… there was this girl from SA, Jia En, at our table, when i heard her name i just started thinking of Jia En from guides.
and guess who joined our table after networking session 1? En Qi from my sec 4 class. and yes, she is the sister of Jia En from guides!

i think i had more fun meeting up with old friends and exchanging our ‘life stories’ from the past two years than the actual programme itself!

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i had a lovely valentine’s day dinner with claire, ailin and carolyn at claire’s house yesterday.
a nice homecook fare:
(in the picture: carolyn’s tofu dish, my potato dish, claire’s cabbage dish and ailin’s pork with mushrooms dish!)
it was fun cooking together in claire’s kitchen and realising how different each of our families cook and dry/don’t dry dishes and such! haha.
and of course seeing claire getting all ‘bossy’ with her "炒,炒,炒!" for Ailin and her "stir, stir, stir!" for carolyn.
i was kinda glad that she was still busy with the cutting when i was cooking. haha. just kidding! you make a great chef, claire!
it was really funny.
and the realising how much affinity carrot had to slow buses and such. in conclusion, she would usually end up taking a cab (she says she is supporting the cabby companies! lol.).
and when she first steps in, we would always get to hear her transport woes.
so it is decided! carolyn will plan our next meet-up and will suggest the place! 🙂
the homecook food was good anyways!
and we spent the time talking about driving APPLICATION (suddenly, i became the ‘expert’. thanks to the very lor-soh man at the driving centre who spent a long time briefing Jane and i about the whole course!) and their jobs, and my sale of products and very interestingly, community centre courses.
Carolyn is taking Malay, i am trying to learn Japanese and Ailin wishes to take Korean. haha.
(our meal began like this:
Claire says ‘lets eat’ in Japanese
Me: "bon appetit"
Ailin says ‘lets eat’ in Korean
the three of us look in carolyn’s direction… haha!)
then there was the whole fiasco just getting out of the house. with carolyn’s two missing chocolate pieces (ants fest!) and me leaving the keys in the house thinking claire would take it out… so she got locked out! very funny.
"dramatic as usual."
(chef Ailin)
(Head-chef Claire)
(chef Carolyn)

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I heard this song on the radio that day and i remembered it!

I first heard this song on the plane to London, Heathrow last Dec. Despite all the static and that the personal headset doesn’t make listening to music (or watching movies for that matter) very comfortable. this song still stood out and it was sweet.

Lucky – Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat (Official Music Video)

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may you get well soon.

something terrible happened.
it is one of those things which you wish would never happen or think would never happen to anyone you know.
i wasn’t hoping that was going to change.
i met Jane today for our basic theory evaluation and practice (of which i passed..) and we had a lunch at West Mall after that.
It was interesting talking more, about the MAAD sale and shop (for me) and the children at the centre (for her) and of course our studying routes.
and scholarships and such….
then went card shopping or rather what i call ‘Inspiration Shopping’ as we roamed the few gift shops and looked through their cards. very pretty, and it was fun.
And then to the library which to my surprise jane hasn’t been to in a looong while, i always thought jane=literature=reading but that not the end of the equation. it usually reads (no pun intended) as jane=literature=reading=owning books. not borrowing them. I dragged her to the arts section (my favourite) and picked out books for her. haha. she ended up being the one borrowing books!
to end this post:
i hope pei rong recovers soon.
(and i hope i wouldn’t have to know of any similar incidents that occurs to anyone i know.)

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