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haha. i think i will be laughing so hard…. its due to my prelims marks. which is so…much better than expected. *grins.
oh… firstly… i got an A1 of 27 pts for cca. not as good as some people…but rmbr it used to be a C5 of 11pts!
yay!and then i got an L1R5 (prelims) of 8pts. minus the 4 bonus pts… it will be 4 pts! i m still in shock that my aep vnc (or dnp for that matter) is able to pull up my coursework marks to give me a final score of an A1! *smiles. Tan Swie Hian has never failed me… i hope he doesnt again during the o’s. but looking at past year papers… Liu Kang or Chen Wen Hsi hasn’t come out for a long time… so if you are sporting. which i dun. then study those. not very safe i feel though. coz anything can happen. And for SEA art hope Moontein Boonma will come out! coz his works are quite unusual. I kinda like the guy (Boonma) coz he has the same surname as an artist who did my family portrait in chiangmai and is quite interesting… in the Tang Dawu kind of sense of always protecting nature…. maybe they should join green club?! 🙂
anywayz…. just seriously happy now. YAY!
But my aep coursework is still one big question mark. I just hope I can finish it by then, even with the “wasting” of time on wed for a trial aep DnP paper. I just dun think I have the time to do it now. Michelle is worse though… coz she is in IP so she has to go thru’ examinations and the aep o-level. Sigh. Just shows that if you feel that you are unlucky there is always some other person who has it worse.

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well…what do you know? Hady is the new Singapore idol! woah. haha. i always expected jon to get it but no… hady won 70 percent of the total votes. landslide victory and a well-deserved one too! 🙂 OLe, oLe, OLe, Hady, HADY! 🙂

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very nice musical! I dare say it is actually comparable to those brought in from west end! yepps. coz the set is quite massive and the whole thing is quite grand. i just could not stand how they kept using the same songs over and over again and that there are so many emprerors! i mean there are so many guangxus and tongzhis! but i like the boy who act as the 9yr old guangxu… so cute! he looked so scared and all… and so small. cute boy. kit chan did not sing as much as i expected her to. and the old empress is very good! and so is the painter and the journalist! yepps. oh and the prince tun and tuan. but as all musicals… i love the funny man. and this one had two! yepps. Hossen leong and Sebestian Tan. very classic. and funny… i esp liek the part where they were watching the opera. and they acted the opera… with their high pitched voices. talking about the usual chinese legend.
sebestian in high pitched voice: "he pushed so high that it became the sky"
hossen in low voice: "and he pushed so low it became the earth"
lolz. very funny. they certainly are able to break the tension in the story.
the stage set was a very good concept too. its like panels which could be opened and closed and all. and i like the shifting of the screens coz that’s how they change the people behind the screen and it is done so swiftly. 🙂
of coz it is only a story… most of the historical facts are more or less accurate but there are some that are a bit wrong. so like what the journalist say…"dun believe everything you see.." yepps. just watch it for the storyline.
oh and the train scene at the start is the my favourite! 😀

*oh and if anyone was wondering… "kingdom of heaven" was acted by orlando bloom.

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prelims just ended. Yay! have a new comp at home now… so… much faster. yepps. its acer. haha. a bit high now due to the end of prelims. but its back to work tmr with the facing of prelims results… sigh. the tchrs in nygh mark so fast. will try not to have heart attcks. i m already in shock coz my coursework blew up in the kiln with not a single piece in good shape. sigh. mr lim says its due to the clay not being dried properly or smth… did not really listen as i was in shock. actually i was more amused then shocked. what’s wrong with me? i hacve two weeks to complete it… sigh i hope i make it….

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