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went for a sketching trip on the east-west line MRT with some other NJ-AEPians yesterday. 🙂
it was really difficult to sketch while ‘hiding’ and the commuters just moved so much. there weren’t many people sleeping either. so after a while i decided to focus on shoes. especially for people standing, most of them do not move their feet much which gives me the perfect opportunity to sketch their shoes. plus it doesn’t really seem like invasion of privacy or anything like that so i did not bother to ‘hide’. Not that anyone noticed me, since everyone is so lost in their own bubble-world. haha.
Drawing shoes also reminded me of "the Commuters" by Teo Eng Seng at Outram Park Station, where he focused on the secondary items people carry instead of facial features/ body postures. 🙂 Plus it gave me a good chance to focus on more details.
I think the shoes you wear probably reflects your personality too. whether you prefer comfort over asthetics or whether yoiu are the kind who wears out your shoes… Is there a certain way you always stand that wears out a certain area of your shoes? Do you like security? Are you the kind who goes for classy looks? haha. it was quite fun! 🙂

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I was just browsing etsy… which i do quite often, just heart-ing every shop i like.
now my favourites/heart list is 5 pages long! O_o
ok, anyways… i have been doing mis-matched earrings and these are what i just saw!
Little Love Bird Silver Earrings Tiny Squirrel and Branch Earrings
they are done by silversmith, Joanna Rutter. lovely stuff. And her photo-shots are very interesting with the use of background paper-cuts. gives that calming, peaceful effect… simplicity is the best.
oh and jane… i think these are what you were talking about. 🙂
Teeny Rainy Day Studs
and because i just loe this a lot…
Little Cabin Necklace
(not earrings but still very pretty!)
i feel like learning to craft silver jewellery now… 😛

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i have been having fun with my new earring designs. Mis-matched!
thought i will share a some…
 haha! i sewn more but i haven’t photographed them yet.
to edit my last blog post… the melbourne trip has a NIL chance of happening since jane is cancelling the tix. now i only wished that we will end up going somewhere else. 😛

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this is sad. i might possibly miss my aep exhibition this year. and my work is being exhibited!
why does everything always seem to fall during the same period?
and my trip to melbourne has an almost close-to-nil chance of happening due to H1N1. sigh.

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heh. went for my post-wisdom teeth extraction check today. it is good! 🙂 and i don’t look like a hamster with over-stuffed check pockets anymore! haha. I waited some time for the doctor to come as he was having an operation. so in the meantime… i sketched! (the kerosene lamp-inspired table light at the clinic)

and this last week have been feverishly sewing for the next sale. i m still thinking of new products.. something to do with…

cute cottages/houses. but i still haven’t figured out what to make it exactly..

and here’s a photo of my room since no one has seen my new home!


(ok, it is just part of my room, the part with the blue wall and yellow shelves, cosy armchair plus my matching yellowish- roman blinds! :))

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just had my wisdom teeth (note the plural. i had two taken out!) extracted. ok, maybe not so much as extracted, more like drilled into many pieces and taken out piece by piece. of course it didn’t hurt due to the numbness- which i still feel now. very, very numb. can’t feel my lower lip. erps. And I let the oral surgeon convince me into having two taken out (he actually considered taking out all four..!) instead of one which I had expected initially.


so i will be spending the next few days holed up at home sewing, relaxing, reading, using the internet, and er, watching tv? haha, good excuse to do nothing right? heh. heh.

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children break loose!

went for another Art in Transit tour yesterday.
this time round, due to the june holidays… the group was mostly made up of children.
so here are two things i have learnt about young children (especially those between pri. 1 to pri. 3):
1) they are hyper-active and love to run. they will take every opportunity to use (and when i mean "use", i mean RUN up) the steps. Every walk is an opportunity to race with their friends to see who can run the fastest. And they cannot stay focused for long.
2) they MUST touch everything possible. i think this is also why children are told to wash their hands with soap so often. Lucky for us, the art in the tour are meant to be touched so not a problem there and it kept them entertained too. 🙂
still, they are so innocent and ask the strangest questions that though the tour was more challenging then usual, i had a lot of fun! :)) 

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i am getting irritated that i can’t access the BBDC website!
and i need to book slots. really, really.
i wonder if i am the only one with this problem?!

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Maad in June

MAAD last weekend was again a new experience… one word: COLD.
but it was fun meeting new sellers again and new customers, plus i get to spy on the OIC illustrators in action! hehe.
Met a customer who designs paper. how interesting! i think it is like print making? and there was the fabric doll exhbition which was quite good too. i loved the ladybug by Fingtoys and the Audrey doll by Evangelione. an eye-opener! plus, i think i sold more buddies this time due to the exhibition? it’s a good thing! 🙂
I am thinking up new ideas for products again.. hopefully a lightbulb pops up soon! 🙂
(a peek at my stall this MAAD!)

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Went plant-hunting yesterday after all the talk about how plants are supposed to help relieve stress (i not feeling much of this now, though! :)) and purify your air… beautify the place…etc. etc. every media has been saying this recently due to world environment day.
and so we went to far east flora to buy plants on world environment day. 🙂 despite my many past failures with trying to keep plants alive, i still decided to buy the African Violet which is supposed to be an easy-to-maintain plant. hoho. lets see whether it can survive under my not-so-green fingers! :)) i hope it does.

anyways… i read the Twitter cover story in TIME mag yesterday and is now thinking of getting an account. heh. but none of my friends seem to have twitter so i dunno. i will probably be tweet-ing to myself. hahahaha.

okay, need to go for MAAD soon. hope this will be a great MAAD! (it always is!)

Meanwhile, trying to plan a 414 gathering soon but with so many schedules to fit… it is quite difficult.

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