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enrichment week has been… well… enriching. haha.
went to OCS on the first day which was quite fun considering we got to handle the weapons and know more about a soldier’s life in army. oh and as a bonus, our group got to see the take off of the apache helicopter as we just happen to be at that station! 🙂
we also had our ‘arts education’ today. went for the drama one where wildrice performed. it was good but very short and the ending seemed abrupt. like it was suddenly cut short.
then had university talks by the local unis. it was nothing but promotion of their different universities, bragging about their achievements, and very little about their individual courses. i was quite disappointed. there was also nothing about arts (fine arts) only the architecture which i had listened to before in nygh. collected brochures though from the three universities.
then waited with sheryl and jenna for a really long time as the pizza hut kitchen tour was postponed. maybe it was due to the peak hour for lunch. but it was fun all the same, plus we got pizzas each and the meal. it was meant to be lunch but it really turned out as our dinner. 🙂 we ended up playing those stupid mind games with shitong and her classmates while waiting for our turn in the kitchen. funny really.

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it doesn’t hurt but it makes eating troublesome.
not to mention brushing up. and flossing.

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