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American Idol 2011 may have gotten more and more boring by the weeks but the finale for results night was quite a show.

nice singing, nice duet, nice duet, nice duet, and wait… jack black singing?! ok, that was hilarious. casey and him were in matching suits!

at the end when Scotty was singing his finale song and hugging his family… did anyone notice jack black opening his arms for a hug but was ignored? aww… is jack black not the american idol?

and who was the most shocking elimination this season? let them argue it out… or not.

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Etsy Mini


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Lovely lunch at Cedele with Jane and Yok Teng just now. yok teng is already doing her internship!! oh, i can’t imagine doing internship at some design firm just yet. still so much to learn! but next year, we have to do it, it is a requirement. and hopefully that will start to fill up my resume too. 🙂

anyhow, exams only just finished last thurs but it already seems like such a distant memory. i have yet to do a proper post about year 2 or more specifically, year 2 sem 2 since that is as far as my memory can take me with the details for now. i will do it soon after this weekend. because i am going to be at another flea market this weekend! it will be at orchard central so i am hoping the GSS (starting this weekend) hype will get people out of their homes and in the shopping mood at Orchard. hahaha. i plan, but truly, i just hope i can at least cover my rental fee and give out some namecards. (speaking of which, i must go print some namecards!)

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been spending a lot of time in front of the computer lately as all my notes are there. here is some good advice from Laura George:

i would go outside if only it wasn’t always this hot! the heat is well, quite unbearable and leaves me sweating like a pig. ‘oink.’ staying on a high floor has its downsides afterall hot air rises right?

another piece of advice from her on how to deal with stress:

go here for more of her cute illustrations!

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a quick one before i get back to studying AAH:

i may not be going for the Singapore Arts Fest this year but with videos like these, we can still get a little into that ‘arts fest’ spirit in the comforts of our home.

<video by Royston Tan>

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Went for Ajahn Brahm’s talk recently and it was funny as always. he is such a great storyteller.

anyhow, while i am studying for art history exam and Buddhist representations in South East Asian Art and well… the representations of religion and culture in the works of South East Asia has this same thread of syncretism in it (where the global influences from most notably, India and the indigenous cultures of the region is mixed into something like ‘rojak’… this makes me think of elections. :P)

and this brings me back to Ajahn Brahm who was talking about how all the different streams of Buddhism should come together and co-exist.

he jokingly says he practise his own kind of Buddhism where he takes the ‘H’ from Hinayana, the ‘aha’ from Mahayana and adds the ‘yana’ to get… ‘Hahayana’. imparting values and teachings through laughter. that is nice.

one last paper on thursday. i think after this i will sorely miss art history and my lecturer with his amazing ability to describe (with such vocabulary) and talk for  2 hours straight.

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gotta share!

They said that the new age of social media changed the political campaigns in this Singapore elections with facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs buzzing non-stop about the rally speeches, etc. it is a new way to reach out to Singaporeans.

oh the power of social media and our obsession with it:

(i wish strangers would spontaneously break into a musical song once in a while…)

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