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7321 Design

went shopping at taka for shoes with my mum for shoes today. i can’t believe that out of all that shoes we still could not find something we like so that we can use up the vouchers. ok… and shoes are getting more and more overpriced.

anyway, in all our excitement (and frenzy), i almost forgot to go to artfriends like i always do.
But i remembered last minute. and i saw this awesome brand of stationery there… the brand is called ‘7321 Design’!
Their stationery combined images from my favourite storybooks (like Alice in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Little Prince) with the aged, antique and vintage-y look . Lovely. 😀

Alice in wonderland cards…

and since i am sewing keyrings now for Momshoo, i was very happy to see little prince keyrings! 😀

i remember reading this part where Dorothy and her group of friends were walking through the bed of flowers and the lion and dorothy started to get really sleepy…

visit: http://7321.co.kr/eng/

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what exactly is Zakka?

had been wanting to search up this Japanese term for some time now:
"Zakka is the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane; It could be a wooden clothespin by an obscure company in New Hampshire, it could be an empty tomato-paste can saved for planting basil."
read the original article here.
hmm… interesting.

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finally got to meet up with yewchen yesterday to celebrate! (her long over IB exams and my long over school term and Christmas!).
Decided to try the Penang Hawker Fare at York Hotel. it is supposed to be a buffet but it wasn’t anything i would have expected.

the place had many many tables and we had to queue to get in. once the food has started, even more long queues are in sight. yes, for everything you wan to try, you have to queue for it. and at the end of the queue, each person is allowed only 2 servings of the dish (fair enough since each person only have 2 hands! haha!). but the concept was a bit unusual for me. they actually made the place up to seem like there were many different hawker stalls selling different Penang cuisine (complete with the regular hawker stall queues) only difference is you don’t have to pay for your food when you get it. And because you have queued for some time, everyone who gets to their turn takes the max 2 servings (but the servings were small…). They brought the hawker stalls into the hotel! hmm…

after that we went to ‘digest’ our food by walking around Ion. that place is big. i am always fascinated by how they manage to squeeze such a big building to an area in Orchard that i never knew existed! hahaha!

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bottle tree!

saw this at Queensway shopping centre today.

christmas tree! made up of plastic bottles! pretty~

(recycled art by people with intellectual disability)

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(500) Days of Summer

Watched the movie "(500)days of summer" on the plane back from Taiwan.

YouTube – (500) Days of Summer [Bank Dance]

this was not in the movie but it is fun! 😀

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Merry Christmas! :D

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 everyone! 😀

(PS: i finally got down to uploading my sketch journal from the Taiwan trip… view it at my KStech blog. :))

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Taiwan 2009

i haven’t written about taiwan, sorry been catching up with life in singapore (which seemed to run ahead of me everytime i go away. :P)

Yes so Taiwan. it was a tour for 7 days which went all over the country leaving me in a different hotel every night (having to pack every morning… :() and an approx. 4+ hours on the bus every day. but we managed to cover many places like that. visiting famous sites like the Taroko Gorge in all its natural beauty, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, different temples, Danshui Wharf, and the town called Jiu Fen famous for its tiny street of well… Taiwan. it was like what makes Taiwan Taiwan condensed to that little road (except for their rich agriculture of course which was new to me. )

Everywhere in the cities of Taiwan, you would find Night Markets filled with clothing and accessories’ shops but most importantly… hey would be selling FOOD! all the small portions of food to allow one to try many different things in every meal. they are very ingenious when it comes to packaging their food. "big sausage(rice) wrapping small sausage(meat)", "Big biscuit wrapping small biscuit", "Guan Cai Ban", "smelly tofu", "mango ice", "Hot liquid grass jelly", "yam balls", "papaya milk" and sweet potato done in every possible way! 😀

After the 7 days tour, we had one day to ourselves for free and easy in Taipei. i enjoyed our last day so much! 😀 visited the Museum of Contemporary Art which was so interesting, the Red House theatre and the shopping district XiMenDing. oh and the last day was topped off with an experience of the tremors from the earthquake. ok. that completes the taiwan experience.

Taiwan was fun! 😀

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