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Pause to be bored
Pause to notice
Pause to reflect
Pause to be grateful
Pause to contemplate
Pause to experiment
Pause to craft

Pause in between

Pause to travel further
Pause to be present
Pause to disconnect
Pause to reconnect


Pause to breathe.

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In 2018.

I didn’t do my usual recap for 2018. So here’s a brief one.

Workshops, workshops and more workshops! Came up with new workshop offerings and with new host partners too! At the new Room2F, we launched something that has been at the back of my mind, the rope basket workshop to great response! At old friend, Betsy’s new space, we ran the denim repair maneki neko, tote for Chinese New Year and Totoro workshop. Also did a collab workshop,  fishy tales with glass painting expert, Sunshine and Love. Lastly, brought back a old workshop, start knitting! which proved more popular than ever.
On the flip side, I attended workshops myself: marbling, portrait drawing and a natural dyeing with local plants demo with Agy 🙂

Got the lovely privilege of conducting a private workshop for dear friend, ailin, for her bridesmaids ”party”.

Speaking of weddings, I attending no fewer than 4 weddings of very close friends!

At Marinate, I organise a new craft exchange, and first time opening to the public too! It has been sometime since I flexed my design muscle but it was fun organising and publicizing the event.

On the market front, we attended 2 markets for causes, donating part of our sales to Cat Welfare Society and my Alma Mater, Nanyang Girls’ High.

Pameran Poskad show was also back this year at a central location, Ion!

At the Woods, I worked on the new Little eco hero project which was quite a rush but it all turned out well. It is so nice to hear comments like “we couldn’t have explained the issue to our child any better than you did. ” Grateful for the opportunity to share more about my own beliefs pertaining to taking care of our planet.

Quietly celebrated Momshoo turning 10 years in December. Amazing isn’t it? Who would have thought! What a crazy ride it has been too 🙂

In the midst of all the busyness of the year, I kept thinking of what I wanted for the new year. We are now one month into 2019 and I thought I would share my personal word for the year.


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