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I was snooping around Evah Fan’s blog again… she has truly interesting illustrations that makes me want to be inside her head. haha!

(oh and did i mention that the book i ordered from her ‘Pry on Murmurs’ arrived? i love it. plus she got bonus points from me for throwing in free postcards and doodling on the envelope! :))

anyhow, she just produced a new zine.

“Seesaw Fidgets – Zine

Here’s a puzzle booklet for you to crack! What seems familiar will often surprise you when it comes to “droodles,” a combination of doodles, drawing, and riddles.”

it is a funny word, Droodles. and no i did not know what it meant. but after i saw some of the sneak-peeks she showed it made me laugh (not in a bad way though!). here’s two, so you get what droodles is.

guess what is this:

ready? it is…a golfer preparing to swing.

are you smiling to yourself yet? if not, here’s another:

what is this? hint: think Australia.

Ans: Platypus meeting a baby kangaroo.

It is so simple but fun right? free advertising for her, go here to buy.

jiayin, this made me think of you, you should produce your own droodles! 🙂

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It’s a wrap!

Yesterday felt like the last day of the semester. I thought Tuesday with my 3 submissions would feel like the last day but at the end of the day i didn’t feel that elation that much… ok, maybe everyone did, but along with that, we felt really, really tired and exhausted on tuesday. so yes, it was really yesterday with our Graphic Design 4 show that nicely summed up the semester! 🙂

it was all a very impromptu thing trying to throw the show together and transforming the room into a gallery space to showcase our work and it wasn’t an overwhelming response but some faculty did come and year 4s too! all the talk about FYP, suddenly makes me feel like a senior already and the feeling that my years in university is soon coming to an end! it is scary actually. but yeah, the show, gave me that warm fuzzy feeling of being close to my classmates (like in foundation year) again! lovely.

it has been a very busy semester when i made the crazy decision of taking on 5 studio modules (3 of which fell on the same day. the thing the teachers warned us never to do.) just because i managed to get all the modules i wanted and i couldn’t decide which to give up for fear i would not be able to get it again in year 4. but looking back it was rewarding and fun all the same.

it is that strange thing the passing of time does to our memories again, as Andrew Bird sings in “Lazy Projector”; ‘…that forgetting, embellishing, lying machine’

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I’m loving this TV commercial by Emirates. I have been seeing it in snippets and only recently really sat through the entire clip, then i realised the concept of connecting people and cultures through the shared experience of travel… and it is beautifully shot too! 🙂

good commercials are ones that tell stories..

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