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heys. going away for 3 wks or so… so bye! 🙂 cya on 18th dec.

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i vent managed to write anything since two days ago b coz i m so… buzi. had 414 bbq on sat night. pretty disappointing that not everyone came, ppl who turned up: yuzhen,enqi,xiaoxi,elaine,jo,peirong,tifen,sarah,jaslin,jane,yok teng,mer,jasmine…yup think that’s about all the ppl. but, it was fun! image a tifen going crazzee over enqi (over dressed in long pants,t-shirt and a cap…even though it wasnt sunny) and pei rong brought bikinis but refused to take her shirt off. while tifen tried on a too small (for her) bikini top.the fire starting was a success, unlike many 201’04 bbqs… despite the wind and lighter which initially refused to light up. but jane managed to get it lighted by lighting up in the corner. then due to the solid fuel it heated up the charcoal quite fast so we managed to start cooking pretty early. i mean we had to coz we thot not enuf charcoal to last the entire bbq coz enqi has nvr been to a bbq and did not know how much charcoal was needed. oh and we forgot to bring paper plates (we really should have used enqi’s cap… but she refused) but thanks to the beach wind we managed to fan the fire. cooked my satays wiith jane and jo. haha. my partner in crime. we managed to produced quite good satays, crabmeat and hot dogs kaes! only the kebab which i totally did not know how to see whether it is cook, lucky for me jo was there. but had a few incidents of burning satay sticks… lol. with yuzhen and a banch of others screaming. and elaine was the butter fairy with her generous spread of butter. or rather olive oil margarine. pei rong wasd in charge of shooing flies… but still one got into the mashmallow bag… ewwl. we still ate the mashmallows at night though… but heated it over the fire to kill the germs, i rather prefer the campfire, white mashmallows though. and jo dropped a hot dog in the midst of the cooking while excited elaine took photographs… even of the later squashed one. ekk. 😛 then we ate and who came striding in…. jasmine and mer. so late. only came for food. sported elaine,jo and peirong sitting on the beach… pei rong actually wrote a vow to be like the korean actress yoon eun hye (i hope i got that right…) and then jo and her digging holes in the ground later. jane and i and later yok teng joined in the fun… okiez not that fun but anyway… took lotsa photos with them. and got piggybacked by tifen for a photo coz she says she look smaller that way. and was taller than xiaoxi,enqia dn yuzhen! for once. then jaslin and sarah finally arrived. ate cold food. well, that’s what they get for coming late. then enqi, yuzhen and xiaoxi played cards… jane,elaine and jo got attacked by a monster wave. saw sarah’s cool flim camera which had the goldfish effect! 🙂 what else. oh walked on the beach with jane, elaine and pei rong while the rest was playing heart attack. reached this rocky place where we encountered a cockroach… can you believe it? we saw many weird drawings in the sand (including one of a piece of land with a house and a tree). then elaine and peirong climbed a tree. i joined them later. 🙂 quite fun. basic instinct. that’s all i guess. oh and sent jasmine to newton mrt. yepps. the photos i wont be uploading coz i took 4 hours to upload on shutterfly probably take longer here. so go to :http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=2AcuGLNyzaMXVA
then yesterday was shopping for the europe trip… yay! ended with dinner with yewchen. of claypot rice. i think i m gonna miss chi food when i get to europe. sigh. my uncle says that when we see chi food in europe we will be like a magnet automatically drawn to it. lol.

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it’s over! my olevels are finally over. not that it ended on a good note… history modern world was seriously sad. sigh. anyway… i still cant believe it is really over. good luck to all those still having it… i know combined science is on mon. so jia you. 🙂
okiez… now totally thinking of my 3 and a half weeks of holiday in europe. i cant believe its so soon… need to buy lotsa stuff. and then there is class bbq tmr. and goin out with claire, ailin and carolyn on wed and on tues got to go back to sch for some PAE talk. its gonna be a buzi week ahead. must stay healthy. 🙂 i wanna watch "a good year" i lurved the book by peter mayle. about a banker who is left some vine yard in provence. i rmbr i started reading his books due to my coming trip. i cant wait! he always talk about truffles, i still dont know what’s so good about it… just some fungi. apparently it is a very expensive dish as no one has found how to grow it yet… and they use dogs and pigs to search for it. so funny. okiez. till next time!

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the coming last leg…

one more week to end of o’levels. must perservere… 😀 i’m quite happy ans relieved already actually… even though the worst is yet to come. have amaths, chemistry, art history and modern world history next week. sigh.
will make it. anyway… have my end of year hols to look forward to *jumps for joy* hehe. europe here i come… in two weeks time.
plus have class bbq on saturday. i m bringing satay… if i can get my order thru.
anyway… its funny how we bond with our classmates a lot esp during exam period… its like all of us would be sitting on the benches outside the conference room waiting… and we would talk about all sorts of things… mostly to do with the next exam and other super unrelated stuff!! 🙂 lol. love 414’06. really. it’s like crash course on the impt stuff before the exam… lol.
cant wait for it to end. and the bbq! oh… *thanks enqi… for planning the bbq so soon juz for me.* 🙂

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