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We always talk about day-dreaming and building castles in the air… i just found a painting that fits that fantasy castle description perfectly!

Singa-Planet by Yamaguchi Akira.


oh so pretty, so pretty. it reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away except this is set in Singapore’s context with its skyscrapers and cranes (singapore is constantly in the state of construction of new buildings have you not noticed?) and the merlion subtly placed on the edge… and all situated in the middle of water. well, it says a lot about our tiny island set in the sea doesn’t it? it is a beautiful interpretation of Singapore, makes it so dreamlike yet set in reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

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brimming with fun.

AWWW… recess week has ended. I didn’t get all the catching up on work i hoped to do but ah ha! i had fun this recess week. ๐Ÿ˜€

did i mention i went to see the singapore binnale at SAM with the G4-peeps?? i did. and i kinda was the one who started organising it! eh, big achievement ok, since usually we plan plan plan then it doesn’t happen *ahem* KL trip *ahem* Universal Studios night *ahem*. well, quite surprised everyone wanted to go and 7 of us eventually made-it there even though it is earlier than usual and most of them would usually be still in bed. ๐Ÿ˜€ it is all for the company yeah? i hardly have any common classes with them this sem so it was nice to hang out together again and take lots of silly photos and giggle over stupid jokes.

(photos courtesy of Mars. i like it when i don’t have to be the one taking the photos. because them with their big professional DSLR will shoot everything nicely and i can really take the time to enjoy the works fully. hahaha!)

then on Sat i went for my first ever Craft Party! it is something that is a common event in other countries like europe or america or australia but not here in Singapore and i always read blogs of etsy sellers saying they are going to this/that craft party so yes, i finally got the chance to! it was organised by Popin a new crafting community in Singapore. ๐Ÿ™‚

so here is how a crafting party works: anybody can just come by and doing some craft. most of us were sewing. and you don’t have to be the best crafter around, it is all about sharing ideas, techniques, learning new crafts from each other and getting to know more fellow crafters! ๐Ÿ™‚

and if you haven’t already realised, this was no ordinary craft party as it we were all sitting on a huge ‘picnic’ mat. this mat was made up of many 1x1m square rugs made with different techniques, materials, etc and contributed by different crafters/artists! (and yes, momshoo made one too)

ahh… one fun-filled recess week indeed!

one last thing. after hearing so much about the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami disaster, we decided to start a mini ‘fundraising campaign’ of our own. for one month, we are going to list one Momshoo heart badge on Etsy everyday and 100% of the payment will be donated to Japan relief efforts via red cross. i do hope they would sell, if not, i hope our little action would encourage more crafters to do something similar! crafters unite! (and craft is such a big thing in Japan too.)

if you wish to support us visit www.momshoo.etsy.com!


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Up on the top of my Ultimate Indulgence list (with traveling) is watching Musicals in the theatre. I love musical shows and they always make me delirious with joy and excitement and i will usually have the songs from the shows on repeat mode in my head the next day. hahaha!

you know where this is going… i watched The Lion King at Marina Bay Sands yesterday! ๐Ÿ™‚ absolutely enjoyable and lovely. the mechanics of the animals’ puppetry and costumes is just INGENIOUS. i was very impressed. the opening scene was the most impressive with the “Circle of Life” not just because of all the animals but also because of the actor who played Rafiki. oh, her voice is just so crystal clear resounding in the theatre and her voice is also so versatile, she was a joy to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚ i also liked how they put in some ‘very Singapore’ jokes into the script which made the singaporean audience laugh without fail. (sorry to the tourists who didn’t catch them but if you understood.. i m sure you would have laughed too :))

i m starting to ramble, so in short, please do catch the show during its (i think) 1-year run in Singapore. The tickets are not cheap but divide the cost by 12 months and start saving up, it is worth it. (unless you really do not enjoy Disney shows or musicals.)

meanwhile… “Hakuna Matata” what a wonderful phrase… it means no worries for the rest of your days…

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cuteness overload.

It is time to start collecting payments and stock in more Momshoo goodness to the stores again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I always get this thrill of excitement when i stock in goods as i dream about more sales and dollar signs. hahaha! but no, it hardly ever happens that way which could be a good thing for me since i will have no time to stock in again until the next school break.

(oh and i made new Ha! brooches for Friends)

anyhow, i met lydia at nlb for typo discussion yesterday. and she proudly shows me her latest indulgence from Cat Socrates.

(how much have you spent there i wonder?)

oh and I have been seeing this handmade creator’s items at the places i sell my stuff too. Kikeimono! her stuff really caught my eye when she collaborated with Irene resulting in Carrotpepper’s signature baskets complimented with cute Kikeimono’s Benjamin Button nose brooches! ๐Ÿ™‚ ahh.. the things i wished i created first, haha!

(will you look at these munchy monsters! <3!)

ok, i shall stop ripping the photos off her website in case i get in trouble for copyright, for more visit her website HERE.

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Recess! :)

Have you heard? it is recess week!! so happy. for this week i can relax a little and…

take black and white photos with a manual SLR..

(ok, this is obviously not taken with a manual SLR but with my compact digicam because i am too lazy to scan in those i have taken. like i said, MANUAL.)


go visit the Singapore Biennale at Old Kallang Airport..

(which boasts tall ‘pipes’ of the workย “Double Up” by Michael Beutler)

(and tiny scribbles fromย “The Flying Method of an Artist with a Fear of Flying (or how to make a signature site-specific work from a long distance)” by Nedko Solakovย with assistance from Liao Jiekai)


watch silly youtube videos with absolutely no educational value whatsoever…

who wants to meet a real king?

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I have not been blogging. but i assure you i have a perfectly good excuse for that. it has been non-stop school and school and more school. last weekend was quite a nightmare and i am hoping the one coming up wouldn’t be the same. besides the art in transit tour on sat (which was lovely as always :)) the rest of the weekend was spent rushing out mock-ups for Graphic Design. i would like to blame it on the tight time schedule we were given but well… i guess even if we were given more time it would’ve been the same. there is something about never having enough time. and so since i did not touch anything but GD in the weekend, the rest of the week was spent rushing other work to be due this week, including this morning’s asian art history quiz. and now, i have finally caught up with myself. time to start next week’s work. but as usual, i am lazy.

anyhow, in between econs lecture today… i opened an image which has been on my desktop for some time waiting to be posted and i laughed. here it is:

this must have been how i looked the entire week (+ weekend). moody and blue. and with that tinge of annoyance with work.


(the design is byย Edword on Threadless.com, my new found favourite site. :))

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